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"Born in the nebula known as M78, together they fight for peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Warriors of great compassion and courage"

―Opening narration, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

The Inter Galactic Defense Force (宇宙警備隊 Uchū Keibitai)[1][2] is a security organization originating from the Land of Light that seeks universal peace and justice. Out of the 18 billion Residents of the Land of Light, only 1 million are employed under the Inter Galactic Defense Force.


The founding of the Inter Galactic Defense Force

Thirty thousand years ago, the Land of Light was attacked by Alien Empera and his monster army in what would later be called the Ultimate Wars. The most decorated hero of this conflict was Father of Ultra, who dueled and defeated the dark emperor. Father of Ultra, then known as Ken, was made the first captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. Other Ultras soon joined the organization for the sake of promoting peace in the universe.

The new Inter Galactic Defense Force

Their numbers grew and eventually, the organization reached a million members strong. Ken was promoted to the position of Top Commander after the Ultimate Wars and took on the title Father of Ultra. Among the Space Rangers are the Ultra Brothers, many of whom have become a legendary presence on Earth.

Ultraman Mebius has stated that prior to the creation of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Ultras of the Land of Light believed their powers should be used to do good. This implies they enforced justice across space in a less organized fashion.

Known Facts

  • All members of the Inter Galactic Defense Force are referred to as Ultra Warriors and/or Space Rangers.
  • There are approximately one million Ultra Warriors.
  • The duties of the Ultra Warriors include patrolling sectors of the universe, battling monsters, accident investigations and rescue operations.
  • Due to their abilities, Ultra beings do not carry fire arms or use vehicles. However, the Ultra Bracelet seems to be a standard weapon, as several rangers have been seen using it.
  • Cadets are trained in the use of beams as well as physical combat.
  • There is a branch of the Inter Galactic Defense Force in the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • As mentioned in Ultraman Z and Ultraman Zero Voice Drama, Z was a student of the Inter Galactic Defense Force Academy. The classes he has attended include Space Meteorology, Ancient Space Literature, and Monster Ecology[3].

Branches, Groups, and Allies

There are several known branches and groups within and/or affiliated with the Inter Galactic Defense Force:

  • Branches: Other branches of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, besides the Nebula M78 Headquarters.
    • Nebula M25 Branch (M25星雲支部 M25 Seiun Shibu)
    • Nebula S・P5 Branch (S・P5星雲支部 S・P5 Seiun Shibu)
    • L・P372 Nebula Branch (L・P372星雲支部 L・P372 Seiun Shibu)
    • Andromeda Nebula Branch (アンドロメダ星雲支部 Andoromeda Seiun Shibu)
    • Magellan Nebula Branch (マゼラン星雲支部 Mazeran Seiun Shibu)
    • Perseus Constellation Nebula Branch (ペルセウス座星雲支部 Peruseusu-za Seiun Shibu)
    • Milky Way Nebula Branch (銀河系星雲支部 Ginga-kei Seiun Shibu)
  • Related Organizations: Organizations and teams that fall under the control of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, or are highly connected to them.
    • Ultra Brothers (ウルトラ兄弟 Urutora Kyōdai): A super-elite team of eleven, comprised of the best of the best soldiers who have performed various great deeds, and have helped protect Planet Earth for a period of time.
    • Silver Cross Aid (銀十字軍 Gin Jūji-gun): A relief unit that supports soldiers by helping them to recover from injuries and sometimes even death. Mother of Ultra is the captain of the unit.
    • Civilization Guardians (文明監視員 Bunmei Kanshin-in): A unit that watches over civilizations on other planets and protects them if need be. Known members include Ultraman Max, Ultraman Xenon and formerly, Ultraman Ribut.
    • Elite Task Force (勇士司令部 Yūshi Shirei-bu): A group within the Inter Galactic Defense Force composed of especially heroic members. Ultraman Neos is the only known and named member so far.
    • Galactic Security Agency (宇宙保安庁 Uchū Hoanchō): A group within the Inter Galactic Defense Force that specializes in surveillance and investigation missions. Ultraseven 21 is the only known and named member so far.
    • Ultra School (ウルトラ学校 Urutora Gakkou)
    • Space Information Bureau (宇宙情報局 Uchū Jōhō-kyoku)
  • Allied Organizations:
    • Andro Defense Force (アンドロ警備隊 Andoro Keibitai): An organization formed by the Defense Force of the Andro Tribesmen that wear the Cosmo Tector armor. They crewed a ship known as the Andro Boat, which was mainly used in the fight against the Gua Army. They also interacted with the Inter Galactic Defense Force, with Zoffy and Andro Melos having been active together.
    • Galaxy Rescue Force (ギャラクシーレスキューフォース Gyarakushī Resukyū Fōsu): An elite organization formed with the cooperation of various organizations such as the Inter Galactic Defense Force and Andro Defense Force to protect the various life forms across space. It consists of various warriors, including the Ultramen. It has strong relations with the Inter Galactic Defense Force, particularly with Ultraman Taro and Zoffy. Ultraman Ribut and Sora were recommended to this team by Taro.
    • Ultimate Force Zero (ウルティメイトフォースゼロ Urutimeito Fōsu Zero): Ultraman Zero's team with, Glenfire, Mirror Knight, Jean-Bot, and Jean-Nine as members. Their headquarters, the Mighty Base, is set up in the Another Space World where the team was formed.
    • Tri-Squad (トライスクワッド Torai Sukuwaddo): Ultraman Taiga's team, with Ultraman Titas of Planet U40 and Ultraman Fuma of Planet O-50.
    • Ultra League (ウルトラリーグ Urutora Rīgu): A special team of warriors from various planets, universes, and groups, formed under Zero's summoning to fight against The Kingdom. It consists of Inter Galactic Defense Force, Galaxy Rescue Force, U40, and O-50 warriors.
    • Galactic Federation (銀河連邦 Ginga Renpō): Almost nothing is known of this group other than the fact that Ultraman Ace is a member of it, and his Ultra Rings are a proof of membership. In old and scrapped plans, the Galactic Federation was supposed to be a coalition of Tsuburaya Productions' heroes, such as Fireman, Mirrorman, Triple Fighter and Jumborg Ace, and Ultraman Ace himself, though the concept ultimately never came into fruition.



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