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Inpei Seant (インペイシャント Inpei Shanto) was the true antagonist of Ultraman F. He is an Alien Zetton disguised as a foreign scientist.


Ultraman F

After the original Alien Zetton failed in their last invasion attempt, one single member slipped into a foreign country as a genius scientist. Alongside Soso and Utsutsu, Inpei utilizes the science of past Ultra Kaiju in hopes of weaponizing them. His attempts are cloning Jirahs and Gomess as cyborgs before shifting to the use of Butterfly Morpho serums. Inspired by The Giant's transformation, Inpei decided to create a large number of Giant Soldiers with the serum he made allows them to grow at the size of 40 m. Sine their growth also means that they lack control of themselves, he controls them by sending signal waves to their cerebral cortex. He would eventually collaborate his project with Ide to create the Ultra Armor during Beast the One's attack but once the battle ended, this project was banned by the United Nations.

Seeing how Fuji grows without the Butterfly Morpho serum, the two focuses on Plan F: continuing the Giant Soldier project on Fuji. After Soso and Utsutsu's defeat, Inpei grabs possession of their clone Bullton and summon IF to Earth. Eventually he reveals his true nature as an Alien Zetton, using IF to bait a monster named Hyper Zetton to Earth. Inpei fought against Ide in a fistfight and died after being kicked onto his neck, reducing to a pile of bubbles.

Powers and Weapons

  • Intelligence: Inpei Seant possess a genius level intellect (considering his extraterrestrial origin) and is able to understand the living biology of an Ultra Kaiju.
  • Martial Arts Abilities: Inpei is also capable of participating in a martial arts combat.


  • Replica Jirahs
  • Replica Gomess
  • Giant Soldiers
    • Ultra Armor and Ultra Armor F (through Ide/SSSP's collaboration)


  • Hints of Inpei being an alien is shown when he has no regards for other's safety, prioritizing his own intellect.
  • According to Inpei, "Alien Zetton" is a registered code made by the Earthlings, thus his race's true name is unclear.
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