Inamoto (稲本さん Inamoto-san)[1] is a side characters in SSSS.DYNAZENON. She is Yomogi Asanaka's boss.



Some time in middle school, Inamoto met Koyomi Yamanaka. He saw her smashing into the window of a building using a brick. In her adulthood, she became the owner of a shop, got engaged to a fiance, and employed Yomogi Asanaka at her shop.

Inamoto frequently teases Yomogi about his apparent love life when he started "going out" with "someone". What is a Kaiju User? What's Your Reason For Fighting?

Unexpectedly, Inamoto and Koyomi met up again while on the street, and exchanged contact numbers after a brief conversation. What is a Traitor? Inamoto later invited Koyomi out to have a meal some time. What is this Thumping Heart?


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