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"They might just be robots, but those Ultra Brothers sure put up to fight."

―Ultraman Zero

The Imitation Ultra Brothers (SR Team) (ニセウルトラ兄弟(SRサロメロボットチーム) Nise Urutora Kyōdai (Sarome Robotto Chīmu)) were robots created by the Alien Salome as invasion forces. This gang of robots consists of Imitation Ultraman, Imitation Zoffy, Imitation Ultraseven, Imitation Ultraman Jack, and Imitation Ultraman Ace. The (SR) in their designations stands for 'Salome Robot'.

Subtitle(s): Robot Super Man (ロボット超人 Robotto Chōjin)


Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero

Mass produced by the Alien Salome in a dimensionless Planet Cheney, the Imitation Ultra Brothers were sent out to help Darklops Zero fight Ultraman Zero. However, after Darklops Zero broke free of the Salome's control, he used his dimensional powers to send Zero and the Imitations into a parallel universe. With help from Ultraman Leo he was able to take down the robotic imitations. The Imitation Ultra Brothers were about to be send away but Rei's Gomora disrupted the process and Darklops Zero destroyed the entire factory. Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero



  • The suits of the Imitation Ultra Brothers are modified versions of their organic counterparts.
  • Their role in the film was meant to be smaller than it was, with them only meant to be defending Planet Salome and the scenes where they would be battling being replaced with Zero battling Pris-Ma.