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"Hmm, I never thought that an Ultra Warrior appear in this universe. I am the Gua Army's Outer Space Invasion Mechanized Soldier Battle Captain, Imbiza. I shall capture and present you to Master Gua."

―Imbiza to Ultraman Taiga.

Imbiza (イムビーザ Imubīza) was the Battle Captain (戦闘隊長 Sentō Taichō) of the Gua Army's Outer Space Invasion Mechanized Soldiers (外宇宙侵略機械化部隊 Gaiuchū Shinryaku Kikai-ka Butai), who appeared exclusively in the Tri-Squad VoiceDrama as part of Ultraman Taiga's past and his later encounter with Andro Ares.


Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

During Taiga's training in Planet Maijii before the formation of Tri-Squad, Imbiza appeared at the planet during one of the army's conquests and attempted to capture Taiga in order to present the young Ultra to his master, Gua. All of the sudden, the Mecha Birdon and Re-Brocken that he assigned to capture Taiga were annihilated by Andro Ares. Imbiza would later unleashed most of his forces; Dakumiran, Zabiden, Bazelia, Re-Alien Iyros, Re-Beacon and Re-Zaragas, before he eventually fought the Andro Super Warrior by himself. Just as Imbiza uses a hidden Re-Muruchi to hold Taiga hsotage and forcing Ares to take all of his beatings, Taiga escaped and killed his captor while Ares regained his Cosmo Magnums to incinerate the Cosmonium Claw from Imbiza.

"Master Gua. I never thought that you assigned a Monster Battleship to me. With this mighty power on my side, I shall be an Army Commander in no time! Wait... It can't be, MASTER GUA!"

―Imbiza's final words.

Imbiza lured the two to Pestria, a Monster Battleship that was sent by Gua, but instead of supporting him, Pestria killed Imbiza.


Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Imbiza is capable of anti-gravity flight.
  • Cosmonium Claw (コスモニウムクロー Kosumoniumu Kurō): A giant right arm that was given to him by Gua, which can sprout barrels and blades for use in combat. Imbiza lost it, alongside the rest of his right limb due to Ares' attack.


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