Burnmite horn rub This article lacks an official name. "Illusion Monster" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how its mentioned in-story.
Illusion Monster
Illusion Monster
Home world: Tsutsujidai (Computer World)
First Appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 1 "Awakening"
Latest Appearance: SSSS.GRIDMAN episode 12 "Awakening (Finale)"
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Akane Shinjo (Master)
Roar(s): N/A

The Illusion Monsters are kaiju that debuted in SSSS.GRIDMAN. They are things which only certain people, such as those in the Gridman Alliance, can see. They only appear when there are no other monsters present.

Although they have not been properly addressed by name, they have been called several things:

  • Poison Smoke Kaiju (毒煙怪獣 Doku Kemuri Kaijū)
  • City custodian kaiju
  • Kaiju beyond the fog
  • Scenery-like kaiju



These monsters were created beforehand and sent to rebuild the city after each monster attack orchestrated by Akane Shinjo, erasing the things and people she dislikes. They also use their sleeping gas to prevent people from knowing the true nature of the world Akane has shaped, making the Tsutsujidai train go in loops as if there was nothing outside the city. Contact

When Yuta was being brought to the hospital by Rikka Takarada, he saw the image of a monster through the mist, towering over the city. However, despite it being clear to him, Rikka couldn't see it. It appeared again when Yuta was at school with Sho Utsumi. Awakening Multiple of these appear the next day and both Rikka and Sho are capable of seeing them, thanks to Junk's optimization. Restoration Anosillus the 2nd tells Yuta of their origins as a way of repaying her predecessor's debt. Contact

Akane's final kaiju decapitated them all, bringing an end to the fog they emit.Collapse With that, the city resets stopped and people kept their memories of kaiju attacks and Gridman. Decisive Battle


  • Due to their body shape and discernible features, these monsters may actually be Venora. This is further reinforced with Anosillus the 2nd's 3D demonstration, but official sources have yet to further reveal their ties, though animator Shinji Nishikawa credits the monster as Venora in a drawing[1]. In-series, Gridman calls them 'Poison Smoke kaiju', which is Venora's subtitle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gas: A sleeping gas that affects anyone trying to leave Tsutsujidai via the train. It also acts as a nerve agent that erases the memories of people. According to Anosillus the 2nd, they are ineffective when the target hears music.
  • Invisibility: Unlike most kaiju that Akane created, they are completely invisible to the naked eye, except to the Gridman Alliance and Neon Genesis Junior High Students.



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