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Ignis (イグニス Igunisu) is a supporting character in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. He is a Lishurian (リシュリア星人 Rishuria Seijin lit. Alien Lishuria) treasure hunter who came to Planet Earth for some reason and gets closely tied with GUTS-Select. While he may look human at a first glance, his true appearance shows when he gets excited or emotional.[1][2] An avid collector, Ignis has amassed a multitude of treasures on his journeys through space, and appears to be motivated by his desire to expand his collection with new finds.


Ignis is the Latin for "fire".



About a century ago, Hudram awakened from his 30 million year slumber. Upon doing so, he headed to Planet Lushuria, massacring the entire population, purposefully leaving only a younger Ignis as the lone survivor of the genocide. The event imprinted itself in his memory, with him seeking a fight for revenge from Hudram.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Ignis, intending to steal things he deemed to be exquisite, attempted to kidnap Yuna Shizuma at the Shizuma residence, she was the heiress to the Sizuma Foundation. Kengo Manaka and Akito Hijiri fought with him and managed to drive him away. Ignis reappeared when Yuna was caught by Hudram, and saw Kengo transforming into Ultraman Trigger when Gazort attacked. The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness He then stole a relic from an Ultra-Ancient ruin. He invaded the Nursedessei intending to steal the Ancient Sparklence, arriving on a broom made from Guebasser feathers. The GUTS-Select members attempt to apprehend Ignis, but Oka-Gubila soon arrived, attracted to a signal emitted by the relic Ignis stole earlier. For Smiles

During the appearance of Satandelos, Ignis worked alongside the GUTS-Select team to deal with the threat, given his hatred for those who harm other planets after what happened to his own. He volunteered himself to leap within Satadelos' shield once it had been breached to plant an explosive on it's shield generator. Upon the successful completion of the operation, Seiya Tatsumi offered Ignis a position within GUTS-Select, which he declined. He soon however found himself reflecting on his past once again, considering to himself how he would be able to take his revenge on Hudram if only he had Trigger's power. The One Hour Demon


Powers and Weapons
  • Teleportation: Ignis is able to teleport by crossing his arms.
  • Energy Blast: Ignis can fire blasts of green energy from his hands.
  • Energy Wave: Ignis can cross his arms to generate energy waves that are strong enough to push back and knock out humans.

As a treasure hunter, Ignis has acquired a variety of exquisite items, these include:


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