Ice Beauty (氷の美女 Kōri no Bijo) is the 17th episode of Ultraman Max.


A human-like being is found in a crevice, but from 100,000 years ago. What is the mystery behind her?


An earthquake occurs in Antarctica. In the crevices resulting from it, a human was found, in a layer from 100,000 years ago. The body is put in a container 50,000 degrees below zero, while it is researched. Koba, however, has a crush.

Elly tells how humans spread out into the world about 80,000 years ago, but the body was found in Antarctica from far earlier. Suddenly, an unidentified monster appears in the Antarctic sea. UDF Australia attacks, and the monster vanishes.

DASH wonders if the woman, dubbed Nina, has something to do with the monster, which has been moving underground. DASH intercepts it right under the equator. It is hit, but Koba loses focus, allowing it to escape. Elly determines that it's headed north: towards DASH and Nina.

Koba hears a voice calling him and goes into the room where Nina is stored. He finds life signals on the monitors. The door opens, and the woman strides out. She reads his mind and the memory of mankind through his genetics, and the others find him passed out on the floor, and Nina has fled in the DASH alpha.

Eraga arrives in Japan, and Nina goes towards it. The monster begins its rampage. DASH attacks, and apparently defeats it, but after they leave it regenerates even stronger. Koba goes to the location on a motorcycle while Eraga begins its rampage anew.

The rest of DASH deploys, while Kenjiro goes to confront Nina. She tell him that leaving the planet to humans was a mistake, while Kaito transforms to fight Eraga. Nina reveals that 100,000 years ago, her race gave humans the ability to think and create. She tells him that humanity has used those powers for ill, and are failures, therefore, she and Eraga will wipe them out and create a new race.

Max and DASH fight, but Eraga's strength continues to grow. Meanwhile, Koba is unable to harm Nina Max is about to be destroyed, when Koba manages to shoot, hitting the alien woman. This weakens Eraga, and Max summons the Max Galaxy, destroying the monster once and for all. Nina dies. The episode ends when Kaito tells Koba that he believes humans are not failures.  







Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 5 features episodes 15-18.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 09, 2017
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