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I Want to See Our Earth (ぼくたちの地球が見たい Boku-tachi no Chikyū ga Mitai) is the forty-first episode of Ultraman Dyna.


Six first generation Jupiter-born children were boarding the space ship Gazelle on their first trip to Earth. The captain notified the children that they would arrived Earth in four more hours. While the Super GUTS were preparing to greet their children upon their arrival, a giant space insect approached Gazelle. Ryo recognized the monster to be Diolius for its attack on a space station three years prior, a monster that feast on living beings, but is incapable of accepting Earth’s environment.

Diolius latched onto Gazelle, eating a portion of the ship and punctured its stinger on the ship’s main body. The monster was chased away by the GUTS Wing Crimson Dragon team, but Nakajima speculated that the monster’s sudden departure is due to laying eggs in the ship. The crewmember Haru was quickly eaten by one of Diolius’ recently hatched larvae. Three of them are identified as Super GUTS worked to investigate the monster and a plan to save Gazelle’s crewmembers.

The Gazelle pilot try to change navigation from Earth to Mars’ Marineris Base, but the damage from Diolius’ attack disable the program and the emergency control was in one of the locked rooms. Nakajima discover that if the situation is not taken care of, then the liquid from Diolius’ larvae will evaporate into poison gases on Earth that potentially kill millions of people. Gondo proposes a dangerous situation to destroy the Gazelle with Unicorn satellite laser, but Hibiki proposed to go in the rescue mission before the ship entered the satellite’s firing range. By docking GUTS Eagle Alpha-Beta to the ship, the Jupiter children were quickly transferred, but one failed to evacuate when the hatch suddenly blew up from one of the exploding Diolius. The unfortunate girl was left behind with Kariya, the captain and Shinji, the latter crawling into the ship’s emergency controls. With 30 seconds to spare, Asuka was forced to go on with the evacuees’ escort to Earth.

The adult Diolius return to destroy the Unicorn satellite, intending to get all of its larvae to Earth safely. Asuka safely escorted the children and left off to join his teammates in against Diolius. All three larvae were successfully killed in the ship. Dyna stopped Diolius from approaching Gazelle and killed the monster. In the end, Kariya and the leftover Gazelle crew successfully arrived on Earth.






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  • Ultraman Dyna Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.
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