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I Want to See Gaia! (ガイアに会いたい Gaia Ni Aitai) is the fortieth episode of Ultraman Gaia.


Aerial Base receives a visit from a group of children, with Reiko Yoshii accompanying them. Gamu takes over the tour guiding when Chief Tsutsumi became nervous with the children. After showing them the XIG Fighter EX, Gamu brings the children back to Dove-Liner but notices that one of them, Taro was left behind while witnessing Gamu's aircraft.

Staff officer Chiba admitted to have arranged the meeting for the children in Aerial Base, wanting to give them a sense of hope in the light of various monster attacks. After getting the news of an intruder within an Aerial Base, Tsutsumi found it in the form of Tabata of the KCB, who stayed behind to question the chief of his position and the fact that XIG's rapid advancements in technology could potentially be misused in war. While delivering Tabata with Peace Carry, Aerial Base is alarmed with an extraterrestrial presence that pursued the Dove-Liner's path.

To make matters worse, Taro was the other intruder who was left behind. The condition actually worsened when Peace Carry gets caught in the Wave Tube's path, accidentally releasing XIG Fighter EX which Taro happened to be on board. The wave also damaged PAL's system from auto-piloting the aircraft. The monster arrives to the Geo Base using said tube and goes in an all out war against the defense towers, Team Lightning and Ultraman Gaia.

"Do you know why Chief launched in the Floater?"
"Because if something happens..."
Naturally that's top priority. However, he went to show his face to the child. We need a radio in the field of battle. But before that, as our commander, Chief Tsutsumi always sees us face to face. For us, who are risking our lives, that the most crucial thing is that we trust our commander."
"So his subordinates aren't just chess pieces.

―Koyama and Tabata.

Using Seagull-Floater, Tsutsumi communicates with Taro in piloting the Fighter EX, finally putting aside his fear for children and proving Tabata the errors of his assumptions. After being tossed around by Gaia, the space monster tries to flee, summoning the Wave Tubes again and forcefully ejecting Taro from the aircraft. Gaia manages to both destroy the monster and catch the boy in time, fulfilling Taro's wish to see the Ultraman. After landing, Taro apologizes for his mistakes and reveals that he wanted to show Gaia his drawings. Tabata decides to hand Tsutsumi the recording after finally seeing the XIG members being competent. The show ends with Gaia bringing the children for a tour and several shots showing the drawings of Gaia and Agul.





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  • Ultraman Gaia Volume 10 features episodes 37-40.


  • This episode was aired after the Ultraman Campaign in which kids could come have a chance to star in this episode, which is also the reasoning behind the episode's name.
  • The collection of illustrations that Taro draws in this episode foreshadows the next episode where he tells Gamu that he wishes that Gaia and Agul would protect the world together in the future.
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