I'll Kill This Monster (この怪獣は俺が殺る Kono kaijū wa ore ga yaru) is the 22nd episode of Return of Ultraman.


Captain Kato was transferred to the Space Station. While MAT was waiting to welcome their new Captain Ibuki, a conflagration happened in Yumenoshia. On Go's decision, they extinguished the conflagration using extinguishing fluid. Right after the affair, they had a call from Ibuki warning them that extinguishing fluid shouldn't be used, as there was a plastic-eating monster underground!


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  • Return of Ultraman Volume 6 features Episodes 21-24.


  • This is the final appearance of Nobuo Tsukamoto as Captain Katsuhiro Kato, who would be replaced by Negami Atsushi who played Captain Ryu Ibuki for the rest of the series.
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