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Human Specimans 5 & 6 (人間標本5・6 Ningen Hyōhon Go Roku) is the twenty-eighth episode of Ultraman.


Science Patrol Captain Toshio Muramatsu (Captain Mura) and Lieutenant Mitsuhiro Ide (Ito) are riding on a bus to investigate the alarmingly high frequency of bus crashes at one particular location. The bus crashes at the location, with Muramatsu and Ide among the injured. An hour after the crash, Ide is in the hospital because of having sustained a broken leg in the crash. Muramatsu suspects that a certain lady, whom he announces to the other Science Patrol personnel that he will follow, has done all this. His team acknowledges understanding of this--then Muramatsu falls. Shin Hayata, now acting captain, sends Lieutenant Akiko Fuji and Lieutenant Commander Daisuke Arashi to the hospital to assist Ide.

At the hospital, the doctors find that one of their patients is from a local space research institute, and Ide is there to listen to his story--which explains that all the people in the space research institute are frozen by a being called a Dada! He says that he was the only one to escape, but before he can tell much more of his story, he The disappears.The Dada captures the man and uses his body as a false human form, the lady and Muramatsu came in while the lady wanted a paper and Dada will apparently get it the woman sees SOS Dada and the guy comes in and sees what she saw and then Muramatsu came to the rescue.

Muramatsu and the lady run, in what proves to be a vain attempt to escape, while Dada is communicating with his superior, saying he should capture them anyway as human specimens, and he requests a new freeze ray. No longer able to contact Muramatsu, and with Arashi, Fuji, and Ide out of action, Shin Hayata sends Muramatsu the only assistance available--his own. He ignites the Beta Capsule and transforms. Ultraman is in flight to Muramatsu's last known position within minutes.

Muramatsu and the lady, both finding themselves trapped on a roof, fall off it--but Ultraman rescues them both. He then turns around and fights the Dada, using his Spacium Beam on that one of the Dada. The other Dada tells their superior that Ultraman is far stronger than either had believed. and then Dada was being unfair and he was big and Ultraman was small then Dada was small then Ultraman was big then Dada went to fly back but Ultraman killed him with his Spacium Beam.






"There isn't much time left. Hurry!"

-Dada I to Dada II in English dub.

Home Media

  • Ultraman Volume 7 features Episodes 25-28.
  • Ultraman The Complete Series features all episodes.
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