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"Like his name implies, he excels at speed strategies. He tortures his enemies with his quick movements, and also enjoys using traps and other sneaky tactics."

Narrator of Ultraman Trigger: Preview Special.

Hudram (ヒュドラム Hyudoramu)[2] is one of the Giants of Darkness and one of the main antagonists in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.[3][4] He uses great speed in battle and is a schemer and strategist, but is the most easily enraged of the three Giants of Darkness.

Subtitle: Agile Tactician (俊敏策士 Shunbin Sakushi)[2]


As with the other two Giant of Darknesses, Hudram is based on the three giants in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, with his counterpart being Hudra.[5]


Befitting Tiga's numerous references to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and like his namesake Hudra, he is named after Mother Hydra, one of the Deep Ones. Additionally his name in Katakana, "ヒュドラム", is one letter away from Hudra (ヒュドラ).


As the tactician behind the team, Hudram relies on his wits during combat, such as his preference to use various forms of tricks. He also has a hidden brutal side[3] that if left unchecked, he can destroy a single planet through his blind rage. He is comparatively weak, but what he lacks in strength, he makes up for with his nimble maneuvering and brutal cunning on the battlefield. His specialty is psychological warfare, provoking his opponent's emotions and using their own mind against them.[2][6]


Pre-Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness

Hudram, with the other Giants of Darkness, arrived on Earth 30 million years ago to locate the Eternity Core, fighting against Yuzare directly or by controlling Dark Monsters.[4] Trigger Dark captured Yuzare and used her to open the gate towards the Eternity Core, allowing the other Giants of Darkness to enter. However, Kengo Manaka convinced Trigger Dark to turn to the light, becoming Ultraman Trigger, who fought the Giants of Darkness with the help of Yuzare and the power of the Eternity Core. They were petrified into stone statues, placed at the opposite end of the universe.[2][6]

Somehow, Hudram reawakened roughly 100 years ago and destroyed the whole of Planet Lishuria, except for one sole survivor, Ignis, who then bore a grudge against him.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Hudram kidnaps Yuna

In the present day, Hudram appeared and kidnapped Yuna Shizuma, wanting Yuzare to emerge from her and tell him where the Eternity Core was. Ignis, Kengo Manaka and Akito Hijiri ruin his plan, but Hudram summons Gazort to put Yuna's life in danger hoping that Yuzare would reemerge. He then fought against Ultraman Trigger but was blasted away by the Nursedessei. Enraged at the interruption of his battle, the other Giants of Darkness had to restrain Hudram or he might have ended up destroying the world. With the three Giants of Darkness reunited, they continued their quest to find the Eternity Core. The Ultra-Ancient Light and Darkness

Somehow, Hudram modified a Gigadelos into Satandelos, and got it to arrive onto the Earth. When GUTS-Select destroyed its barrier with the help if Ignis, Hudram showed up to fight them for getting in the way. Kengo transformed into Trigger and fought Hudram, and blasted him away with the Runboldt Beam Shell while he was distracted. The One Hour Demon

After repeated monster attacks, Carmeara decided to attack Trigger directly, managing to perform her Curse of Darkness on him that turned him back into Trigger Dark. The Encounter of Light and Darkness However, after his ordeal in the past, Kengo returned to the future, causing the Giants of Darkness to somehow remember that he was the one who turned Trigger to the light in the first place. The Giants of Darkness attack Kengo, now transformed into Ultraman Trigger, and had the upper hand until Yuzare's spirit emerged from within Yuna and granted Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core, allowing him to transform into Glitter Trigger Eternity. He forced the Giants of Darkness to retreat after firing his Glitter Zeperion Beam at them, and then finished off Trigger Dark. The 30-Million-Year Miracle


Ultraman Trigger Hudram render.png


  • Height: 57 m[2]
  • Weight: 52,000 t[2]

Body Features

  • Color Timer: Uniquely among his peers, Hudram's Color Timer is situated on the left side of his chest, within the shaded area of his torso.
  • Light Crystal


  • Super Speed: Being agile warrior, Hudram excels in speedy tactics and combat approaches.[3][4]
  • Aerial Proficiency: Hudram is capable of fighting in mid-air combat, partially due to his aforementioned speed.[4]
  • Monster Control: Hudram is capable of manipulating a Dark Monster to his liking, as he summoned and commanded Gazort at will.
  • Size Change: Hudram is able to shrink to the size of a human and changes to his gigantic size at will.


  • Dagger Hudram (ダガーヒュドラム Dagā Hyudoramu): A foldable arm-mounted knife on his right arm.[4]
    • Hudrast (ヒュドラスト Hyudorasuto): An energy wave from Dagger Hudram, which he uses to overwhelm his opponents with powerful wind.[2]
    • Energy Blade: An arc of energy released from the Dagger Hudram.


Ultra Monster Series


  • Agile Tactician Hudram (2021)
    • Release Date: July 2021
    • ID Number: 150
    • Price: 600 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660645474
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Monster Series "Agile Tactician Hudram" is a 15-cm soft vinyl figure with 3 points of articulation on the waist and arms. Molded in both white (lower torso, right arm) and black (upper torso, left arm) PVC plastic, Hudram features primarily black, white, and metallic blue paint detailing.

Chibi Nuigurumi


  • Carmeara/Darrgon/Hudram 3-pack (2021)
    • Release Date: July 22, 2021
    • Price: 5,280 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4990593856718
Released as part of the Ultra Heroes EXPO 2021 exclusive Chibi Nuigurumi 3-pack along with Carmeara and Darrgon, this Hudram is a super-deformed plush toy.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga



  • Compared to his counterpart, Hudra, Hudram's color scheme is primarily based on numerous shades of blue, instead of a combination of dark blue and purple.
  • The positioning of his Color Timer harkens back to Ultraman Nice. The black and white asymmetrical coloration of his body invokes the design of Kyrieloid from Ultraman Tiga.


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