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"Jun Himeya, this time it's my turn. It will be my photos to tell it! I will reveal the truth that no one knows!"

―Horokusa, episode 19

Horokusa (保吕草 Horokusa) is a minor character in Ultraman Nexus, he appeared in episode 19.


Ultraman Nexus

Horokusa was first seen along with Tenpei, holding a photoshoot of their model, Nanako. However, Nanako noticed something strange falling and ran off into the mountains, forcing the two men to run after her.

Later, all three of them came across an injured Himeya and brought him back to an inn to treat his wounds while Nanako found the Evoltruster in his pocket. Himeya awoke just long enough to tell the three not to touch anything, before passing out again. Horokusa remembered Himeya as the one who inspired him to be a photographer.

Drawn by the sound of battle, Horokusa ran off and arrived in time to take a long string of photos of the Night Raiders fighting Golgolem. Unfortunately, in his obsession, he failed to run away before getting eaten by the same monster. However, the camera remained untouched and Tenpei and Nanako survived thanks to Himeya transforming into Ultraman, to save them from the Space Beast.