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His Name is Gaia (その名はガイア Sono Na wa Gaia) is the third episode of Ultraman Gaia. It features the debut of Ultraman Agul and the Esplender.




Gamu comes to the normal HQ center and starts the footage of his latest fight as Gaia, analyzing as it plays. He copies the move he calls the Photon Edge, when he is interrupted. Atsuko sees him doing it and thinks he is a child, which he denies. Gamu then thinks of a name for Ultraman, Gaia, and she tells him it's a childish name before she leaves.

The news reporter team wants to know what XIG is - they know Gamu is a member of Alchemy Stars and is now part of XIG. Reiko is waiting for an elevator when a mysterious man tells her to keep reporting on Ultraman.

Gamu asks the repairman for a toolbox, with Kajio asking why he is there. Gamu goes to his room and creates the device that will hold the light of Ultraman Gaia, which he names the Esplender. Just then an alarm warning sounds out and he goes to the Bridge to see what happened. Some distance away a weird object is flying through a desert, so Team Lightning goes with Peace Carry to investigate. Gamu is allowed to accompany them.

Apatee's armor was too strong at first, but Team Lightning is able to bring it to the ground. However, it manages to make two of the aircraft crash. Unusual radio waves are causing trouble for communication so Gamu analyzes what the creature is broadcasting, and is surprised to see a video of Gaia doing the Photon Edge. Sneaking out of the Peace Carry, Gamu becomes Gaia to fight the metal monster. The two seem evenly matched, with Apatee even surviving the Photon Edge. Gaia tries the Quantum Stream with Apatee falling to the ground, but then it gets back up. Gaia is just about out of energy at this point with his Color-Timer blinking, and can't summon up another attack, until a ray hits Apatee, destroying it. Gaia/Gamu turns around to see another Ultraman who then walks away.




  • Atsushi Koyama (神山 篤志 Kōyama Atsushi): Shunsuke Gondo (権藤 俊輔 Gondō Shunsuke)
  • Yasushi Kitada (北田 靖 Kitada Yasushi): Katsuhiko Hasegawa (長谷川 勝彦 Hasegawa Katsuhiko)
  • Satoshi Ogawara (大河原 聡志 Ōgawara Satoshi): Yusuke Sawaki (沢木 祐介 Sawaki Yūsuke)
  • Makoto (マコト Makoto): Hiroaki Nishijima (西嶋 大明 Nishijima Hiroaki)
  • Sato (サトウ Satō): Togo Okumoto (奥本 東五 Okumoto Tōgo)
  • Nakaji (ナカジ Nakaji): Masashi Kagami (加々美 正史 Kagami Masashi)
  • Hiroya Fujimiya (藤宮 博也 Fujimiya Hiroya): Hassei Takano (高野 八誠 Takano Hassei)
  • Daniel McPhee (ダニエル・マクフィー Danieru Makufī): John O'Connor (ジョン・オコーナー Jon O Kōnā)
  • Narrator: Hiroshi Isobe (磯部 弘 Isobe Hiroshi)




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Ultraman Gaia Volume 1 features episodes 1-4.

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