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Hiroyuki Kudo (工藤 優幸ヒロユキ Kudō Hiroyuki) is the main protagonist of Ultraman Taiga and the human host of Ultraman Taiga, Ultraman Titas, and Ultraman Fuma. He is a member of the private security organization EGIS.


Pre-Ultraman Taiga

Hiroyuki as a young child

When Hiroyuki was young, he was attacked by a Lecuum. The alien took Hiroyuki's pet Guesra Chibisuke and took off to his ship but Hiroyuki managed to grab hold of the alien and was pulled into the air by the tractor beam. The alien noticed and shook the child off thousands of meters above the ground. Luckily, he was saved by the light of Ultraman Taiga, who has been dwelling inside him ever since, but without his knowledge.[1] Since then, he developed a strong desire to help those who are weak, and joined EGIS as a result.

Ultraman Taiga


While out on a mission with Alien Rivers Kawazu, Hiroyuki hears the voice of Taiga aiding him when he is attacked by Alien Ckalutch and Cicada Human. He chases down an Alien Magma, who has abducted a baby Zandrias to lure out its mother so that Zegun can appear and kill it as a demonstration for a monster auction. Hellberus is summoned by Kirisaki, and it kills Zegun and attacks the Young Mother Zandrias, knocking over the building Hiroyuki was in, while trapping Baby Zandrias under rubble. Hiroyuki's desperate wish to save Baby Zandrias' life is heard by Taiga, who gives him the power to transform and fight Hellberus. Hiroyuki properly speaks to Taiga for the first time after defeating the monster. Buddy Go! Hiroyuki and Homare are dispatched to deal with a giant monster that had been attacking chocolate factories. It turns out to be Chibisuke, controlled by Rekyum Men and modified into a violent King Guesra, who at first recognized him, but went on a rampage because of Kirisaki's influence. After a brief fight with Chibisuke, which he manages to subdue, Ultraman Tregear appears and fights both Taiga and Chibisuke, killing the latter which greatly angers Hiroyuki and Taiga, but they are no match for Tregear. Tregear

Eventually, Hiroyuki also bonds with Ultramen Titas and Fuma. The Tri-Squad continue to protect the Earth along with Hiroyuki and EGIS.

Hiroyuki sees a masked Kirisaki in a mirror inside his dream

As a side effect of Taiga using the Kaiju Rings, his soul starts to get flooded with darkness. As a result, some of it is carried over to Hiroyuki, who had been having sudden, violent outbursts. The other members of EGIS notice and start to worry about him. This was actually part of Tregear's plan to turn Taiga to the dark side. The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight Just after Taiga had fought against Skull Gomora, Tregear took the chance to release the darkness within Taiga, shutting out Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma in the process. I Can't Hear Your Voice Kirisaki knocks Hiroyuki out using psychic powers. Hiroyuki sees Taiga in the darkness and tries to get him to snap out of it, but Tregear appears and guides him further down the path of darkness, leading him to banish Hiroyuki from inside him.

Hiroyuki, Titas and Fuma save Taiga from the darkness

The EGIS members synchronize their brainwaves using devices to reach out to Hiroyuki, who, with the encouragement from his friends, dispels the darkness within himself, while somehow creating the Tri-Squad-let. With Titas and Fuma, they make an attempt to rescue Taiga. Hiroyuki dives into Taiga's Color Timer and clears the darkness inside him. With the Tri-Squad now reunited, Taiga gains a new form, Tri-Strium. With this new power, he defeats Tregear for the first time. We Are One

At the end of the series, his teammates at EGIS reveal that they always knew that Hiroyuki was host to the Tri-Squad, surprising him. Together with EGIS, Maguma and Markind's combined efforts, Hiroyuki and the Tri-Squad manage to satisfy Woola's hunger and bring peace to it once and for all, proving that humans and aliens can work together for the greater good. He and the Tri-Squad then defeat Ultraman Tregear after failing to convince him to turn back to the light. However, that would not be the last of Tregear. Buddy, Steady, Go!

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

Hiroyuki, Homare and Maguma chase down a Dada and his henchmen, who were trying to steal the Blue Stone of Baradhi. After managing to beat them, Dada summons his Legionoid Dada Customize, prompting Hiroyuki to transform and defeat the robot. Hiroyuki had been getting cocky after Ultraman Tregear's defeat, thinking of himself as a bridge between humans, aliens and Ultramen, which somewhat worry the Tri-Squad, who had also been keeping a secret from him. Soon, Hiroyuki is contacted by Katsumi Minato who had contracted him as a client and brought him to his store which was also run by Isami Minato and Riku Asakura. In reality, Katsumi contracted Hiroyuki just so that they could protect him from aliens who wanted to steal the Ultraman Bracelets before Grimdo came to Earth. After fighting off the aliens, Hiroyuki gave back the Rosso-let and Blu-let to their respective owners, restoring their R/B Gyros and allowed them to transform into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu to fight against Grimdo. However, even with Taiga, Rosso and Blu together, they were unable to defeat Grimdo. Ultraman Taro appeared and saved them, but was possessed by Grimdo after performing the Ultra Dynamite on it. Taro defeated the three Ultras, forcing Taiga to revert into Hiroyuki, who fell from the sky but was caught by Hikaru Raido, who had been fighting Kirisaki along with Sho and Homare.


Hiroyuki had a talk with Taiga to reassure him that they could definitely save his father, and gave back the Geed-let to Riku. When EGIS manages to locate Kirisaki, the Tri-Squad inform Hiroyuki that he does not need to join the fight any longer since their true bodies had been repaired. Hiroyuki rebuffs this claim by saying they were a team and they would have to go through with it together. After confronting Kirisaki, Hiroyuki returns the X-let and Orb-let to Daichi Oozora and Gai Kurenai respectively, when all the New Generation Heroes gather and transform to fight against Tregear, Taro, and the monsters revived from their rings. Having regained their bodies, Taiga, Titas and Fuma were able to split up and fight independently. After fighting Tregear, they fused into Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium and clashed with Taro using the Ultra Dynamite, using the bond between the four of them to strengthen their flames and burn away Grimdo's presence from Taro.


In a final attempt to kill everyone, Tregear offers himself to Grimdo and becomes one with it. The New Generation Heroes struggle until Taro advises them to put their energy into Taiga's Ultra Horns, creating the New Generation Eye as a result. Hiroyuki uses it to transform into Ultraman Reiga, who defeats Grimdo and Tregear along with it. The New Generation Heroes give words of encouragement to Hiroyuki before they leave for their home worlds. The Tri-Squad separates from Hiroyuki after Grimdo's defeat. Along with Taro, they give their thanks to Hiroyuki and EGIS, before they say goodbye and leave. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


"Buddy go!!"

―Hiroyuki's transformation call

"Hero of Light, Taiga!"

―Pre-transformation call

Hiroyuki slides down the Taiga Spark's Ignition Lever to activate it, takes the Taiga Key Holder and scans it, then raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.

"Let's go, Taiga!"

―Pre-transformation call

"Wield the power of brilliance!"

―Pre-transformation call

Hiroyuki slides down the Taiga Spark's Ignition Lever to activate it, takes the Taiga Photon-Earth Key Holder and scans it, then raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.

"Let's heat up together!"

―Pre-transformation call

The first time Hiroyuki transforms, he scans the Tri-Squad-let to summon the Taiga Tri Blade. He then spins the wheel on its body and presses on the trigger to transform.

In subsequent transformations, he simply summons the Taiga Tri Blade without having to scan the Tri-Squad-let.

"Wise Man of Power, Titas!"

―Pre-transformation call

Hiroyuki slides down the Taiga Spark's Ignition Lever to activate it. He then takes the Titas Key Holder and scans it, then he raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.

"Ruler of Wind, Fuma!"

―Pre-transformation call

Hiroyuki slides down the Taiga Spark's Ignition Lever to activate it. He then takes the Fuma Key Holder and scans it, then he raises his hand while shouting his transformation call.

Hiroyuki puts the New Generation Eye in front of his face and presses the button on the side.

Despite being a host to three different Ultras, Hiroyuki can transform as an Ultraman for a maximum of only three minutes because of the strain put on his body.

Powers and Weapons

  • Taiga Spark: Hiroyuki uses this device in order to transform into Ultramen Taiga, Titas, and Fuma.
  • Ultra Taiga Accessories: Hiroyuki's collection of Ultra Items. By using the Key Holders, he can transform into Taiga, Titas and Fuma, while using the Bracelets and Rings to activate special attacks.
  • Taiga Tri Blade: Hiroyuki wields this weapon when he is transformed as Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium.
  • New Generation Eye: Ultraman Reiga's transformation item.
  • Stun Rod: As an EGIS field operative, Hiroyuki carries a handheld electrical stun rod as a weapon.

Collectibles in Possession

Key Holder Type Ultra Taiga Accessories

Bracelet Type Ultra Taiga Accessories

Given to Hiroyuki by the Tri Squad, which were in turn all received from the respective Ultra Warriors. When used, these bracelets allow any of Hiroyuki's 3 Ultras to harness the power of a respective predecessor in his energy attacks.

Ring Type Ultra Taiga Accessories

Initially collected after each monster's defeat.


Okiromin E

  • Hiroyuki holds the record for greatest number of Ultras for a single human host.
  • Starting from episode 11 and onwards, all of Hiroyuki's Ultra Taiga Accessory scanning scenes were slightly extended.
  • Hiroyuki drinks a drink called Okiromin E (オキロミンE Okiromin Ī), which is possibly a parody of the popular Oronamin C drink.
  • Hiroyuki's hometown is in Hiroshima Prefecture; it is also his actor's hometown.
  • Hiroyuki separating from the Tri-Squad is similar to how Kotaro Higashi separated from Taro, though it is inverted in that the Tri-Squad left Hiroyuki instead of Kotaro giving up Taro's Ultra Badge.
  • According to director Ryuichi Ichino, Hiroyuki and Homare's relationship was made as a parallel to Musashi Haruno and Keisuke Fubuki.
  • Kou Nanase originally auditioned for the role of Hiroyuki Kudo. During the audition, he was asked to put on a "cold" face, and was instead cast as Kirisaki.


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