Hinode Sayuri is a character in Ultraman Mebius. She is an ally of Ultraman Mebius and GUYS.


She is the lunch lady working at the Phoenix Nest cafeteria. Often referred to as 'mother' by several members of GUYS. She was hit by a car when trying to save a boy and was pronounced dead in the hospital. A Serpentian revived her in order to use her body to destroy the GUYS base, pretending to be touched by Hinode's selfless actions. In order to keep Hinode under his control, the Serpentian eventually took over her consciousness and body. But before the Serpentian could destroy the base, Hinode regained control of her body and helped fight off the Serpentian invasion force. At the end of the episode she can be seen going about her life as usual, but now having become both super-strong and super-fast.


  • She is one of the few human characters still keeps special powers from aliens.


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