Hime and Samurai (姫とサムライ Hime to Samurai) is a manga series published in Monthly Comic Alive magazine, running from October 26, 2019[1], and also officially made available through Kadokawa's online publishing service Comic Walker[2], being updated on the 27th of every month. It is a spin-off of the anime show SSSS.GRIDMAN, set before the start of the first episode of the series. The manga is written and illustrated by by Kei Toru.



Princess and Samurai (姫と侍 Hime to Samurai)

Hime Kudzuki, an excitable girl in the first year of middle school, has always felt like she has a 'mission'. Her life is changed when a meteor crashes into her, and she is unscathed by it. Samurai・Calibur appears, telling her that the danger is approaching. When a monster rampages in the city, he gives her one of his swords so that she can transform into an armored warrior through an app in her smartphone.

Rescue and Throbbing (救出とトキメキ Kyūshutsu to Tokimeki)

Hime and Calibur come across a mysterious girl with glasses who runs away from them. With the help of another girl with long hair, they locate the person they were searching for. A monster appears in the arcade, prompting Hime to transform once more and defeat it. Strangely, they are covered in fog after the battle; the arcade is repaired and everyone acts like nothing had happened. Only Hime and the girl she was looking for had kept their memories of the attack. The two other girls introduce themselves as Rikka Takarada and Akane Shinjo.

Assault and Promises (強襲とヤクソク Kyōshū to Yakusoku)

Hime introduces Calibur to Akane, and propose her to join their team, the Tsutsujidai Defense Corps (ツツジ台防衛軍 Tsutsujidai Bōei-gun). Akane reveals that she had lost all her memories, and the earliest memory was a shining light approaching her at the scene of the first monster attack before being chased by someone. The three of them come up with the theory that people were being turned into monsters. After leaving, Calibur is attacked by a strange creature.

Episode 4 (第4回 Dai yon-kai)

Calibur encounters a mysterious figure who appears to be the controller of the Kaiju. However, things are not as they seem to be as she questions and refuses to attack him.

Episode 5 (第5回 Dai go-kai)


Lack of Sleep and the System (寝不足とシステム Nebusoku to Shisutemu)

Hime rises early due to a lack of sleep, because Akane fell asleep next to her the night before. She trains with a pole until Calibur comes along to teach her more about her powers, and grants her a sword summon from her phone app, which she is barely able to carry. A monster attacks later but Hime is unable to damage it with the Barrier Gear. Akane's analysis of the battle may hold the key to victory.


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