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Hikari no Kizuna (ヒカリノキズナlit. Bonds of Light) is the ending song used in Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond. It is performed by Takeshi Tsuruno and DAIGO.



I was standing at the crossroads of the times.                   
While receiving the wind blowing
Feelings overflowing in myself
Keep asking questions
If you get stuck on an unusual road
I suddenly remember
Your words from that day in my chest ... Let's go on this endless path without looking back
The bonds of light illuminates the future of walking
It is spreading in front of you-beyond the end of the earth.

The dream I drew when I was little
In an ever-changing era
Sometimes get lost
Turn your courage into a compass of your choice
Row it out.
Let's go to this expanding sea ...

Continue on this path that continues to believe without looking back
Bonds of light, lighting the future as it continues to run
I feel the fate of being born in my body
The miracle that I met with you
Hold on to this arm.
To the next frontier

In the past that passed too
Take pride in
Run to tomorrow, nobody knows
In the middle of the sparkling blue earth
To you, to you, to you
I will connect this light.

I feel the fate I was born in my body
The miracle that I met with you
Take off to that far away universe
In order to protect the promise we made that day and our future
It's always a shining world of light  ...

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