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Hikari Mitsushima (満島 ひかり Mitsushima Hikari) is a Japanese actress. She played Elly in Ultraman Max.


After Ultraman Max, she would go on to star in several major motion pictures and television series and win multiple awards, making her one of the better known actors in the series. Some fans know her as debuting as Belvera in Rebirth of Mothra II.

Since March 1, 2018, she has worked as a freelancer.[1]


Year Title Role Notes
2005 Ultraman Max Elly



  • Hikari's role in Ultraman Max was due to an offer given to her by director Shusuke Kaneko, although this had no effect in boosting her popularity. Alongside fellow alumni Sota Aoyama, she would went on to participate in the filming of Death Note film series, her acting at that time was also under the direction of Kaneko.