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"Launch Hellzking!"

―An Alien Beryl's order for Hellzking to attack

Hellzking (ヘルズキング Heruzukingu) is a robot created by Alien Beryl colonies in the Ultraman Cosmos TV series. After its previous destruction, the JADF secretly collect all of its remains and reform it into Hellzking Revised (ヘルズキング改 Heruzukingu Kai).


  • Hellzking: Invasion Transforming Mecha (侵略変形メカ Shinryaku henkei meka)
  • Hellzking Revised: Anti-Chaos Header Annihilation Weapon (対カオスヘッダー殲滅兵器 Tai Kaosu Heddā Senmetsu Heiki)


Ultraman Cosmos

The Alien Beryl's weapon for the Earth invasion. While in the form of a spaceship, it conserve power by absorbing energy from SRC's power plant and transform into robot mode to attack the civilians. Though Cosmos at first having difficulties battling him, but a good Alien Beryl, who assimilate a civilian named Mr. Kusano informs him about the robot's weakness on the throat as the giant overpowers it and destroy it into pieces with the Blazing Wave. Alien Old Man

" Hiura: Saijyo, what's all this for ?
Saijyo: Of course it's the killing weapon against Chaos Header.
Musashi: This Hellzking will be...
Fubuki: The ultimate weapon against Chaos Header!"

―Team EYES upon witnessing Hellzking

After losing their patient over Team EYES on an Anti-Chaos Header project, the JADF secretly picked the remains of Hellzking and initiating Project H.B.. They also armed the robot with Soagg (a moonstone that weakens Chaos Header) onto its Hellzgun, which can annihilate everything. Sending the robot for a test, Hellzking is proven durable against laser turrets and rocket launchers and it fires the Soagg beam, able to destroy an iron block with a weight of 113,272 tons as they mock Cosmos for no longer being a match for Chaos Header. However, when he was sent away on a carrier, it starts moving as something wrong in the system. It seems that the Alien Beryl had already left a firewall on the system and that it causes Hellzking Revised activates on its own while making his way to town.

Cosmos appears and transforms into Corona Mode. The giant fights Hellzking Revised but the robot fires the Soagg Cannon. Though Cosmos dodges it, but it was powerful enough to evaporate a mountain. Hellzking Revised easily kicks Cosmos aside and overpowers him. Then, the giant decided to transform into Eclipse Mode. Cosmos fought well against Hellzking Revised until the robot fires the Soagg Cannon at him while he's in mid-air, downing him. A crack was revealed on the robot's throat and Fubuki decides to destroy the Soagg stone but JADF Commander Sahara orders them to stop as Hellzking is the new weapon for humanity.

Team EYES pays no attention and decides to help Cosmos by firing its throat, giving the giant some time to charge Cosmium Ray and they finish the robot at once, leaving the Soagg stone intact and producing a formula that can complete the SRC's Chaos Chimera mineral. General Saijyo furious over this but Commander Sahara didn't as he realize Musashi's words, "Will those dirty hands will choose my neck?". Forbidden Weapon


  • Hellzking is a tribute to King Joe from the Ultraseven TV series and Heisei Ultraseven OV series.
    • This similarity is played further as they are robots created by their respective aliens who tried to conquer Earth and once they rebuild by human under the assumption that they will become an ultimate weapon, they will still stick to their original programmings and attack the humans.
    • Oddly, Revised Hellzking is the final fight in a 2019 stage show with Taiga, X and R/B, where there's a King Joe portrayed as a good guy.
    • He is also in tribute to Deathfacer from Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light as they have the potential to kill their Ultra nemesis with their super deadly finishers.
  • Hellzking's fight was meant to emphasize the gunfights from western movies.
  • The Hellzking Revised suit is a repaint of the original.
  • Hellzking's return in episode 61 was a proposal from director Ichino and writer Masuda.
  • His roars are reused from Alien Standel Abolbus while as Hellzking Revised are from Chaos Clevergon.
  • Suit actor: Kazunori Yokoo (original), Toshio Miyake (Revised).

Sevenger Fight

Hellzking in Sevenger Fight.

The Hellzking Revised appeared in Sevenger Fight, taking place at some point prior to Ultraman Z.

It was originally a space robot (implied to be a normal Hellzking) that was defeated and captured by the GAF American Branch. It was rebuilt into its current form by the Integrated Advanced Equipment Laboratory (統合先進装備研究所 Tōgō Senshin Sōbi Kenkyūjo), but the robot escaped and approached Japan. Haruki Natsukawa sortied in Sevenger to intercept the rogue robot in Mt. Iwafune. After disabling Hellzking, the robot was thrown into a nearby cliff by Sevenger.


  • The Hellzking's act of destroying a mountain is a call back to its original debut in Ultraman Cosmos where it destroyed a mountain formed by iron blocks as a demonstration of power.


First Form

Hellzking Form 1.png

  • Height: 30 m
  • Width: 20 m
  • Weight: 9,800 t
  • Origin: Planet Beryl of S13 Star System
Powers and Weapons
  • Levitate: Hellzking can levitate easily on the air.
  • Energy Blast: Hellzking can fire an energy blast from the spaceship's top part.
  • Energy Consumption: Hellzking can launch tendrills to absorb energies.
  • Transformation: After absorbing enough energy, it can separate into particles and transform into the robot mode.

Second Form


  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 65,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Beryl of S13 Star System
  • Weakness: Hellzking's throat (the purple part of his neck) is the only body part that vulnerabe to attacks. Attacking it multiple times can cause him activating the Hellzgun and aimlessly firing everything.
Powers and Weapons
  • Hellzgun (ヘルズガン Heruzugan): Hellzking can fire energy beams from the guns armed on his arms.
  • Armor: The entire robot is built on the hardened mineral Beryl Ore (ベリル鉱石製 Beriru Kōseki-sei). It is durable to melee attacks.
  • Strength: Hellzking is also armed with a natural strength used for melee attacks.

Hellzking Revised

Chaos Dolba.jpg

  • Height: 57 m
  • Weight: 67,000 t
  • Origin: JADF defense base
Powers and Weapons
  • Soagg Beam Cannons (ソアッグビーム砲 Soaggu Bīmu-hō): In replace of the Hellzguns, Hellzking can fire energy beams from the guns armed on his arms capable of destroying an iron block with a weight of 113,272 t and even a mountain, evaporating it or leaving a giant crater.
  • Armor: Hellzking's body is durable enough to survive rockets and Ultraman Cosmos' Naybuster Ray without taking any visible damages.
  • Strength: Hellzking is also armed with a natural strength used for melee attacks.


Ultraman Cosmos


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