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Heisei Ultraseven (平成ウルトラセブン, Heisei Urutorasebun) is a sequel to the 1967 series Ultraseven. Ignoring the Land of Light continuity, it takes place in a world where Ultraseven is the only Ultra to have travelled to Earth.

The series consists of four parts that released from 1994 to 2002, the first of which aired on Nippon Television, while the rest released direct-to-DVD:

  1. NTV Specials
  2. Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy (ウルトラセブン誕生30周年記念3部作, Urutorasebun Tanjō Sanjū Shūnen Kinen San-busaku)
  3. Ultraseven 1999: The Final Chapters Hexalogy (ウルトラセブン1999最終章6部作, Urutorasebun Senkyuhyaku-kyujūkyu Saishūshō Roku-busaku)
  4. Ultraseven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION Pentalogy (ウルトラセブン誕生35周年"EVOLUTION"5部作, Urutorasebun Tanjō Sanjūgo Shūnen "Eboryūshon" Go-busaku)


In 1990, following the conclusion of the broadcast of Ultraman: Towards the Future in Japan, a new movement in the "Ultraman series" adapted to the multimedia era was initiated for the first time in the form of an Original Video Series.[1]

In 1993, with strong demands from fan communities for the revival of Ultraman in the form of a television series, Tsuburaya Productions responded by resuming television series production with Gridman the Hyper Agent. Concurrently, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry designated March 21st as "Sun Day". To promote this concept, Tsuburaya Productions received sponsorship from the Japan Solar System Development Association and, led by Yomiuri Advertising, proposed a plan for a television special program. Initially planning to focus on an anime production, it was decided, upon the suggestion of Yomiuri Advertising producer Fujinami Toshihiko, to produce Ultraseven - Operation: Solar Energy, set in the worldview of the original Ultraseven series about a decade later. Due to this setting, to avoid confusion, the decision was intentionally made to abandon the Ultraseven setting from Ultraman Leo.[1]

Volume 37 of the Tsuburaya Productions Fan Club

Volume 37 of the Tsuburaya Productions Fan Club, published in 1994, covers the production process of the two television specials[2]

In November 1993, the script written by Masakazu Migita, a member of the Department of Literature, was completed. The filming team opted to use videotapes for shooting, primarily enlisting the assistance of personnel from the production team of Gridman the Hyper Agent to gain insights into special effects production. To generate buzz, there was also public promotion for the "UG team member recruitment" among the general populace. It's reported that approximately 3,000 people signed up for recruitment. Due to the setting being over a decade later, all members of UG were also to be updated. Artistic designs, including mechanical elements, were adjusted to suit contemporary society and customs. In the second special episode, Planet of the Earthlings, Kohji Moritsugu was once again invited to portray Dan Moroboshi.[1]

In 1994, only two television special programs were produced. Initially, there was an idea for a third piece, but due to various reasons, it was ultimately not realized.

In 1996, Tsuburaya Productions collaborated with VAP to air a three-episode science fiction television drama titled Moon Spiral on Nippon Television's late-night slot. Following the completion of this project, a new plan emerged between VAP's planner Sadahiro Chika and Masahiro Tsuburaya, which involved a reimagining of Ultraseven in the form of Original Video. Thus, ensuring budgetary concerns and with the premise of releasing on videotape, the production of Ultraseven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy officially commenced in 1997, with three works slated for release in 1998.[3][4]

In 1999, following the commercially successful trilogy, the production continued directly with Ultraseven 1999: The Final Chapters Hexalogy. This six-part series aimed to be the definitive version of Heisei Ultraseven, introducing a new theme called the "Friendship Plan" based on the setting of "Nonmalt" from the original episode 42 "Ambassador of the Nonmalt". The series production commenced in mid-October 1998.[5][4]

After the completion of Ultraman Neos in December 2000, Masahiro Tsuburaya once again planned the "Ultraseven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION Pentalogy". This series, centered around the Akashic Records, narrates the story of the entire Memory Universe, exploring the theme of who should be entrusted with the future of the Earth.[4]


This series presents a storyline distinct from the previous Ultraseven and subsequent Return of Ultraman series, imagining what the world of "Ultraseven" would be like if its narrative had continued uninterrupted.

From the 1994 TV specials onwards, it became a full-length series of 16 episodes, including original videos. Furuhashi, who was a team member, aged and took on the role of captain and strategist, and the cast from that time appeared in their original roles. The events that occurred in the 1967 TV series serve as the key to the unfolding narrative, questioning the significance of Ultraseven and the Earthlings. A hard-hitting story that further advances the original science fiction elements is depicted.[6]





1994 Team[]
1998/1999/EVOLUTION Team[]


  • Anne
  • Professor Kusuhara
  • Dan
  • Professor Tonezaki
  • Shiori Satomi
  • Kyoko Murata
  • Rei Murata
  • Eijiro Inada
  • Yutaka Kanemitsu








  • Dan Moroboshi (モロボシ・ダン, Moroboshi Dan): Kohji Moritsugu (森次 晃嗣, Moritsugu Kōji)
  • Shigeru Furuhashi (フルハシ・シゲル, Furuhashi Shigeru): Sandayu Dokumamushi (毒蝮 三太夫, Dokumamushi Sandayū)
  • Kaji (カジ): Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸 茂樹, Kagemaru Shigeki)
  • Togo (トーゴー, Tōgō): Takashi Matsuyama (松山 鷹志, Matsuyama Takashi)
  • Lisa (リサ, Risa): Ami Suzuki (鈴木 亜美, Suzuki Ami)
  • Sanshiro Shiragane (シラガネ・サンシロウ, Shiragane Sanshirō): Koji Nanjo (南条 弘二, Nanjō Kōji)
  • Masaki Kazamori (カザモリ・マサキ, Kazamori Masaki): Katsuyuki Yamazaki (山崎 勝之, Yamazaki Katsuyuki)
  • Keisuke Shima (シマ・ケイスケ, Shima Keisuke): Kunio Masaoka (正岡 邦夫, Masaoka Kunio):
  • Takuma Mizuno (ミズノ・タクマ, Mizuno Takuma): Wataru Koga (古賀 亘, Koga Wataru):
  • Satomi Hayakawa (ハヤカワ・サトミ, Hayakawa Satomi): Kaoru Ukawa (鵜川 薫, Ukawa Kaoru)
  • Rumi Honjou (ホンジョウ・ルミ, Honjō Rumi): Rieko Adachi (あだち 理絵子, Adachi Rieko)
  • Yuki Kisaragi (キサラギ・ユキ, Kisaragi Yuki): Mika Katsumura (勝村 美香, Katsumura Mika)
  • Takenaka (タケナカ): Kenji Sahara (佐原 健二, Sahara Kenji)

Home Media[]

In 2012, the series was released in the Ultraseven 1994-2002 Perfect Collection DVD-BOX set, which was officially launched on April 18th.[7]




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