He Fell from Outer Space! (あいつが宇宙から落ちてきた! Aitsu ga Uchū kara Ochite Kita!) is the first episode of Bio Planet WoO.




A comet flashes through space towards earth. Meanwhile, Ai Kumasiro is distracted by the news while playing football, and because of that her team loses. Later that night, Kotaro gives her a WoO figure. While Ai is watching TV when she should be asleep, WoO himself crashes to earth in a meteor shower.

An astronomer named Rhea is brought to tears by the same meteor shower as she knows her husband had just died in it while in space. A man approaches her, and asks her to join SWORD, saying they will fight its cause.

On her way home from shopping, Ai sees mysterious men in masks searching for something. She finds a WoO egg. When she falls asleep that night, the egg hatches into the cgi blob known as WoO. She gets acquainted with the alien which can't make up its mind whether to be a prop or cgi. When she leaves, the alien turns on the news and collapses into another form.

Ai believes it do be dead and so is sad when she goes to her school the next day. After overhearing a conversation she storms out and looks at the stony (alive) WoO body she took with her to school. Some boys take it away with her and start throwing it around. It lands in a pail of water and is rehydrated, and runs off down the hallway with Ai following. She picks him up... TBA




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