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Hatari (ハタリ Hatari) was a space hunter hired by the Heller Army to capture Ultraman Joneus. He was the commander of a large battleship.

Subtitle: Space Hunter (宇宙ハンター Uchū Hantā)



Baited into going to Earth to hunt Ultraman, by Roygar, Hatari, arrived on the planet in his battleship, which was so large as to be mistaken for a floating island. The Scientific Defense Guard was sent out to investigate, which resulted in Mutsumi being present for when his battleship crashed into an oil tanker.

Taking the girl on board his ship, Hatari escorted her about and explained to her why he was on Earth. Taking a fancy to the girl, Hatari had her treated as a guest on his ship, despite her attempts to dissuade him.

For his mission Hatari upgraded his ship into its current form and hired workers to crew it. Unknown to him, his crew was actually Heller Soldiers in disguise. They had been ordered to dispose of him after he had caught Ultraman.

After Mutsumi and Hikari fought some of the soldiers on the ship, he arrived on scene, were Mutsumi was unconscious and Hikari had fallen overboard. One of the soldiers accidentally released Hikari's flare, signaling the rest of the Guard to attack.

After having Mutsumi carried below deck for her safety, he proceeded with a counterattack, until Ultraman appeared. Eventually Ultraman was caught in his trap, held be restraints from his ship. It was at this moment the Heller soldiers revealed themselves and betrayed him, revealing that they planed to blow up the ship and Ultraman with a special bomb. Fortunately Mutsumi saved him, allowing him to release Ultraman before the two escaped in a shuttle.

After Ultraman had destroyed his ship, Hatari left the SDG and Earth in peace in his shuttle.


  • Voice actor: Tarō Sagami II


Powers and Weapons
  • Large Battleship: An old space battleship which resembles a moving island on equator.


Large Battleship

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