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Haruo Kume (久米ハルヲ Kume Haruo) is one of the side characters in Ultraman Geed.



His name is a reference to sci-fi writer Hal Clement.


Ultraman Geed

Haruo is a convenience store manager which Riku worked for before Skull Gomora raided the place. Haruo is first seen attending to Riku who have fell to the ground after hitting his head on the ceiling. Later, he found out his niece Eri's hand were hot and the ice cream she is holding has melted. During Skull Gomora's raid, he was forced to leave the convenience store and move to safety areas to stay alive. Haruo later meet Riku on a grassland, assuring Eri and her mother is safe with Eri's grandfather. In the night, he witnessed Geed's first battle with Skull Gomora. Later, Haruo and his family was kicked out by the refugees in a camp due to Eri trying to use her pyrokinesis powers to light up a fire. As a result, Haruo and his family could only move to a warehouse and went out later to find Eri when she was kidnapped by an Alien Dada. Haruo later reunite with Eri after she was saved by Riku and Laiha.

After Eri's Little Star was passed to Geed, Haruo will open another convenience store in an open area known as Galaxy Market and continue his business, Haruo would occasionally meet Riku and his friends, notable ones will be Leito, Laiha and Moa. After Belial's defeat as Chimeraberus, he is still under mood of celebration. Later, he helped a group of people to escape from an Alien Dada's customized Legionod while Zero dealt with the robot.

In episode 24, after Belial Atrocious announced his message to the Earthlings, Haruo was shocked to see Belial still alive. Haruo later presumed set up a refugee camp in a building for the citizens to take cover when Belial Atrocious arrives. When Belial Atrocious Dark Fireball reaches the building, he was save by Riku. He later witnessed Zero Beyond's losing battle with Belial Atrocious with Riku. In the finale, he was seen cheering to Geed after the latter defeat the dark Ultra. In the end, he was seen attending to a group of children while role playing a monster while the children roleplayed Geed.