"The Earth will be destroyed? I can't believe it. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable!"

―Hajime Yamaoka, N The Other.

Hajime Yamaoka (山岡 一 Yamaoka Hajime) was a scientist affiliated with TLT, who died after being used as a hollow shell for Dark Zagi, and renamed himself Mitsuhiko Ishibori.


  • Yamaoka (山岡): Is a combined form of mountain (山) and hill (岡).
  • Hajime (一): Is an alternate reading of the numerical letter 1 in Japanese, which commonly used by male given names. It also shares the same pronunciation with the Japanese word for beginning (始 Hajime).

Furthermore, he is in fact the beginning of Dark Zagi's formulated plan on Earth after becoming the latter's unwilling vessel.


Ultraman Nexus

Dated back to 1983, Hajime was a scientist who works for Saijo Chemical Laboratory in Japan. In 1989, he was dispatched to America alongside Shigeru Saijo as part of the Chemical division of US Army Special Forces under the request of US government. At that moment, the government of United States made their first contact with an alien life form designated as Visitors. With the 10 year old psychic boy Hayato Kaimoto, Hajime and other scientists try to decipher the aliens' messages. Discovering what happened in the Vistors' home world and that the same fate shall fell upon Earth. This revelation shocked Hajime, to the point of quickly disappearing while on his way back to the US government's Section Zero laboratory. Two years later, the still-traumatized Ishibori encountered the wandering spirit of Dark Zagi, who took the man's body as his own and subsequently killed him. Zagi would soon attack the rest of his host's research team in Colorado, sparing a child as part of a bigger plan.

Post Morterm

Hajime's body would serve as the vessel of Zagi for years as the dark Ultra erased traces of his former host from the TLT's records to ensure the validity of his disguise.



  • Judging by the department he previously worked (Saijo Chemical Laboratory), it is possible that Nagi's parents (or an elder relative) are founder/lead figure of it.
  • Since his recorded disappearance was in 1989, it is believed that he was born in circa 1959-1960.
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