Members: Captain Gonpachi Minato
Hironobu Uematsu
Genki Kagura
Takayoshi Hino
Hayami Nana
Kitabayashi Ayumi
Affiliations: Cabinet Information Bureau
Designations: Crisis response and investigation
Counter Kaiju Assaults and similar situations
First appearance: Ultraman Neos episode 1
Latest appearance: Ultraman Neos episode 12

HEART (Hi-tech Earth Alert and Rescue Team) is the organization that is formed as a crisis alert team under direct control of the Cabinet Information Bureau. This organization responds to the many happenings caused by Earth's entrance into the Unbalance Zone, in Ultraman Neos.




  • Captain Gonpachi Minato: The 41 year old captain of HEART from Kumamoto Prefecture. A former defense force member whose professional in combat, he is familiar with land, sea and air situation, as well as handling heavy artillery. When appointed as the HEART captain, Minato agreed under the terms of choosing its members.
  • Hironobu Uematsu: 30 years old and from Setagaya Ward, Tokyo and is the sub-captain, replacing Captain Minato in the combat field. Hironobu was a veteran police officer who solved various bizarre cases and incidents, to the point of even being hired as a member of the Interpol. He is also the team's marksman and had a great achievement in an Olympic tournament in Japan.
  • Genki Kagura: Originally a 22 years old astronaut of DJ's space branch, Kagura was drifted into the outer space due to being affected by a meteorite shower. To save his life, Ultraman Neos bonded with him as Kagura joined HEART not long after to investigate Dark Matter-related cases. Kagura is the team's rookie member with a bright personality and has strong faith towards his coworkers. Because of his survival from the outer space incident, he gained the nickname Miracle Man.
  • Takayoshi Hino: A 26 years old mechanic expert from Ibaraki Prefecture. He holds various doctoral degrees in physics, radio waves, fluid mechanics, aerospace engineering, metal engineering and electronic engineering among others.
  • Hayami Nana: 24 years old and is the team's biology expert. She was previously a doctor from Kyoto Prefecture with specialty for heart surgery.
  • Kitabayashi Ayumi: 19 years old computer expert from Naponee, Nebraska, USA, who graduated from college at the age of 15 years old. Ayumi worked as HEART's communication officer and can understand seven languages, including, English, French and Spanish.
  • Secretary Yoko Fujiwara: The secretary officer who served as a pipeline in between the Cabinet Information Bureau and HEART.


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