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"(Ultra's name)!"

―Activation Announcement

"Ultraman Rosso: (Form name)!"

―Transformation announcement for Ultraman Rosso

"Ultraman Blu: (Form name)!"

―Transformation announcement for Ultraman Blu

"(Kaiju/Alien name!)"

―Summoning Kaiju Crystal announcement

"Triple Origium Beam!"

―Special attack announcement with the Orb Ring NEO attached


―Announcement for Saki's Gyro

"Enhance: Grigio King!"

―Summoning announcement for Grigio King

"Burst Forth! The Strongest Power!"

―Activation announcement for Ultraman and Ultraman Belial Crystal

"Evolve: Grigio Regina!"

―Summoning announcement for Grigio Regina

The Gyro (ジャイロ Jairo)[2] is an item used by several characters in Ultraman R/B. There are at least 4 existing Gyros:

  • R/B Gyro (ルーブジャイロ Rūbu Jairo): The transformation device for Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. There is one for each of them.
  • AZ Gyro (AZエーズィージャイロ Ē Zī Jairo): Used by Makoto Aizen to both summon monsters and transform into Ultraman Orb Dark. It is identical in appearance to the R/B Gyros.
  • R/B Gyro (Saki Mitsurugi Model) (ルーブジャイロ―美剣サキ仕様― Rūbu Jairo -Mitsurugi Saki Shiyō-)[3][4]: A repainted version used by Saki Mitsurugi, which can make monsters evolve or power-up. After Saki's death, it was left in the possession of Asahi Minato, which later become her transformation item for Ultrawoman Grigio.


1300 years ago, Rosso, Blu and Grigio climbed up the Crusader's Peak of Planet O-50, where they received the Gyros and R/B Crystals. Whereas Rosso and Blu receive identical blue-colored Gyros to become their Ultraman namesake, Grigio receives her black/orange Gyro that grants her the transformation into Kaiju, specifically her own namesake. They then set off to face Leugocyte. However, they lost and crashed on Earth. When the brothers become scattered as R/B Crystals around Ayaka City, they left their Gyros as well while Grigio’s Gyro remained in her possession.

Many years later,Mio Minato somehow found the two R/B Gyros and brought them back to Aizen Tech, to study the power of Ultraman that came crashing down along with the Ayaka Star. However, Mio found out about her colleague Makoto Aizen's true nature and plan, to gain the power of Ultraman for himself. Thus, Mio took the two Gyros and ran away. Saki Mitsurugi demanded that she hand over the other two Gyros, but instead, her own and the other two somehow activated a nearby device, which pulled Mio into another dimension.

15 years later, while in the other dimension, Mio saw her sons almost get killed by Grigio Bone. The Gyros resonated with her feelings and appeared to the brothers Katsumi and Isami, who use them to transform into Ultramen Rosso and Blu.

Secretly, another Gyro was developed and used by Makoto to summon monsters and later transform into Ultraman Orb Dark Noir Black Schwarz, created using the research that Mio performed prior to her disappearance.

After coming back from the other dimension, Mio steals all three Gyros to be used in her plan to stop Leugocyte. Saki took back her Gyro, disrupting the process and eventually passed it to Asahi during Saki's dying moments. A year later, Asahi would become Grigio Regina in the fight against Ultraman Tregear and Snake Darkness, and eventually evolving into her own Ultrawoman.



  • R/B Crystal Scanning: The general function of Gyros are scanning R/B Crystals and gain access to their power. Each had different properties and abilities:
    • Transformation/Form Change: After inserting a R/B Crystal based on an Ultraman into the centerpiece and pulling both grips outward thrice, the user transforms into either Rosso or Blu and can switch forms based on the elements of said crystal. If the user is not bonded to an Ultraman, their crystal simply has a different effect (eg. summoning the Orb Ring NEO).
    • Kaiju Summoning/Transformation: A R/B Crystal based on a Kaiju allows the user to either summon or transform into the corresponding Kaiju. However, if the Gyro is malfunctioning, the summoned Kaiju will shrink and disappear completely once the Gyro stops working.
  • Visual Linking: Uniquely to the hosts of Rosso and Blu, the simultaneous touch of their Gyros allow them to perceive each other's sense of vision.
  • Teleportation: Unique to the R/B Gyros, the transformation devices can teleport themselves to their owners if they are in danger.
  • Barrier: The R/B Gyros are able to erect barriers to protect their owners.
  • Resonate: When all three R/B Gyros are brought together near a strange device in AizenTech's building, the three of them will activate the device, which opens a portal to another dimension.
  • R/B Crystal Imprisonment: When used together along with special equipment, the power of the R/B Gyros (Saki's included) can imprison powerful entities like Leugocyte in the form of a R/B Crystal.

Main article: Orb Ring NEO

  • Dark Origium Beam (ダークオリジウム光線 Dāku Orijiumu Kōsen): A dark version of Ultraman Orb's Origium Beam, and Orb Dark's signature Ultra Beam. To activate this attack, the Orb Ring NEO is set onto the AZ Gyro and the handles are pulled thrice.

  • Triple Origium Beam (トリプルオリジウム光線 Toripuru Orijiumu Kōsen): Rosso, Blu, and the "aura of Orb Origin" fire the Origium Beam. It is activated when the Orb Ring NEO is set onto the R/B Gyro.

  • R/B Crystal Scanning: Like the other Gyros, Saki's Gyro can scan R/B Crystals:
    • Kaiju Summoning: A R/B Crystal based on a Kaiju allows Saki to summon the corresponding Kaiju. The Gyro she uses seemingly makes them evolve as well.
    • Transformation: Like the other Gyros, Saki's Gyro allows her to transform into Kaiju as well. When lent to Makoto Aizen, he uses it to transform into Grigio King. In Asahi's possession, she can transform into Ultrawoman Grigio without inserting any R/B Crystals.
  • R/B Crystal Creation: From a monster's remains, Saki can extract their essence and condense it into a R/B Crystal.
  • R/B Crystal Imprisonment: When used together along with special equipment, the power of the R/B Gyros (Saki's included) can imprison powerful entities like Leugocyte in the form of a R/B Crystal.



  • Makoto's AZ Gyro has the letter "Z" pronounced the American way ("Zee") instead of British ("Zed"), the latter being frequently used by the Japanese.
  • In contrast to the R/B Gyro, the scene where Makoto uses the AZ Gyro within Orb Dark not only shows him wearing a black bodysuit (which is demonstrated in the Orb Ring and Dark Ring's scenes), but also lacks an image of Ultraman Orb prior to being activated.
  • The P-Bandai exclusive Saki Mitsurugi's Gyro plays all of its announcements save Saki's quotes in the same voice normally used for monsters. It also announces finishing attacks, unlike the DX R/B Gyro.


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