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The Gunpad (ガンパッド Ganpaddo) is a device created and used by Tomoya Ichijouji to control Jean-Nine in the Ultraman Ginga series. This device makes him use the "Ultlive" ability to restore Jean-Nine from his Spark Doll form into his normal form, while controlling him at the same time.


Where this device originated from and how Tomoya received it are unknown, but he mainly used it to control Jean-Killer when fighting Ginga along with the Dark Dummy Spark which makes the robot active. When Jean-Killer deactivated due to Ginga crushing the Dummy Spark, the Gunpad materialized again in response to Tomoya's feelings resonating with the robot's. Jean-Killer also used the Gunpad as a means to communicate with Tomoya, reintroducing himself as "Jean-Nine". Jean-nine also gained the ability to materialize a larger Gun Mode version of the Gunpad when Tomoya activates one of his attacks using the device in its Gun Mode.

After Jean-Nine's departure along with the other Spark Dolls, Tomoya still retained the device, now only used it in his regular works.


Tomoya holding Jean-Nine's Spark Doll and Gunpad in episode 7

It is particularly used by Tomoya to control Jean-Nine. This device is known to be able to use the "Ultlive" process to return Jean-Nine to his natural form after being turned into a Spark Doll, but was never seen used in the series. It also makes Jean-Nine able to alternate between his Jean-Star form and robot form. Instead of fusing with the Spark Doll, Tomoya can control it from a far distance or inside Jean-Nine's control pit. When Jean-Nine is in robot form, he can access a larger version of the Gunpad Gun Mode and arm himself with it.

When not in combat, Tomoya also makes use of the Gunpad for maintenance of Jean-Nine, who rests above orbit around the Earth.

The Gunpad can enter Gun Mode wherein it can fire light bullets for self defense of the owner.

In Ultraman Ginga S, Tomoya makes use of the Gunpad further as a control device for the UPG equipment he invented. Tomoya mastered it further for scanning and analysis of various Seijin and Kaiju data. He can also use the Gunpad to hack into alien technology, such as dismantling Exceller's bomb which was carried by Android One Zero.


The Gunpad allows Jean-Nine (formerly Jean-Killer) to perform various abilities by pressing the many buttons.

  • Jean Stardust (ジャンスターダスト Jan Sutādasuto): Jean-Nine's finisher using the Gunpad, where it fires a strong shot from Gunpad continuously. Tomoya is also able to use this attack via the human-sized Gunpad.
  • Jean Cannon (ジャンキャノン Jan Kyanon): Another version of the Jean Cannon using the Gunpad.
  • Jean Flasher (ジャンフラッシャー Jan Furasshā): Another version of the Jean Flasher using the Gunpad.
  • Jean Buster (ジャンバスター Jan Basutā): Another version of the Jean Buster using the Gunpad.


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