Guesra (ゲスラ Gesura)[1], also known as Gesura, is an amphibious Kaiju that attacked several seaports in search of cacao beans. Ultraman defeated it before it could finish its second raid.


  • Guesra & King Guesra: Sea Monster (海獣 Umijū)[1]
  • Baby Guesra: Young Sea Monster (幼海獣 Yō Umijū)[1]



Guesra was a Brazilian lizard species whose purpose is to scare of pests from interrupting cacao beans. One Guesra egg accidentally carried along into a delivery cacao ship to Japan. As Guesra hatched, it falls into Tokyo sea waters, which at that time was polluted, and mutated it into a giant monster. Guesra was first sighted by several sailors, not knowing it as a threat until the creature grew bigger over time.

Guesra started to attack several shipment supply of cacao beans until the SSSP lured it away from the shipment. However, it instead turned over its attention to a cacao warehouse where Hoshino and his friends were trying to fend themselves from Diamond Kick, a group of jewel smugglers. As the monster is about to attack the SSSP and Hoshino's friends in a police patrol car, Hayata then appeared, and transformed into Ultraman. Guesra attacked first, but Ultraman quickly gained the upper hand, tossing the monster every which way, eventually they both end up in the water. Ultraman then ripped off Guesra's fin. Injured, the monster returned to the ocean, and dying shortly afterwards. The Coast Guard Command


  • Suit actor: Teruo Aragaki
  • Guesra's suit was originally the Peter suit with added fins from the Ragon suit.
  • Guesra's motif was originally going to be a giant mutated bee larva. Concept art by designer Tohl Narita reveals this version of Guesra would have been created from a modified Mothra larva prop.[2]
  • It is said in the episode of Guesra's appearance, that something, possibly Guesra himself, fought and killed a 60ft long Great White Shark.
  • Guesra is the first monster in the Ultraman Series that had a specific weak point that required no beam to destroy.
  • Guesra's concept art makes an appearance in the episode.
  • Guesra's roar was later reused for the Go! Greenman kaiju, Minilla.
  • Guesra's name were driven from the Japanese word "Gesuido" (下水道 Gesuidō), which means sewer. This may alluded to the sewer alligator which is a part of the urban legend.

Guesra's cameo appearance in Heisei Ultra Seven

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

Ultrmn sprr 8 ultr brthrs Gsr II

King Guesra

King Guesra (キングゲスラ Kingu Gesura) was the first monster sent by Super Alien Hipporit to attack humanity by attacking a harbor. However before King Guesra could harm anyone, Ultraman Mebius appeared to fight it. While quickly gaining the upper hand, Mebius was soon shocked by Guesra's powerful electric surge. As it began to beat him down, Daigo remembered how Ultraman killed the original Guesra, and yelled out that its fin was the weakness. Mebius heard and ripped the dorsal fin off King Guesra, leaving the beast powerless, as moments later it was reduced to ashes by the Mebium Shoot. After King Pandon, King Silvergon, King Goldras, and Super Alien Hipporit were killed, all the monsters souls combined into Giga Khimaira. Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers


  • King Guesra's roar is the same as the original Guesra's only with generic dragon sounds mixed in (the same sounds used for the Godzilla: Unleashed monster Obsidius ).

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

King Guesra reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was first seen as one of the spirits awakening to the Plasma Spark in a shot of the Monster Graveyard along with Telesdon, Sadola, Zetton, Angross, and Jasyuline. He then rose out of the ground along with Eleking, Hoe, Tyrant, Red King, Banpira, and Gudon before being re-captured by Ultraman Belial. He then teamed up with Arigera, Gudon, Twin Tail, Magular, Antlar, Gomess, Alien Baltan, Zetton, King Silvergon, and King Goldras to take on Ultraman. He was killed when Ultraman picked him up and slammed him down on the ground.


Ultraman X


King Guesra appeared in Ultraman X as an affected victim of the Dark Thunder Energy. As soon as he was struck with it, he rises from the ground in Tatara City and proceeded to go on a rampage, as the whole thing was sensed by Pigmon. After getting distracted by Pigmon's balloon it was about to attack Asuna and Pigmon until Daichi transformed into Ultraman X to deal with the giant fish monster. X had the upper hand at first until Guesra launched his new abilities at him and not even his Cyber Bemstar Armor could handle the attacks. Xio tried to attack his dorsal fin, his considered weakness but, the Dark Thunder Energy made it tougher as well. It would seem that Guesra would win this fight until X powered up to his Exceed X form and once again had the edge in his favor. After blocking Guesra's energy scales, X used his Exceed X Slash to relieve him of the Dark Thunder Energy and then used his Xanadium Beam on him, turning him into a Spark Doll. My Friend's a Monster

In the final episode of Ultraman X, after Greeza destroyed the Xio base, King Guesra's Spark Doll was absorbed by Greeza. After speaking out to Gomora and striking Greeza right in the center of his chest, King Guesra, along with all of the other Spark Dolls, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber King Guesra's power was used to help form the Hybrid Armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. King Guesra, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them. The Rainbow Land


  • Guesra was actually meant to approach from the sea coast but was changed to emerge from beneath the ground. This was made due to past incarnations of Guesra were always shown emerging from underwater.
  • Its venomous scale projection is an idea proposed by Takanori Tsujimoto.

Ultraman Orb

"Red King, Eleking, King Guesra, King of Mons, King Joe. The Five Kings Cards"

―Jugglus Juggler
King Guesra reappeared in episode six of the series Ultraman Orb as a Kaiju Card used by Jugglus Juggler in a card game with Alien Nackle Nagus and Alien Metron Tarude.


Kugutsu King Guesra

King Guesra as Kugutsu King Guesra

King Guesra returned in episode 1 of this web series. In this series King Guesra is one of the victims of the Bezelbs. When Shinra visited Psychi, the doctor showed the power of the Kugutsu. King Guesra was on Planet Zain next to Arstron and they were both infected with Kugutsu. They receive the order to fight and after a short battle Arstron is victorious as it kills King Guesra.


  • In the series, King Guesra is the only infected monster to appear in one episode, as it died as part of Psychi's demonstration and lacks another monster of the same kind.

Ultraman Taiga


12 years prior to the series, a Guesra infant named Chibisuke (チビスケ) belonged to the young Hiroyuki Kudo, who fed it chocolate. One day, a Lecuum suddenly took Chibisuke and went back to its ship, but Hiroyuki tired his best to stop him. Hiroyuki almost died after failing to save his pet, but was fortunately saved by the light of Ultraman Taiga.

The kidnapped Chibisuke had a control chip planted into its brain and was modified into a King Guesra by the Villain Guild. It was first sighted at a seaport, having been summoned by a Lecuum and his accomplices as a showcase for a monster auction, which prompted EGIS members Hiroyuki and Homare Soya to investigate after being contracted by Inspector Sakura. The Rekyum activated the control chip in its brain, causing King Guesra to go berserk before it escaped once again. Upon further inspection, Pirika Asahikawa discovers that the monster had attacked a cacao storage, giving Hiroyuki further suspicion that the Guesra is his old pet Chibisuke.

King Guesra was summoned again near another chocolate storage facility, but Hiroyuki managed to calm it down, confirming to him that the monster was indeed Chibisuke, which caused most of the bidders of the monster auction to withdraw their money. However, Kirisaki appeared and caused it go on another rampage. With no other choice left, Hiroyuki transformed into Ultraman Taiga. A brief battle took place, but Hiroyuki stopped and managed to calm Chibisuke down again. Their reunion was interrupted by Ultraman Tregear, who fought against Taiga and easily trounced him. Seeing Hiroyuki/Taiga get hurt, Chibisuke fought Tregear as well, but could not even land a hit on him. Tregear then used his Trera Ardiga, firing at Taiga but Chibisuke stepped in the way to protect him. Chibisuke was destroyed in an explosion, which greatly angered both Taiga and Hiroyuki. Tregear


  • Chibisuke is the first Guesra to work as an ally to the main Ultra, engaging Ultraman Tregear in combat and sacrificing itself for Ultraman Taiga.
  • Chibisuke's young form marks the first time in 53 years that a regular Guesra appeared in the Ultraman Series.
  • Chibisuke's grunts are reused Gamakujira roars.

Ultraman Z

Although not physically appearing, Guesra is one of the hibernating monsters awakened when Genegarg crashed on Earth. He is located in Brazil.


  • Guesra being discovered in Brazil is a reference to the monster's origins in the original Ultraman series.


Gesura 1


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 10 000 t
  • Origin: Brazil → Japanese waters
  • Weakness: Guesra's head fin is the source of his poisonous powers. Removing it causes great harm to Gesura.
Powers and Weapons
  • Poison Spines: The barb-like spines covering Guesra's body are all capable of generating a poison capable of killing a man in just a few seconds.
  • Electric Energy Shock Surge: Guesra can surge and then release a pulse of green electrical energy bolts through his fin and into any other creature that grabs it.
  • Long Tongue: While not used in combat, anatomical drawing of Guesra shows him with a long, extendable tongue.
Kaiju Busters
  • Poison Breath: Guesra can unleash a poisonous breath onto the player.
  • Spike Throw: Guesra shoot spikes from its back.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Guesra can jump in an incredible height.

King Guesra

King Gesura movie

King Guesra

DTE Guesra

King Guesra (Dark Thunder Energy)

  • Height: 68 m
  • Weight: 21,000 t
  • Origin: Yokohama (Daigo's vision)
  • Weakness: King Guesra's head fin is the source of his poisonous powers. Removing it causes great harm to Guesra.
Powers and Weapons
  • Shocking Venom (ショッキング・ベノム Shokkingu Benomu): The barb-like spines covering King Guesra's body are all capable of generating electricity to electrocute the enemy in contact. When empowered by the Dark Thunder Energy, the electrocution effect last longer and the electricity colored purple instead of green.
  • Guesra Heavy Attack (ゲスラ・ヘビーアタック Gesura Hebī Atakku): King Guesra can ram his enemy with a headbutt attack. First used to destroy the Yokohama brick house in Daigo's fantasy.
Ultraman X
  • Burrowing: King Guesra can burrow underground at moderate speed.
  • Dark Thunder Energy (ダークサンダーエナジー Dāku Sandā Enajī): As a result of a direct contact with the energy, King Guesra sported new abilities:
    • Thick Hide: Thanks to the Dark Thunder Energy's radiation, King Guesra's scales are durable enough to resist fatal blows.
    • Venom Shot (ベノムショット Benomu Shotto): King Guesra can unleash energy scales from its body.

Kugutsu King Guesra
King Gesura K

Kugutsu King Guesra (クグツキングゲスラ Kugutsu Kingu Gesura) is a normal King Guesra infected by the Kugutsu of a Bezelb, placing it under its control.

  • Height: 68 m
  • Weight: 21,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Bezelb Empowerment: According to Psychi, if a living being infected with a Kugutsu wins a fight, the Kugutsu's concentration in their body increases. This as well causes the Queen Bezelb and the Bezelb that had King Guesra infected to grow in strength.

King Guesra
Ultraman X Cyber King Guesra Card

Cyber King Guesra

Cyber King Guesra (サイバーキングゲスラ Saibā Kingu Gesura)

  • Height: 68 m
  • Weight: 21,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 18/21

Guesra Type Red
Red Gesura
Powers and Weapons
  • Fireball: Guesra Type Red can launch fireballs from its mouth.
  • Spike Throw: Guesra Type Red shoot spikes from its back. Getting hit by it will make the player poisoned.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Guesra Type Red can jump an incredible height.

Guesra Type Blue
Blue Gesura
Powers and Weapons
  • Poison Breath: Guesra Type Blue can release a poisonous breath.
  • Spike Throw: Guesra Type Blue shoot spikes from its back.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Guesra Type Blue can jump very high.

Baby Guesra

Baby Guesra

  • Height: 75 cm
  • Weight: 7 kg
Powers and Weapons
  • None demonstrated.

Spark Doll

Guesra Spark Doll

In Ultraman X Guesra's Spark Doll was hit by Dark Thunder Energy and caused it to rampage. It was reverted back into a Spark Doll after Ultraman X defeated it.

Other Media

Kaiju Busters

Guesra was one of the many Kaiju to appear in this game. Two subspecies of this Kaiju appeared named Guesra Type Red and Guesra Type Blue. Type Red lived in a volcanic environment as opposed to water.

Ultra Zone

FileGesura zone

King Guesra in Ultra Zone

King Guesra reappears in episode 3 of the series, in a segment called "Monster Massage". In this segment, Guesra was unwell, and needed a massage to feel better.

Redman Comic

King Guesra appears in the second volume of the Redman comic, alongside fellow aquatic kaiju, Gubila. During their fight, King Guesra and Gubila combine into Gesubira.



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