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Gudon (グドン) is a prehistoric Kaiju from the TV series, Return of Ultraman. It first appeared in episodes 5 and 6.


  • Normal: Subterranean Monster (地底怪獣 Chitei Kaijū)
  • Maquette Version: Proto Maquette Monster (プロトマケット怪獣 Puroto Maketto Kaijū)


Return of Ultraman

Gudon in Return of Ultraman

Gudon is an ancient Kaiju from eons long past and the predator of Twin Tail's species. Shortly after MAT discovered Twin Tail's egg, Gudon emerged from underground and attacked. MAT was quick to assault the whip-armed beast but the Kaiju was unfazed and retreated underground. The creature was recognized by a crew member as a long extinct creature Gudon. After doing some research, MAT soon discovered that the egg from before was that of Twin Tail, the instinctive rival of Gudon, which explained why Gudon had emerged.

After Twin Tail hatched and fought with Ultraman Jack, Gudon returned, confronting Jack and his archrival. His Color Timer had already started blinking and Jack ended up sandwiched between two bitter, ancient enemies. The two Kaiju were too much for Jack to handle, who had no choice but to retreat. With Jack out of the way, Twin Tail and Gudon collided and resumed their blood feud in a vicious fashion. The victor, however, was never revealed as the two Kaiju separated (inexplicably) for the time being.

Gudon vs. Twin Tail

After viewing the damage caused by the kaiju, the military threatened to unleash a 'mini' nuclear weapon to slay the two kaiju. Knowing many innocent people would perish if that happened, MAT decided to try one last attack on Twin Tail and Gudon. Preparing jeeps armed with nothing but bazookas, MAT waited for the two prehistoric beasts to appear. Twin Tail appeared first from beneath the Earth and MAT launched their first attack, aiming for the prehistoric beast’s eyes and blinding Twin Tail. Gudon then erupted from underground and attacked Twin Tail while Ultraman Jack stepped back to allow Gudon and Twin Tail to fight it out. Gudon had no trouble in fighting his crippled prey. Twin Tail eventually died from his injuries when he got fatally wounded by his archrival. Gudon then turned his attention to Ultraman Jack and began battling the hero. While Gudon still had a lot of fight left in him, Jack was just too strong and tossed the beast around. After a long and difficult battle, Ultraman Jack finally killed the ancient mountain monster with the Spacium Beam.


  • Suit actor: Toya Takanobu
  • Gudon's roar are reused from some of Gabora's roars, which in turn is recycled from the Toho King Kong.
  • Gudon was supposed to be one of the Kaiju that Alien Nackle was going to revive to test Ultraman Jack, but was left out for unknown reasons.
  • Gudon's suit would later be modified for King Maimai's adult stage.


Gudon's carcass in Fireman.

This Kaiju reappeared in Fireman episode 9 "A Challenge from the Deep Sea".

Gudon appeared under the sea and battled Nerogiras. Gudon's carcass was later seen floating on the ocean with half of its body's bones exposed, meaning the rival Kaiju might have fed on it.

Ultraman Mebius

Gudon in Ultraman Mebius

This Kaiju reappeared in episodes 2, 9, and 27 of the series Ultraman Mebius.

Awakening from underground, Gudon began to rampage underground leaving giant fissures in the Earth. Later that day, Gudon emerged near a construction site, where it was quick to rampage. GUYS tried attacking the Kaiju with their ships, but soon learned they could not get close without risking getting hit by its whip-like arms. After a back and forth battle between Gudon and GUYS's ships, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius and the two giants engaged in a long battle. Mebius then pulled out his Mebium Blade, and with it he sliced into Gudon, destroying him once and for all. Our Wings

Later on, another Gudon appeared and was seen fighting another Twin Tail. Their fight was halted by Bogarl, who beated both Kaiju into submission and then ate them. Armor of Vengeance

Sometime later, GUYS was chosen to test out new versions of Capsule Kaiju. The first suggestion was Gudon, but he was turned down due to the possibility that its timer would end once it burrowed underground. Once everyone choosed Kaiju to test out, Gudon was used to battle a Zetton. The capsule Zetton easily defeated Gudon, causing him to return to his capsule in defeat. Champion of the Fierce Fight


  • Gudon and Twin Tail's battle in episode 9 was to pay homage to their instinctive rivalry, and their first appearances.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle

Gudon, as seen in Ultra Galaxy

Gudon is seen confronting Neronga that appeared at sunset and the two were locked in battle. At first Gudon had the advantage by using his whip arms to mercilessly beat Neronga, until Neronga vanished. In actuality, Neronga had turned invisible, and used his lightning bolts to kill Gudon in short order. The Transparent Monster Attacks!


  • The Gudon suit from Ultraman Mebius was reused for Gudon's appearance in the series.
  • During the opening credits to the series, Gudon is seen battling Gan-Q, even though neither Kaiju fought nor met each other in the series.
  • In the first episode of Mega Monster Battle, when Oki shows Haruna Peguila on his computer, Gudon's silhouette from Ultraman Mebius can be seen along with Birdon, Saramandora, Alien Mefilas, Vakishim, and even his rival Twin Tail.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie

Gudon reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie as one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. He was first seen in a shot of the Monster Graveyard as a spirit being awakened due to the Plasma Spark along with Alien Metron, King Pandon, Arstron, Fire Golza, and Roberuga II. He was then seen rising out of the ground along with Banpira, Tyrant, Red King, Hoe, Eleking, and King Guesra before being recaptured by Ultraman Belial. He then teamed up with King Guesra, Antlar, Gomess, Zetton, Alien Baltan, Arigera, King Goldras, King Silvergon, Magular, and even his own nemesis Twin Tail to take on Ultraman. When Reimon and Gomora went berserk, he was called back along with the other surviving Kaiju to watch the battle unfold. When Ultraman Zero arrived, he teamed up with the other surviving Kaiju to take him on. He was the last Kaiju that Ultraman Zero killed with the Wide Zero Shot behind Telesdon, Alien Temperor, and Vakishim.


Gudon on Belyudra's left horn

  • Gudon is one of the Kaiju that makes up Belyudra's left horn and 2nd support group in the movie.
  • This is the first time Gudon and Twin Tail were shown to be allies rather than enemies, but this is because both were under the control of Ultraman Belial.

Ultra Zero Fight

Gudon in Ultra Zero Fight

Gudon, Bemular, Telesdon, and Sadola fought Ultraman Zero together in the Monster Graveyard. Gudon and Sadola were defeated by Strong-Corona Zero's Strong-Corona Attack. A New Power


  • The Gudon suit from Ultraman Mebius was reused in Ultra Zero Fight.
    • As of this appearance, Gudon's whips appear to be shorter, similar to their length in his first appearance.

Ultraman Ginga

In episode 7, him along with many Kaiju are seen cheering Ultraman Ginga on as he fights Dark Galberos as a Spark Doll.

It is likely that Gudon returned to space in his original form after Ginga defeated Dark Lugiel.

Ultraman Ginga S


Gudon reappeared in episode 4 of Ultraman Ginga S.

Originally a part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection, his Spark Doll was given to Android One Zero where she "Monslived" into him. Sho transformed into Ultraman Victory, but the Kaiju had the advantage. Before Gudon could finish him Shepherdon appeared and saved Victory by grabbing his whip arm before Gudon let go and start to fight each other. Shepherdon had the upper hand at first by slapping Gudon with his massive hands but then Gudon knocked him down his with whips. Before Gudon could kill Repi and Arisa Sugita, Hikaru Ultlived into Sadola and saved them. After a conversation, Repi threw King Joe Custom's Spark Doll at Sho and he "UITrans" his right hand into King Joe Launcher and defeated Gudon with a single blast.


  • The Gudon suit from Ultraman Mebius was reused in the series.

Ultraman X

Gudon appeared as a Cyber Card In the final episode of Ultraman X, after speaking out to Gomora and striking Greeza right in the center of his chest, Gudon, along with all of the other Cyber Cards, traveled to X and united with him. Cyber Gudon's power was used to help form the Hybrid armor and power up the Ultimate Xanadium to defeat Greeza once and for all. Gudon, along with the numerous other Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls, then appeared and thanked Daichi as he thanked them. The Rainbow Land

Ultra Fight Orb

Gudon is revived by Reibatos alongside Vict Lugiel, Twin Tail, Birdon, King Joe and Hyper Zetton to fight Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Orb.

He teamed up with Hyper Zetton and Twin Tail to fight Zero, despite the fact that the latter and Gudon are mortal enemies, but even though the three of them outnumber him, Zero proved to be a challenge for all of them due to his combat prowess. Gudon even got hit by Strong-Corona Zero's Strong-Corona Attack before the Ultra did the same to Hyper Zetton. He was knocked out for quite some time until he woke up and decided to go after Orb alongside King Joe before having their paths blocked by Luna-Miracle Zero, who attacked them afterwards. However, this left an opening for Birdon to attack the Ultra with his fire ball. Gudon was about to finish off Zero, but before he could do so, he was suddenly hit by Ultraman Jack's Meteor Kick, saving Zero in the process.

Gudon fights alongside Twin Tail against Jack, defending of the Ultra's blows but after being thrown to the ground and being kicked is defeated by Jack's Spacium Beam. Ultra Fight Orb


  • This is the second time Gudon and Twin Tail are shown as allies, after Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.



Gudon movie.png

  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Origin: The second quarry in Okutama, 432 waters (Fireman), Underground (Mebius), Monster Graveyard (Ultra Zero Fight), Planet Yomi (Ultra Fight Orb)
  • Attack: 1000
  • Defense: 500
  • Speed: 1000
Powers and Weapons
  • Oscillatory Tentacle Excavator (振動触腕エクスカベーター Shindō Shokuwan Ekusukabētā): Gudon has a pair of whips for arms. Despite their delicacy, a single whiplash can turn the texture as hard as a rock.
    • Burrowing: By moving its whip arms fast enough, Gudon can burrow at moderate speeds.
  • Thick Hide: Due to its rhinoceros-like hide, Gudon can withstand rocket bomb attacks from MAT's aircrafts.
  • Cruelty Whiplash (残酷ムチラッシュ Zankoku Muchi Rasshu): Gudon whips the opponent into submission with a single whip.
  • Whip Impact (ムチ連撃 Muchi Shōgeki): Gudon whips the opponent with both of the whips.
  • Intimate Whip Attack (こんしんのムチ攻撃 Konshin no Muchi Kōgeki): A single strike with one whip.
  • Sling Smash (スリングスマッシュ Suringu Sumasshu): A tag-team attack with Twin Tail, as both attack the opponent with severe whiplash before the latter curls into a ball for Gudon to throw with.
  • Cyclone Whip (サイクロンウィップ Saikuron Uippu): Gudon spins into a tornado and whips the opponent.
Ultra Kaiju Battle Breeders
  • Whip Rush (ウィップラッシュ Wippu Rasshu): Gudon repeatedly whips the opponent.

Cyber Gudon

Ultraman X Cyber Gudon Card.png
Another Gudon appears as Cyber Gudon (サイバーグドン Saibā Gudon), which was held inside a Cyber Card.

  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 25,000 t
  • Origin: Xio
Powers and Weapons
  • Oscillatory Tentacle Excavator (振動触腕エクスカベーター Shindō Shokuwan Ekusukabētā): Cyber Gudon has two long whips for arms. They can be used to constrict as well as whip.

Spark Doll

"Ultlance, Gudon Whip!"

―Ultlance announcement via the Victory Lancer
Gudon Doll.png

Gudon is used as a Spark Doll in Ultraman Ginga S, where the item was revealed as a part of Alien Chibull Exceller's collection. He gave it to Android One Zero for her to Monslive with the Chibu Spark until it was lost to Sho, who uses it for his Ultlance weapons.

  • Height: 14 m
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Android One Zero used it to Monslive into the said Kaiju to battle Ultraman Victory, then Shepherdon and Sadola (whom was Ultlived by Hikaru Raido) later on.
  • As Ultraman Victory, Sho used this doll to UITrans with his Victory Lancer to turn his right arm into the whip of Gudon, Gudon Whip (グドンウィップ Gudon Uippu). He used it against Vakishim and Aribunta.
  • Yapool used the data he took while studying Victory's Ultlance to modify Victory Killer so that he can use the Gudon Whip.

Other Media


Gudon in Redman

This Kaiju reappeared in Redman.

Gudon briefly appeared at the end episode 94 after Redman defeated Red Killer, who was giving him a hard time in battle, and began to charge at him, and in the next episode, Gudon begins his fight on Redman and both sides were evenly matched against each other with the former's whips, throws, and pins and the latter's usual chops, kicks, throws, and grapples. After a very long fight, Redman eventually defeated Gudon with a Red Kick to the arm, leading him to fall into a small ditch as a resting place.

Gudon later reappeared at the end of episode 97 where he, along with Draculas, confronted Redman after he defeated the mighty Kodaigon. In the next episode, he and Draculas were confronted by the alien hero and were sent rolling down the hill after they were kicked down by the alien hero. The two monsters fought Redman long and hard, but even though they outnumbered him, the alien hero fought back and held his own against them both with the usual grapples, throws, chops, and punches and Gudon was defeated by a hard Red Kick to the face.

In episode 101, Gudon teamed up with Peguila to take down Redman. They had an evenly matched fight with the alien hero and even though they held the upper hand against him when they pinned him down and held him tight, the latter managed to escape and deal his own fair share of damage against the duo and Gudon ended up getting defeated by a hard double kick to the body and Peguila soon followed afterwards.

Gudon reappeared in episode 103, where he, at first, fought Redman alone at the hills, but then Jirahs showed up when he was having difficulty against the alien hero. Even though they had him on the ropes when they came at him at the same time, Redman held his own against both monsters with his usual moveset of throws, grapples, punches, chops, and kicks. Gudon was eventually killed when Redman stabbed him in the mouth with his Red Knife.

In episode 105, Gudon teamed up with Gokinezula to take down Redman. They started out the fight by teleporting away from the alien hero's Red Arrow and then they snuck up on him from behind and gave him quite a sneak attack. Throughout the fight, no matter how many times Redman got back up, the two monsters would find a way to get back and overpower him. Gudon was eventually defeated when the alien hero gave him a double kick to the face, with Gokinzeula following behind.

Gudon reappeared in episode 106 where he teamed up with Peguila again to fight Redman in a ditch and the two monsters appeared to be winning over the alien hero at the start of the fight. However, Redman managed to escape the monsters and fought back, leading to an evenly matched fight that lead all three combatants to escape the ditch to higher ground. The fight went on for a while with both sides evenly matched against each other and after he killed Peguila, Redman killed Gudon by stabbing him in the mouth with his Red Arrow.

In episode 107, Gudon teamed up once more with Red Killer, Peguila, and Jirahs to take down Redman. When Redman encountered all four monsters after he came down from a hill, all four monsters crossed their arms, disappeared through smoke, reappeared in many angles of the alien hero, and then circled around him before fighting him. While the alien hero did his best to hold his own against the monsters, they proved to be more of a challenge for him due to their teamwork. Eventually, Redman pulled through and defeated all four monsters with an explosion from throwing his Red Arrow to the ground.

Gudon reappeared in episode 108 where he teamed up with Zagoras to take on Redman after the former knocked away the latter's Red Knives. Together, both monsters managed to get the jump on the alien hero. Even though he managed to get back up every time, Redman found himself overpowered by the two monsters. Nonetheless, he didn't give up, and the alien hero defeated Gudon with a Red Kick to the neck, with Zagoras soon following afterwards.

In episode 110, Gudon began his fight with Redman by grappling each other and rolling down a hill and they were soon joined by Jirahs, who assisted the monster in the fight. The two monsters managed to give the alien hero a hard time in battle due to their teamwork, but nonetheless, Redman didn't lose hope and held his own against them with his usual moveset. Eventually, he killed Gudon by stabbing him in the chest with his Red Knife, and Jirahs would soon follow.

Gudon reappeared in episode 111, where he teamed up with Shugaron to take down Redman. Both monsters managed to gain the upper hand on the alien hero due to their great teamwork and even though Redman managed to hold his own against them, both monsters had the winning edge on him. However, both monsters were defeated by Redman's newly debuted Red Shot.

In episode 112, Gudon teamed up with Shugaron and Sadola to take down Redman in a field. He along with the other monsters, knocked away the alien hero's Red Knives when he threw them at them and then engaged him in an evenly matched fight with the usual grapples, throws, chops, punches, and kicks. Despite having the team advantage against him, Gudon eventually lost to Redman by suffering a Red Kick to the neck, with Shugaron and Sadola soon following after him.

Gudon reappeared in episode 113, where he teamed up with Zagoras again to fight Redman in a grassy field. Even though both monsters put up a good fight against the alien hero, the latter didn't give up and after a long fight with the usual movesets, Redman defeated Zagoras and later on, defeated Gudon with a Red Kick to the face.

In episode 115, Gudon fought Redman alone. At the start of the fight, the monster dodged the alien hero's Red Knives with his whips three consecutive times and then both sides evened each other out with grapples and throws as both monsters went down the hill and humped right back up to the top. Even though he had him on the edge with his whips, Redman didn't give up and eventually defeated Gudon with his Red Fall.

Gudon reappeared in episode 117 where he teamed up with Sadola and Zagoras again to take down Redman in a grassy field and all three monsters held the upper hand in the fight against him by taking turns holding him and then punched and kicked him while he was at a disadvantage, giving the monsters the advantage at first. However, Redman didn't give up and fought back against the trio. Gudon eventually lost after he was thrown down to the ground by the alien hero and suffered three hard attacks to the body and Zagoras and Sadola would soon follow.

In episode 118, Gudon teamed up with not only Zagoras and Sadola again, but also with Alien Icarus to take down Redman in a grassy field. Gudon rushed in to fight the alien hero first, evenly-matched against each other, but then Icarus rushed in to help him, with Sadola and Zagoras following soon afterwards, making it very unfair for Redman. Even though all four monsters had the upper hand against the hero due to them overpowering him with their teamwork and strength, the former didn't give up and eventually, he killed all four monsters by throwing his Red Knife at them, killing them all in the process.

Gudon's reappeared in episode 119, where he teamed up with not only Zagoras, Sadola, and Alien Icarus again, but also with Shugaron to take on Redman. All five of them avoided getting killed by the alien hero's Red Knife twice by crossing their arms simultaneously. Redman tried to take on the monsters one at a time with his usual moveset of throws, grapples, punches and chops, but he was overpowered by their sheer ferocity and well-rounded teamwork. However, Redman didn't give up and kept up his assault until eventually, he defeated all five of them by throwing his Red Knife in the center of the circle of monsters, resulting in them getting knocked down and out by the explosion.

In episode 136, Gudon made final attempt to defeat Redman. He and the alien hero rolled down the hill together while they were grappling with each other. After he got him off, Gudon teleported back to the top of the hill and was joined by his partner Beacon. However, Redman debuted his newest trick, separating himself into two, and they fought the monsters together, leaving the fight evenly matched in combat. In the end, the two Redman clones killed the monsters by slashing them with their Red Knives simultaneously, with explosions, before the two clones merged back into one.

Gudon made his final appearance on the show in episode 137 where he made one final attempt to fight Redman alone and beat him. Throughout the fight, the two of them were evenly matched against each other with the usual moveset of throws, grapples, punches, chops, and kicks. Afterwards, Gudon was defeated once and for all when Redman judo threw him into a small ditch and left him there for dead. However, it wouldn't take long until Shugaron would show up and challenge Redman one last time.


  • In this series Gudon is black and has a re-used Telesdon roar.

Ultra Zone​

Gudon in Ultra Zone

Gudon reappeared in episode 1 of the series, Ultra Zone.

Redman comic

Gudon (Redman Comic).png

Gudon appeared in the second issue of the Redman comic, Red Fight 2: Icarus. Halfway through the issue, Gudon was pursued by Redman who then ran into Alien Icarus. Gudon burst from the earth to engage Redman, using his whips to lash at and coil around Redman. Gudon temporarily gained the upper hand after hoisting Redman over his head using his horns, but was then distracted and killed (by Red Knife) when Redman threw Icarus at him.


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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Alien Pitt | Reionics Hunter | Gomess (S) | Magular | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Eleking |Alien Hook | Rei's Litra (S) | Alien Guts | Alien Zelan | Arstron | Alien Nackle | Galberos | Illusion Zetton | Reimon Burst Mode | Reionic Burst Gomora | Doragory | Alien Metron | Bemstar | Alien Babarue (RB) | Antlar | Vakishim | Alien Keel Grande | Tyrant | Kate | Fire Litra | Alien Zarab | Imitation Ultraman | Alien Mefilas | Armored Mefilas | Dada | Alien Temperor | Arigera | Armored Darkness | Miclas | Alien Zetton | Telesdon | King Joe Black | Kelbim | Red King | Alien Reflect | Birdon | King Joe Scarlet | Alien Reiblood | EX Gomora | EX Red King
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie Bemular | Alien Zarab | Zaragas | Rei's Gomora | Dorako | Bemstar | Saramandora | Alien Shaplay | Windom | Miclas | Agira | Pigmon | Black King | Rei's Litra (S) | Gomess (S) | Alien Baltan | Antlar | Red King | Magular | Telesdon | Dada | Zetton | Eleking | Alien Metron | Alien Guts | Arstron | Sadola | Gudon | Twin Tail | Alien Nackle | Verokron | Vakishim | Doragory | Lunaticks | Birdon | Mukadender | Alien Temperor | Tyrant | Alien Valky | Alien Magma | Alien Pressure | Alien Babarue | Nova | Hoe | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Galberos | Froguros (B) | Banpira | Kelbim | Gromite | Zoa Muruchi | Alien Reflect | Angross | Jasyuline | Arigera | Roberuga II | King Joe Black | Alien Super Hipporit | King Silvergon | King Goldras | King Pandon | King Guesra | Alien Zetton | Nurse | Belyudra
Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero Rei's Gomora | Rei's Litra (S) | Darklops Zero | Mecha Gomora | Alien Salome | Imitation Ultraseven | Imitation Ultraman (SR) | Imitation Ultraman Jack (SR) | Imitation Ultraman Ace (SR) | Imitation Zoffy (SR)
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure Bullton | Gomora | Pigmon | Red King | Alien Pedan | Alien Hipporit | Bemular | Golza | Gan-Q | Sadola | Skydon | Mons-Ahgar | Telesdon | Gamakugira | Alien Nackle | Yapool | EX Tyrant | Alien Keel Vittorio | EX Gomora | Alien Zarab | EX Eleking | Alien Metron | EX Red King | Alien Babarue | King of Mons | Basiliss | Baby Arados | Alien Reiblood | Grand King | Silverbloome | Deathfacer
Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO Kyrieloid | Kanegon | Red King | Agira | Vittorio | Alien Guts | Gatanothor | EX Zetton | Alien Reiblood | Kate
Ultraman Zero Kaiju
Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire Alien Esmeralda Emerana Lourdes | Iaron | Darkgone | Legionoid | Delust | Brigante | Two-Dimensional People | Darklops | Malebrandes | Arch Belial
Ultraman Zero Gaiden: Killer the Beatstar Beatstar | Rei's Gomora | Ace Killer | Inpelaizer | King Joe | Rei's Litra (S) | Alien Bat
Ultraman Saga Hyper Zetton | Alien Bat | Sphere | Gubila | Gomess (S) | Arstron | Legionoid | Chaos Header 0 | Lidorias | Bolgils | Mogrudon | Golmede | Mienin | Eligal
Ultra Zero Fight Bemular | Telesdon | Gudon | Sadola | Alien Bat Gurashie | Red King | Galberos | Gan-Q | Bemstar | Pigmon Moroboshi-kun | Illusion Ultraman Zero | Alien Mefilas Sly | Alien Hipporit Jatar | Alien Temperor Villainous | Alien Groza Grocken | Alien Deathre Deathlogue | Silvergon | Fanegon People | Tyrant | Armored Darkness | Kaiser Darkness
Ultra Zone Kaiju
Sadola | Alien Temperor | Bemstar | Hoe | Eleking | Telesdon | Gudon | Alien Zarab | King Guesra | Gan-Q | Deathrem | Alien Magma | Alien Babarue | Zetton | Red King | Alien Guts | Alien Valky | Alien Pitt | Alien Metron | Dada | Suflan | Birdon | Pigmon | Banpira | Lunaticks | Alien Mefilas | King Joe | Bemular
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Ultraman Ginga Alien Valky | Black King | Thunder Darambia | Kemur | King Pandon | Ragon | Doragory | Alien Nackle Gray | Dark Galberos | Zaragas | Red King | Antlar | Jasyuline | Super Grand King | Dark Lugiel
Ultraman Ginga Theater Special Alien Icarus | Tyrant
Ultraman Ginga Theater Special: Ultra Monster ☆ Hero Battle Royale! Kanegon | Alien Baltan | Red King | EX Red King | Telesdon | Dorako | Gomora | Reionic Burst Gomora | EX Gomora | Mecha Gomora | Zetton | Miclas | Snowgon | Yametaranese | Alien Miracle | Mochiron | Alien Akumania | Evil Tiga | Gan-Q | Chaos Ultraman | Zamsher | Zoa Muruchi | Chaos Ultraman | Chaosroid S | Chaosroid T | Chaosroid U
Ultraman Ginga EX Alien Magma | Zetton
Mountain Peanuts Detton | Jamila | Nosferu | Android One Zero
Ultraman Ginga S Victorian | Alien Chibull Exceller | Android One Zero | Chiburoid | Shepherdon | EX Red King | Eleking | Alien Guts Vorst | Inpelaizer | King Joe Custom | Sadola | Gudon | Yapool | Vakishim | Gomora | Fire Golza | Gan-Q | Five King | Bemular | Bemstar | Doragory | Verokron | Alien Akumania Muerte | Alien Metron Jace | Zoa Muruchi | Birdon | Alien Zetton Berume | Hyper Zetton | Vict Lugiel | Alien Valky | Alien Nackle Gray | Alien Icarus
Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors! Etelgar | Five King | Alien Sran | Alien Empera | Dark Lugiel
Ultra Fight Victory Aribunta | Giant Yapool | Ace Killer | Victory Killer | Verokron | Vakishim | Doragory | Lunaticks | Shepherdon | Juda Spectre | Super Grand King Spectre
Ultraman Orb Chronicle Kaiju
'Tree of Life' (Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA) Jugglus Juggler | Alien Wraith Psychi | Amate/War Deity | Alien Kanon | Morks | Bezelb | Queen Bezelb | Kugutsu Arstron | Kugutsu King Guesra | Gargorgon | Kugutsu Bemstar | Lidorias | Bolgils | Kugutsu Birdon | Kugutsu Vakishim | Kugutsu Verokron | Psyqueen
'I am the Galaxy's Migrating Bird' Murnau | Jiggle | Dinosaur Tank | Pestar | Gamakugira | Takkong | Gora | Alien Gapiya Sadis | Orlok | Alien Zartana | Alien Nackle Ramon Brothers | Jugglus Juggler
'The Man Who Stole The Black Hole' Jugglus Juggler | Biranki | Gango | Balloonga/Balloonga Bomb
'Fierce Battle! Ishtal Civilization' Jugglus Juggler/Nuru Ra Hotep | Dodongo | Mummy Monsters | Magatanothor
'From Rusalka With Love' Kingsaurus II | Super C.O.V. | Pris-Ma | Maga-Zetton | Jugglus Juggler | Three-meter Aliens | Biranki | Hungler
'The Wandering Sun' (Ultraman Orb) Peguila | Maga-Zetton | Maga-Basser | Jugglus Juggler | Maga-Grand King | Maga-Jappa | Maga-Pandon | Alien Zetton Maddock | Hyper Zetton Deathscythe | Alien Mefilas Nostra | Alien Nackle Nagus | Alien Metron Tarude | Aribunta | Hoe | Ragon Parent | Ragon Child | Gubila | Alien Babarue Babaryu/Imitation Ultraman Orb | Telesdon | Kelbim | Black King | Maga-Orochi | Galactron | Zeppandon | Alien Zelan | Alien Shaplay Katarohi | Bemular (Empowered) | Renki (Crimson Lotus Knight) | Maya | Hyper Zetton Deathscythe (Reserver) | Alien Pitt Myu | Nova | Black Directive | Kamaitadon (Mentioned) | Demaaga | Gomess (S) | Magatano-Orochi
'Space Witch Murnau's Counterattack, Sadis' Return' (Ultraman Orb The Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!) Galactron | Alien Ckalutch | Cicada Woman | Galmess | Hupnath | Jugglus Juggler | Murnau | Alien Gapiya Sadis | Alien Temperor Batista | Alien Hipporit Callisto | Alien Guts Doppel | Alien Serpent | Lecuum | Darebolic | Zeppandon
'Super Sky Great Violent-beast Desastro' Desastro
'Messengers of the Netherworld Mage' (Ultra Fight Orb) Reibatos | Juda Spectre | Demaaga | Mecha Gomora | Vict Lugiel | King Joe | Birdon | Gudon | Twin Tail | Hyper Zetton | Tyrant
'Migrating Birds, Go To The Sky' Biranki | Jugglus Juggler
Ultraman Festival 2016 Alien Baltan | Cyber Mecha Baltan | Zetton Alien Baltan | Zett