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"Your kind will learn to live with me, or perish."

―Gudis to Jack when Ultraman Great is inside Gudis's body

Gudis (ゴーデス Gōdesu) is an alien and the main antagonist in the TV series, Ultraman: Towards the Future. He appeared in episode 1, and later episode 6 in an enhanced form.

Subtitle: Evil Life Form (邪悪生命体 Jaaku Seimei-tai)


Ultraman: Towards the Future


Jack Shindo and Stanley Haggard are the first men to land on Mars. Upon arriving they are met with none other than the strange alien monster Gudis. As Gudis was slowly moving towards them a giant silver humanoid by the name of Ultraman Great came to the rescue. After Gudis pushed Great aside he killed Stanley as he tried to escape in the ship as Jack was trapped by a rock slide. Great quickly got back up and used Burning Plasma to knock Gudis down. Gudis fell dead by the Burning Plasma's true power, but not before he sent a virus to Earth. To save the humans of Earth, Great chose Jack as his human host and went to Earth.

  • In episode 2 it is stated that Great and his people had fought against the Gudis, this could mean that there was a war with the Gudis.
  • Gudis is one of the monsters that makes up Belyudra's body in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • A very similar character to Gudis was the Chaos Header, the recurring antagonist of the 2001-2002 series, Ultraman Cosmos. Both of them can corrupt the creatures of Earth, making them become ravenous and violent creatures that threaten humanity. Unlike the victims and allies of Gudis however, these 'Chaos Kaiju' were usually returned back to normal, thanks to Ultraman Cosmos' healing powers.
  • There's even unused footage of an early Gudis costume that although featured a more vicious face, was ultimately not up to par to most monster suits. And as such, was rejected, with a new suit and fight scene later filmed in its place. Only the briefest of glimpse of this failed prototype Gudis are seen in the final version of episode 1, "Signs of Life".

Super Gudis

Super Gudis

Super Gudis (スーパーゴーデス Suupa Godesu) is a transformed and empowered version of Gudis that appeared in episode 6.

One day in the Australian outback, strange volcanic disturbances were discovered that made flying very difficult. As UMA tried to destroy the volcano, Super Gudis was being created in the constantly changing chemical structure in the lava. After the Australian Air Force only sped up the hatching process, Super Gudis emerged from the volcano and Jack turned into Ultraman Great. Great used a barrage of Finger Beams on Super Gudis, but it seemed to have little effect on the Martian super organism. After being unphased by the Burning Plasma, Great was encased in an energy bubble and absorbed into Super Gudis's body. Jack managed to distract Super Gudis by telling it how futile its mission was; eventually, there would be nothing left for it to infect and destroy. This gave Great the opportunity to blow Super Gudis up from the inside out, eliminating the monster's threat once and for all.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

While not physically appearing, Gudis Cells were obtained by Absolute Tartarus during his travels through time, and utilized by an Alien Sran who had been recruited by the Absolutian. He attempted to provide Maga-Orochi with a food source by infecting Ultraman Max with the virus, turning him into a monster. Although Ultraman Ribut was able to cure Max in time, leftover Gudis Cells are used to empower Maga-Orochi, forcing the two Ultras and Ultraman Xenon to fight and destroy the monster. The Beginning


Ultrmn Gudies.JPG
  • Height: 83 m
  • Weight: 127,000 t
  • Origin: Mars
  • Weakness: Like a snail or slug, Gudis moves very slowly, making it vulnerable to attacks.
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: Gudis has very thick tentacles. He can use these to beat his foes senseless.
  • Gudis Cells (ゴーデス細胞 Gōdesu Saibō): Gudis is actually a super virus that, when defeated, can transform into Gudis cells. The Gudis cells will attach to an organism's cells and transform it into a monster.
  • Eye Beams: In the comics, Gudis is shown firing orange beams from his eyes.
  • Shapeshifting: In the comics, Gudis is able to shapeshift.
Ultraman Club: Fight! Ultra Brothers!
  • Energy Blasts: Gudis is able to shoot energy blasts, nine at a time
  • Energy Arrows: Gudis can fire two or three energy arrows at once.
  • Fireballs: Gudis can shoot fireballs.

Super Gudis
Supa Gudis.jpg
  • Height: 107 m
  • Length: 154 m
  • Weight: 346,000 t
  • Origin: Australian Outback
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacles: Super Gudis, like its normal form, also has strong tentacles.
  • Eye Beams: Super Gudis can emit powerful energy beams from both of his eyes.
  • Energy Absorption: Super Gudis can absorb any energy source it can tap into using telepathy.
  • Heat Resistance: Super Gudis has a very high resistance to heat, allowing it to survive in lava for long periods of time.
  • Energy Ball (エネルギーボール Enerugī Bōru)[1]: Gudis can fire a purple sphere that traps the target and sucks them into its body

Gudis Cells victims

Main article: :Category:Gudis Kaiju

For a huge portion of Ultraman: Towards the Future, Gudis spread its cells into various life forms and mutate them into monsters.


Ultraman: Towards the Future



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