Guardian Angel (ガーディアンエンジェル Gādian Enjeru) is the seventeenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Someone that Kana once knew becomes a client of EGIS. The Villan Guild is after him for reasons unknown.


Alien Semon Meed is a childhood friend of Kana. He is targeted by the Villain Guild so Kana and the members of EGIS ends up protecting him. But right before they reach their destination, the Villain Guild appears! Kana’s life is in danger! What did Meed do? And what is the reason for him being targeted?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


Fierce Battle On the Golden Planet - Part 1 (黄金の惑星の激闘 前編 Kogane no Wakusei no Gekitō Zenpen)

Titas tells the others about one of his adventure on a golden planet.


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