The Guar Army (グア軍団 Gua Gundan) are the main antagonistic force from Andro Melos. It can also be alternatively named Guar Empire Invasion Army (グア帝国侵略軍団 Gua Teikoku Shinryaku Gundan). The army appeared again in Ultraman X, 31 years after their debut.


Andro Melos

Formed by the Space Devil (宇宙の悪魔 Uchū no Akuma) siblings Juda, Mold and Gina, their main goal was to conquer the galaxy. The army based themselves on Planet Guar, which they get their name from. Eventually, the group went defunct after the Andro Warriors defeated their leader and combatants.

Ultraman X

Followed by Juda Spectre's failed attempt after Yapool revived him, his siblings, Mold and Gina followed his path of being revived as Spectres, contemplating to reform the Guar Army to avenge Juda's death. The army has been reformed and Gina went to the Ultra Flare Timeline to investigate the world and experiments the Dark Thunder Energy while Mold tried to attack Ultraman Victory, the man whom responsible for Juda's death. Reuniting with Gina in the Ultra Flare Timeline, he brought Shou, Victory's host as their captive but he escaped with Arisa Sugita, whom accidentally kidnapped alongside Victory as they called for Xio's help.

Mold and Gina then planned to harvest the Dark Thunder Energy on themselves and the Guar Army combatants. Summoning the other Guar Army via a space distortion, they fought the Army's resistances, UPG, Xio and Ultramen X and Victory. But as Mold were hoping the Guar Army's arrival, it turned out that Ultraman Ginga had wiped out the entire army and used the distortion as a gateway to join his comrades.

As more members were killed, Mold combined with his siblings into Guar Spectre and tried to use the Spark Dolls in Xio's custody until it was halted by the Ultraman. After Guar Spectre's destruction, the army was disbanded once more. The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It

Ultraman Taiga

The Guar Army was talked about by Ultraman Taiga during episodes 13-15's voice dramas.

Taiga encountered Imbiza and the Guar Army's remodeled monster combatants in Planet Maiji where he fought them alongside Andro Ares. As Imbiza fled to outer space, he was killed by Pestria for his incompetence.


Members (Andro Melos)

Fighting Bem

Monster Battleships

Members (Ultraman X)

Kaiju (all indirectly)

Members (Tri-Squad VoiceDrama)

  • Imbiza

Fighting Bem

  • Zabiden
  • Dakumiran
  • Bazelia

Monster Battleship

  • Pestria



  • While Juda indeed has his own Spectre form, however he was never a member of the reformed Guar Army by the time he acquired this form until his spirited form appears in the Guar formation.
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