"We are Guar Spectre! Time to avenge the conflict that inflicts on us siblings and led to a rise of a new Guar army."

―Mold and Gina talks as Guar during his awakening.

Guar (グア Gua) was the combined form of the main villains of Andro Melos.


  • Andro Melos: Space Devil (宇宙の悪魔 Uchū no akuma)
  • Tsuburaya book: Combined Giant Demon Emperor (合身大魔帝 Gōmi Daimatei)
  • Guar Spectre: Phantom Combined Giant Demon Emperor (幻影合身大魔帝 Gen'ei Gasshin Daimatei)


Andro Melos

Guar was the combined form of three evil Space Emperor siblings, Juda, Gina, and Mold out of their grudges against the Andro Warriors for foiling their plans. In addition, according to Andro Melos' speculations, Guar is technically a being that decided to split itself into said three siblings. With all of the Guar Army members killed, the three siblings decided to form into this figure. Due to Guar's body being that of a collected form of amoeba, normal attacks and firepowers seemed ineffective until Melos came in with the Grantechtor and used it to destroy the siblings, ending their reign but at the cost of the armor's destruction.

Ultraman X

After Mold Spectre was having trouble dealing Xio's defenses, Gina Spectre advised Mold to combine her soul with her Juda's, along with his own, and despite his caution that the fusion would be irreversible, they did so anyway and Guar was recreated again as Guar Spectre (グア・スペクター Gua Supekutā), using Mold Spectre's body as basis and used their new powers to break down the barrier so that they can revive the Spark Dolls own by XIO to create a new Guar Army.

But then, Hikaru, Sho, and Daichi transformed into Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, and Ultraman X respectively to fight him. Even with a combination of Ginga Thunderbolt, Eleking Tail, and Cyber Eleking's Electric Shock Wave, Guar still kept on going against the teamwork of the three Ultras until Ginga and Victory combined into Ultraman Ginga Victory and Ultraman X transformed into Exceed X.

After X distracted Guar with his newly debuted Exceed Illusion, Ginga Victory used the Photon Edge and Solgent Ray, destroying the fusion's weapons. X then used his Exceed X Slash to vanquish the Dark Thunder Energy from Guar's body and prevented them from reviving again. Guar Spectre was defeated once and for all with a combination of X's Xlugger Shot and Ginga Victory's Zepellion Ray.


Guar full


  • Height: 62 m ~ Infinity
  • Weight: 46,500 t ~ Infinity
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Split: As theorized by Andro Melos, Guar is actually the true form of Juda, Mold and Gina, thus he had split into these individual figures at some point of time.
  • Amoeba Physiology: Guar's body is physically a collective of amoeba, which allowed him to perform these abilities:
    • Attack Resistance: Guar can resist himself from various attacks and firepower.
    • Rapid Growth: Guar's body is capable of endlessly growing to infinite size.

Guar Spectre
Guar Spectre

Guar Spectre

  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 33,000 t
  • Origin: Space
  • Weakness: The source of Guar Spectre's revival ability is due to him absorbing Dark Thunder Energy. By vanquishing it, Guar would lose said ability and weakened as a result.
Powers and Weapons
  • Bat Axe (バットアックス Batto Akkusu): Guar possesses an axe from Mold.
    • Shield: Like Mold, the Bat Axe still can shield from average beams but it was not strong enough against Ginga Victory's power.
  • Bat Calibre (バットキャリバー Batto Kyaribā): Guar's sword, which had Juda and Gina's face on it per alteration.
  • Self Revival: After being charged with the Dark Thunder Energy, Guar can revive himself multiple times.
  • Dark Slash: As a being of darkness, Guar can use both of his weapons to emit dark energy slashes.


Andro Melos

Ultraman X



  • Guar's physiology seems to be fully organic, despite his components being cyborgs/robots.
  • In Ultraman X, his voice is the combination of the two actors of Mold and Gina Spectre. Juda on the other hand can only be heard emitting a grunt when Mold ask for his cooperation. Said grunt was recycled from Ultra Fight Victory by Juda Spectre, whom was voiced by Nobuaki Kanemitsu.
  • Guar Spectre's introduction was intended to bring out a stronger opponent that required Ultraman Ginga Victory and Exceed X to appear altogether.
  • Because of only Gina and Juda having mask parts, their sculpts were molded onto the Bat Calibre and continuing to use the Mold Spectre suit rather then creating an entirely new suit.
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