Gross Go-Ne (グロース ゴーネ Gurōsu Gōne) was the unseen ruler of Planet Gross and the one behind all the attempts of conquering Earth throughout the Jumborg Ace series.

Subtitle: Planet Gross President (グロース星総統)


Gross Go-Ne did not make any physical appearance in the show and was not defeated. His daughter and his aide fused to form Demon Go-Ne. His voice was heard in the final episode after the death of Demon Go-Ne, saying "We'll surely get the Earth one day...for sure!" (我々は、いつか必ず地球を手に入れて見せる…必ず Wareware wa, itsu ka kanarazu chikyū o te ni irete miseru… kanarazu! ).


  • The existence of such a character was generally unrecognized until the publication of the book "Magnificent Tsuburaya special effects design world Mirrorman ☆ Jumborg Ace Yoshiaki Yoneya design work 1971 ~ 1973".
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