Gridman Sword (グリッドマンソード Guriddoman Sōdo) is a weapon used by Gridman. It is known as the Samurai Sword in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.

Subtitle: Lightning Blitz Blade (電光雷撃剣 Denkō Raigeki Ken)


Denkou Choujin Gridman

The Gridman Sword was first conceived as Barrier Shield (バリアーシールド Bariā Shīrudo) and Plasma Blade (プラズマブレード Purazuma Burēdo) separately, designed by Ippei out of his hunger for Special Dog, a type of hot dog. This weapon continued its used by Gridman for various battles, and gains the Gridman Sword configuration from Compoid and Anosillus, both are residents of Computer World who thanked Gridman for saving the latter.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed with other Assist Weapons when Khan Digifier invaded Junk's server.


Barrier Sheild

Barrier Shield

A shield made to repel any monster with an ultrahigh electromagnet. However, it is useless against monsters with a high enough power.

Plasma Blade

Plasma Blade

A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield, it can fire the Plasma Wave (プラズマウェーブ Purazuma Uēbu) and cut through a monster. The sword itself can also be used to defend against attacks.

Gridman Sword

Gridman Sword

The main configuration of Barrier Shield and Plasma Blade. It was unlocked after Gridman managed to rescue Anosillus, who upgraded the Gridman Sword's weapon cache. Like the Plasma Blade, it can also fire cutting energy projectiles. A drawback to its high power is the size of its attack which is always large. Its finishing attack is the Lightning Thunderbolt (ライトニング・サンダーボルト Raitoningu Sandāboruto).

Thunder Book

An alternate configuration that forms a combat axe, the Thunder Axe (サンダーアックス Sandā Akkusu)'s known battle was against Shinobilar. Although never shown, it can summon a storm as its main finisher.



  • The Barrier Shield is the first known Assist Weapon to be made. Ironically, it is also the only one which created first by modelling a mundane object on the computer before finally transforming into a sword.
  • Judging by the weapon as a whole, since the Barrier Shield stimulates the design of Special Dog, the Plasma Blade may be inspired from its sausage.
  • It was the only Assist Weapon not to appear in Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero.

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