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Gridman Sigma (グリッドマンシグマ Guriddoman Shiguma) is the younger brother of Gridman in a novel sequel series, Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack. Sigma would have become the alter ego of Takeshi Todo, a reformed antagonist of the original series.

In 2015, Gridman Sigma made his first public appearance at the end of the anime short, Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero.


Girdman Sigma was created both for the serial novel and Kazumitsu Akamatsu's desire to have both Thunder and King Gridman to fight side-by-side, hence his later form as King Gridman Sigma.

This plan was formulated back during the production of the original show. In the third quarter of the series, Takeshi Todo was meant to steal Gridman's data and become Khan Knight (カーンナイト Kān Naito), a rival character and Kahn Digifer's servant, before redeeming himself as Grid Knight (グリッドナイト Guriddo Naito). Additionally, had the original plan taken place without the aforementioned production problems, Grid Knight would star in a sequel season. As revealed in an old magazine called Denkou Choujin Gridman 2: Great Determination! Great Monster Encyclopedia (電光超人 グリッドマン2 たいけつ!かいじゅうだいずかん Denkō Chōjin Guriddoman 2 Taiketsu! Kaijū Daizukan), there was a design of a second Gridman, who was themed after a European knight. Despite his near-identical appearance to Gridman save his head, Sigma is designed by anime Mecha designer Hideo Okamoto (岡本 英郎 Okamoto Hideo).[1]

  • First picture: Grid Knight - The white armor parts are inherited from Gridman and are meant to represent silver/metal.
  • Second picture: Khan Knight - Aside from its black colored body, Khan Knight's undersuit is identical to Grid Knight's, having black and purple colors.
  • Third to fifth pictures: Gridman II, the designs of a new Gridman, who bears resemblance to a knight.


Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack

When Neo Kahn Digifer, the younger brother of Kahn Digifer attacks, Gridman and his own younger brother, Gridman Sigma appears. Choosing Takeshi Todo as his host, Sigma and his brother fight Neo Kahn Digifer and his monster army. Their final opponent was Geist Digifier, which was Neo Kahn Digifer's final form achieved by fusing with the souls of his defeated monsters.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero

Anime Sigma.png

Takeshi appeared as an adult in the anime Gridman short. After watching the battles (or rather, relieving past memories) of the previous Gridman, Takeshi is granted the Acceptor by the light of several monitors and transforms by shouting 'ACCESS FLASH'. Transforming into Gridman Sigma to face monsters in the real world



  • Height: Micro ~ 70 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 55,000 t
  • Home World: Hyper World


Gridman Sigma


  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 30
Via Gran Acceptor
  • Grid Sigma Beam (グリッドシグマビーム Guriddo Shiguma Bīmu): Gridman Sigma's version of the original Grid Beam.
  • Sigma Slash (シグマスラッシュ Shiguma Surasshu): Gridman Sigma conjures a blade of light to slash with.
  • Sigma Punch (シグマパンチ Shiguma Panchi): A punching technique.
  • Sigma Kick (シグマキック Shiguma Kikku): A side kick technique.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): Like Gridman, Sigma can also use the Fixer Beam.
  • Double Grid Beam (ダブルグリッドビーム Daburu Guriddo Bīmu): Gridman and Gridman Sigma fire their signature finisher beams simultaneously.
  • Lightning Rotation Slash (電光回転切り Denkō Kaiten Giri): Gridman and Gridman Sigma both slash the opponent.
  • W Grid Punch (Wグリッドパンチ W Guriddo Panchi): Gridman and Gridman Sigma punch the opponent simultaneously.
  • W Grid Kick (Wグリッドキック W Guriddo Kikku): Gridman and Gridman Sigma kick the opponent simultaneously. Gridman performs a flying kick while Sigma does a side kick.

King Gridman Sigma

King Gridman Sigma.jpg
King Gridman Sigma (キンググリッドマンシグマ Kingu Guriddoman Shiguma) is the fusion of Gridman Sigma and King Jet, the latter acting as its armor.

  • Powers of King Gridman: The actual details are unknown, but it is presumed that he retains the same powers and armaments as King Gridman.
    • King Sigma Beam (キングシグマビーム Kingu Shiguma Bīmu): Sigma's version of the King Grid Beam.
  • Dragon Spiral (ドラゴンスパイラル Doragon Supairaru): Thunder Gridman and King Gridman Sigma fire energy beams which turn into three dragons that strike the opponent.

Assist Weapons

Main article: Assist Weapons

In the same vein as Gridman, Sigma can also arm himself with Assist Weapons (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon), specifically ones that his brother uses. Given that Kahn Digifer had destroyed them in his final battle, it is more likely that they were recreated/repaired at some point of time.

  • King Jet (キングジェット Kingu Jetto): A large aircraft made to be Dyna Fighter's support. Sigma combines with it to become King Gridman Sigma.


Gridman the Hyper Agent: boys invent great hero


Masaya Obi with Gridman Sigma's Acceptor

  • Masaya Obi, the actor of Naoto Sho has Gridman Sigma's version of Acceptor.[3] Whether it was the original prop or his own custom made is unknown.


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