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"When I passed the gateway from the Hyper World, your heart reached mine. You wanted to protect your little brother. Your heart wished for that so strongly. As I am now, I am merely a string of energy with no physical form."

"I see. I think I get it! So if Naoto doesn't combine with him, Gridman can't fight."

"It's not just that. The only way to defeat Kahn Digifer's evil ambitions is to have strong hearts that wish to defend the world.

―Gridman and Ippei.

Gridman (グリッドマン Guriddoman) is the titular hero of Gridman the Hyper Agent and SSSS.GRIDMAN. He is a Hyper Agent from the Hyper World, which is a parallel world to the Computer World.


  • Gridman: Lightning Superman (電光超人 Denkō Chōjin)
  • Thunder Gridman: Combined Super God (合体超神 Gattai Chōjin)
  • King Gridman: Combined Dragon Emperor (合体竜帝 Gattai Ryūtei)
  • Max Gridman: Heracles Combine (剛力合体超人 Gōriki Gattai Chōjin lit. Herculean Strength Combined Superman)
  • Buster Gridman: Full Armor Combine (武装合体超人 Busō Gattai Chōjin lit. Armed Combined Superman)
  • Sky Gridman: Empyrean Combine (大空合体超人 Daikū Gattai Chōjin lit. Great Sky Combined Superman)
  • Sky Buster Gridman: Empyrean Full Armor Combine (大空武装合体超人 Daikū Busō Gattai Chōjin lit. Great Sky Armed Combined Superman)[1]
  • Full Powered Gridman: Hyperlink Combine (超合体超人 Chō Gattai Chōjin lit. Super Combined Superman)
    • Over Spec Mode: Supreme Combined Superman (超絶合体超人 Chōzetsu Gattai Chōjin)



From left to right: Cyberman, Bigman, and Gridman

According to Kazumitsu Akamatsu, Gridman's designer, he was employed by Takara to come up with a design for a Kyodai Hero called Cyberman, which was much like Toho Company's Dennou Keisatsu Cybercop. The hero was apparently human-sized and would be able to combine with support mecha to achieve a total height of 4 m. After some internal review, the project was scrapped and he was moved to the production team of another Tsuburaya Hero, Bigman, because of his knowledge in Tokusatsu, and to be a liaison between Tsuburaya and Takara. He accepted the role, knowing that Tsuburaya were experts in the Kyodai Hero genre. This conceptual hero would eventually be reworked into Gridman. After that, he also worked on the designs of the monsters with the help of former Takara employee Osamu Yamaguchi. After designing Chidogerah, he stopped designing monsters and focus more on the background scenes. He also came up with the names of the Assist Weapons and the names of the characters and thinks of the work as if it were his own child.

Lightning Attacker reference in the ending credits of episode 1, highlighted in yellow.

Gridman's Primal Fighter form in SSSS.GRIDMAN was made by Masayuki Gotoh, the head designer for the New Generation Ultramen. Intentionally or not, its design is similar to that of Ultraman Orb Lightning Attacker, a fact that was referenced in the series by a comment on YouTube.

Gridman's various combined forms in SSSS.GRIDMAN were designed based on the Type Change gimmick from the Ultraman Series. Full Powered Gridman was the first of these forms to be designed, and then the others were made by working backwards from it.


Gridman the Hyper Agent

Gridman introduces himself to Naoto, Ippei and Yuka

While tracking down Kahn Digifer, he encountered Naoto and, seeing that Naoto had a good heart, chose him to merge with whenever battle must be done within the Computer World. To fight the larger and more powerful monsters, Gridman receives the upgrade program P-L6806OX to grow gigantic and battle against his foes. However, this massive power-up lasts only for a few minutes as it could overload Junk's system. When the power up begins to fade, a blue light on Gridman's head begins to blink as a warning. Naoto Sho, Yuka Inoue and Ippei Baba chat with Gridman over their computer by typing messages to him.

Thunder Gridman is formed

Gridman fought many battles against the monsters summoned by Kahn Digifer through the socially misfit Takeshi Todo, in their attempts to cause trouble throughout the town of Sakuragaoka by infecting computers with their monsters. With the help of the Assist Weapons such as Gridman Sword and God Zenon, created and deployed by both Ippei and Yuka, Gridman was able to overcome the various challenges as he got closer to fighting Kahn Digifer.

King Gridman VS Venora

One of Gridman's greatest opponents was Venora, who almost defeated Gridman as Kahn Digifer broadcasted the battle for the world to see. However, via the power of King Gridman, Venora was finally defeated. Dyna Dragon also joined Gridman in the later battles he faced.

Gridman battles Kahn Digifer

At last, fighting against Kahn Digifer, their battle was once again shown to the rest of the world via one of Kahn's invasion tentacles. The Assist Weapon caches were destroyed in the battle, and Gridman almost lost, until Takeshi Todo had a change of heart and decided to help Gridman by granting him the Grid Hyper Beam, which he used to destroy Kahn Digifer. With his mission complete, Gridman thanked the four children who helped him and said his farewell before departing back to the Hyper World.

Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack

Gridman returns in this novel series and bonds again with Naoto to fight against Neo Kahn Digifer, the younger brother of Kahn Digifer. He was on the losing end until his own brother, Gridman Sigma joined the battle. The two Hyper Agents eventually manage to defeat the Demon King after battling all his minions. Their final challenge was Geist Digifier, Neo Kahn Digifer's final form, gained by fusing with the souls of the fallen kaiju. Gridman the Hyper Agent: The Demon King's Counterattack

Diaclone VS. Gridman

Gridman was sent from the Hyper World to stop Giganter, but was thrown out of the dimensional tear and fell into the Diaclone Team's research base on the moon. He was briefly mistaken for a Waruder by the soldiers and merged with the chief researcher Hikari Kaizaki in order to materialize after sensing a strong emotion in her. Hikari heeded Gridman's wish to seek Landmaster's help on Earth while the Hyper Agent briefly materialized into the Powered Suit to form the Grid Suit when fighting against Giganter's parasite monsters.

The pair found and established contact with Landmaster as they launched the Operation Grand Omega Cross to counter Giganter; first by recharging Gridman's energy while constructing the Assist Weapons. When Giganter made its way to Mt. Fuji, Gridman fused with Hikari, who's mental image for her ideal her, Silver Kration, materialized as Gridman's Primal Fighter form. Gridman fight against the space monster by using his own attacks, then merging with the Battle Hanger to form Battles Gridman. However, Giganter split into two monsters to resume its journey while the other keeping Gridman at bay. The Diaclone reinforcements arrive to kill the Giganter Beta as Gridman raced to the other half that was consuming the Freezon Energy. With the Thunder Crash Caliber, Battles Gridman slew the monster into nothingness. Gridman absorbed the Assist Weapons to restore his true form, fixing the damages done by Giganter and its parasites before parting ways with Hikari. Diaclone VS. Gridman


Encounter With Alexis

Gridman defeated by Alexis・Kerib

At some point, Gridman chased down Alexis・Kerib to the Computer World, specifically to a city that Alexis had manufactured for a lonely soul. They fought, but Gridman lost, having been impaled by Alexis. As a result, his consciousness was split into parts and one of which chose Yuta Hibiki to dwell in as his host, but that would seal both their memories in the process. Bits of Yuta's personality flowed into Gridman, including his feelings for his classmate Rikka Takarada. Another part of Gridman had connected to an old computer called Junk, which was sitting in a recycle shop and the rest became their own beings; the Neon Genesis Junior High Students. At this point, the only thing Gridman remembered was his mission, which was to protect the city from danger.

The Beginning

Gridman reappears as Initial Fighter

Gridman had been calling to his partner, Yuta Hibiki since the young man awoke with amnesia in Rikka's house. The two began interacting with each other using an old, jerry-built computer called Junk, with Yuta being the only person able to see and hear Gridman on-screen, while others saw a deactivated screen. When the rampaging Kaiju Ghoulghilas emerges, Yuta unites with Gridman, enabling him to materialize in the real world and confront the beast. Though difficult, Gridman/Yuta managed to defeat the monster thanks to the advice from Yuta's friends Rikka and Utsumi and their computer. Afterwards, when Yuta had returned to the real world, Gridman made the point that what had transpired was just the beginning. Awakening

The next day, Yuta asked Gridman what his mission exactly was, only to be told that he will find out later. Rikka and Utsumi were also able to see him on the computer. Samurai・Calibur then came along and did some modifications to Junk, which optimized Gridman for the upcoming battles ahead, and also allowed him to talk directly to everyone else. Gridman gives Yuta the Primal Acceptor to Access Flash and become one to fight against the kaiju. Gridman used an Assist Weapon, the Gridman Calibur, for the first time to finish off Dévadadan. Restoration

A Rival Appears

Gridman VS Anti

Gridman's next challenger was Anti, a Kaiju made specifically to deal with the Hyper Agent. Misled into believing that Kaiju could be humans, Yuta could not bring himself to fight properly and was defeated as a result. Gridman, Yuta and Calibur disappeared until the next day, when Gridman was restored and repaired. The three of them were revealed to have been waiting inside Junk for Anti to return and then ambush it, but decided to come out after the Borr encouraged them to. In their second battle, Anti confirms that he is not human, allowing Yuta to fight without hesitation. He combined with Max and draws the battle to a stalemate with the power of Max Gridman, with Anti timing out just before him. Defeat Anti continued to challenge Gridman whenever he appeared, even when there were other Kaiju around. SuspicionProvocation

Going Against Akane

Full Powered Gridman VS Mecha Ghoulghilas

Yuta tried to explain what Anosillus the 2nd told him, but when asked, Gridman says he cannot remember anything about it. However, seeing a huge city in the sky during his next fight, he confirms his and Yuta's suspicions of Akane and Alexis being the source of the coming danger. Scheme While Rikka and Utsumi argued over what to do with Akane, Gridman and Yuta stood neutral ground and he saw validity in both their opinions, which were to try avoiding conflict, and to prepare for an incoming attack respectively. Unfortunately, the Gridman Alliance were unable to convince Akane to hold off on Mecha Ghoulghilas's attack. Yuta merged with Gridman at around half his normal size and then combined with the Assist Weapons, forming Full Powered Gridman, which easily defeated Mecha Ghoulghilas. Confrontation Gridman used his Grid Kinesis ability to awaken the Gridman Alliance when they were put to sleep by Bujack, a monster created by Akane to put them in a never-ending dream. Dream

Anti protects Gridman

After fighting a new kaiju as Full Powered Gridman, Anti appeared and they had one more battle. Gridman once again won, but refused to finish him off as he had become a living being instead of just another Kaiju born of Akane's malice. Another being emerged from the corpse of the Kaiju he defeated earlier, and Full Powered Gridman tried to fight it. Gridman found himself overpowered by his opponent, who proceeded to tear the Assist Weapons off of him. He was saved by Anti, who evolved into Gridknight and defeated the monster. Collapse After Yuta was stabbed by Akane, Junk glitched out and could not be switched on. During Yuta's hospitalization, he had a dream where he figured out that he was actually a part of Gridman and the real Yuta was lying dormant. Gridman took over Yuta's body after Junk had been repaired by the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, and went to help Gridknight fight against a horde of revived kaiju. Decisive Battle

The Final Battle

Gridman regains his true form

Still using Yuta's body, Gridman went to find Rikka and Utsumi so that he could prepare for the final battle against Alexis, while Anti handled Akane, who had been turned into a kaiju. Standing in front of Junk, Yuta, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, as well as Anti, who was almost dead and far away, gained Acceptors and performed the Access Flash together. Gridman then told Rikka and Utsumi to type in the Access Code, which was "GRIDMAN" and after which, he regained his true form. Gridman fought Alexis, but the evil being was incapable of dying and during the battle, Gridman saw Alexis' true colors. Gridman was later defeated but seeing little sparks fall off him that restored the surroundings, Gridman was reminded of his true power, which was to heal. He then fires his Grid Fixer Beam at Alexis, healing Akane's heart in the process, as well as repairing the entire world. Now that Alexis was weakened, Gridman finished him off by shattering him with a single punch to the face.

Farewell, Gridman

With his mission completed, Gridman said his parting words to Rikka and Utsumi (and admits Yuta's feelings for the former on his behalf) before returning to the Hyper World along with the Neon Genesis Junior High Students and the last shard of Alexis' being. Awakening (Finale)



Body Features

  • Energy Lamp (エネルギーランプ Enerugī Ranpu): The light on Gridman's forehead, when his giant size begins to put too much strain on Junk (the PC that powers his giant form), it begins to flash. It is similar to a Beam Lamp or a Color Timer.
  • Radar Ear (レーダーイヤー Rēdā Iyā): Gridman's ears.
  • Tri-Juster (トライジャスター Toraijasutā): The three blue parts on Gridman's chest. They are the organs that emit the Fixer Beam.
  • Techtarion Armor (テクタリオンアーマー Tekutarion Āmā): The armor that Gridman wears. It is stronger than any alloy found on Earth.
  • Crystal Converter (クリスタルコンバーター Kurisutaru Konbātā): The yellow light on Gridman's chest, this is where his energy is stored.
  • Gravity Metal (グラビティメタル Gurabiti Metaru): Gridman is able to fly because his feet control gravity for him.
  • Gran Acceptor (グラン・アクセプター Guran Akuseputā): A bracer on Gridman's left arm, it is connected to the Acceptor worn by Naoto/Yuta. During his time as Initial/Primal Fighter, it takes the appearance of the Primal Acceptor worn by Yuta.[2]


Naoto goes over to Junk with the Acceptor and shouts "Access Flash!". Naoto's attire is changed to a blue jumpsuit and he gets sucked into the computer where he connects with Gridman and becomes one with him before entering the fray.

In his first transformation, Yuta is forcefully swallowed by Junk and within cyberspace, he connects with Gridman in a similar way to his predecessor, Naoto Sho did in Gridman the Hyper Agent. Gridman then appears in a flash of light.

After Gridman is optimized, Yuta is given the Primal Acceptor (プライマルアクセプター Puraimaru Akuseputā) to properly transform. He says the phrase "Access Flash (アクセス・フラッシュ Akusesu Furasshu)" and enters the computer where he combines with Gridman, giving the Hyper Agent a physical form to fight with.

The Primal Acceptor evolves into its true form and is worn by Yuta, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, and Anti. They perform the Access Flash together and after that, the Access Code "GRIDMAN" is typed into the popup box on Junk, which then displays the text "Special Signature to Save a Soul". Gridman's true form then bursts forth from within his Primal Fighter form and appears.



Originally an incorporeal being, Gridman was given a body designed by Ippei Baba from his own CG concept of a superhero. Before Gridman can leave, the Access Code (アクセスコード Akusesu Kōdo) must be entered to Junk, this password is "GRIDMAN".

  • Height: Micro ~ 70 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 60,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 25
  • Maximum Running Speed: 555 km/h
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 200 m
  • Output Power: 1,800,000 horsepower
Via Gran Acceptor
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): Gridman's finishing attack; it is a beam fired from the Gran Acceptor on the back of his left arm.
    • Grid Hyper Beam (グリッドハイパービーム Guriddo Haipā Bīmu): Gridman's final resort attack activated via the DPSPAR: 1014 program made by Takeshi after Kahn Digifer destroyed all of Gridman's Assist Weapon programs. The light it emits is estimated to be around 20,000 lux, which is the same as daylight. It was powerful enough to destroy Kahn Digifer and Takeshi's PC Computer world.
  • Spark Beam (スパークビーム Supāku Bīmu): Energy blasts fired from his left wrist. Although too weak to kill monsters, they can blow off body parts such as Stealgan's wings.
  • Grid Light Saber (グリッドライトセイバー Guriddo Raito Seibā): An energy blade that Gridman flings at his foe.
  • Tiger Thunder (ティグルサンダー Tiguru Sandā): Gridman fires an energy stream from his left arm.
  • Super Conductivity Kick (超電導キック Chōdendō Kikku): A jumping kick attack from high up.
    • Neo Super Conductivity Kick (ネオ超電導キック Neo Chōdendō Kikku): An enhanced version of the Super Conductivity Kick. Gridman's feet are covered in red energy as he flips around in mid-air.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): A beam from his chest that repairs damaged computer systems. It also works on humans, and the environment itself.
  • Size Change: Using the P-L68060X upgrade program, Gridman can take on a giant size in the Computer World.
  • Grid Kinesis (グリッドキネシス Guriddo Kineshisu): A technique to feed energy into the Acceptor and free Naoto from a monster's influence, neutralizing mental attacks on him.
  • Barrier Beam (バリアービーム Bariā Bīmu): A beam used to counter Stealgan's shockwave.
  • Materialize Beam (実体化ビーム Jittai-ka Bīmu): Eye beams that are used to complete the schematics of Assist Weapons summoned by Ippei and Yuka, allowing them to take solid form.
  • Paint Program: Created for Gridman by Yuka in episode 4, used to disable Stealgan's invisibility.
Assist Weapons
  • Gridman Sword (グリッドマンソード Guriddoman Sōdo): An Assist Weapon that first comes as the Barrier Shield and Plasma Blade, it is a combination of the two aforementioned weapons. It heats up to 10 million degrees Celsius, and unleashes 1 trillion volts of electrical current.
    • Lightning Thunderbolt (ライトニング・サンダーボルト Raitoningu Sandāboruto): Gridman slashes the enemy using the Gridman Sword with all of its energy.
    • Thunder Axe (サンダーアックス Sandā Akkusu): An alternate mode of the Gridman Sword, the blade recedes to form an axe.
    • Barrier Shield (バリアーシールド Bariā Shīrudo): A shield made to repel any monster with ultrahigh electromagnet waves. However it is useless against monsters with a high enough power.
      • Super Electromagnetic Vortex (超電磁渦 Chō Denji-ka): The Barrier Shield is capable of deflecting attacks fired at Gridman.
    • Plasma Blade (プラズマブレード Purazuma Burēdo): A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield. It heats up to 1 million degrees to slash enemies.
      • Plasma Wave (プラズマウェーブ Purazuma Uēbu): Gridman slashes and creates energy waves that cut through a monster.
      • Deflection: The sword itself can also be used to defend against attacks, though its use is limited.
  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which was designed based on a Chinese relic.
    • Dragon Fire (ドラゴンファイヤー Doragon Faiyā): A stream of fire spewed from Dragonic Cannon's muzzle.
  • Double Grid Beam (ダブルグリッドビーム Daburu Guriddo Bīmu): Gridman and Gridman Sigma fire their signature finisher beams simultaneously.
  • Lightning Rotation Slash (電光回転切り Denkō Kaiten Giri): Gridman and Gridman Sigma both slash the opponent.
  • W Grid Punch (Wグリッドパンチ W Guriddo Panchi): Gridman and Gridman Sigma punch the opponent simultaneously.
  • W Grid Kick (Wグリッドキック W Guriddo Kikku): Gridman and Gridman Sigma kick the opponent simultaneously. Gridman performs a flying kick while Sigma does a side kick.
  • Bullet Screw (ブレットスクリュー Buretto Sukuryū): A combination attack with Dyna Dragon and God Zenon, used to defeat Magma Giras.

Thunder Gridman

Thunder Gridman (サンダーグリッドマン Sandā Guriddoman) is a fusion/formation, with God Zenon acting as a power suit for Gridman. Thunder Gridman possess incredible strength and endurance at the cost of speed and agility. This combination debuts in episode 13.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, this form is named Synchro.

  • Height: 88 m
  • Weight: 160,000 t
  • Maximum Running Speed: 120 km/h
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 170 m
  • Output Power: 3,500,000 horsepower
  • Thunder Grid Punch (サンダーグリッドパンチ Sandā Guriddo Panchi): A basic, yet powerful punch enhanced by his Crusher Knuckle (クラッシャーナックル Kurasshā Nakkuru).
  • Thunder Grid Kick (サンダーグリッドキック Sandā Guriddo Kikku): A basic, yet powerful kick. It is 3 times more powerful than his normal kick attacks.
  • Thunder Grid Beam (サンダーグリッドビーム Sandā Guriddo Bīmu): A beam attack fired from the right hand. It is an enhanced version of the standard Grid Beam.
  • Thunder Grid Fire (サンダーグリッドファイヤー Sandā Guriddo Faiyā): A stream of flames fired from the Thunder Crystal (サンダークリスタル Sandā Kurisutaru) on his chest.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): Gridman can still use the Fixer Beam in this form.
  • Drill Break (ドリルブレイク Doriru Bureiku): Twin Driller's drills are fired at the enemy.
  • Chest Beam: Thunder Gridman fires an energy beam from the crystal on his chest.
  • Missile: From the God Tank legs, Thunder Gridman fires a missile that punctures through an enemy.
  • Dragon Spiral (ドラゴンスパイラル Doragon Supairaru): Thunder Gridman and King Gridman Sigma fire energy beams which turn into three dragons that strike the opponent.

King Gridman

King Gridman Dyna.png
King Gridman (キンググリッドマン Kingu Guriddoman) is Gridman's second upgraded form where the King Jet acts as a suit of armor. Whereas Thunder Gridman is strength-oriented, King Gridman allows Gridman to exert full speed and agility. This combination debuts in episode 26.

In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, this form is named Phormo.

  • Height: 93 m
  • Weight: 204,000 t
  • Maximum Flight Speed: Mach 50
  • Maximum Running Speed: 160 km/h
  • Maximum Jumping Height: 170 m
  • Output Power: 3,200,000 horsepower
  • Gas Mask: To counter Venora's poison gas, a built-in oxygen mask was placed into the armor to prevent Gridman from contamination.
  • King Grid Punch (キンググリッドパンチ Kingu Guriddo Panchi): A basic, yet powerful punch.
  • King Grid Punch (キンググリッドキック Kingu Guriddo Kikku): A basic, yet powerful kick.
  • King Grid Beam (キンググリッドビーム Kingu Guriddo Bīmu): An upgraded version of the Grid Beam.
  • King Grid Fire (キンググリッドファイヤー Kingu Guriddo Faiyā): A stream of flames fired from the chest.
  • King Grid Launcher (キンググリッドランチャー Kingu Guriddo Ranchā): Beams fired from the Penetrator Cannons on King Gridman's forearms. It can be fired more than 10 times per second.
  • Fixer Beam (フィクサービーム Fikusā Bīmu): Gridman can still use the Fixer Beam in this form.
Assist Weapons
  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which was designed based on a Chinese relic. Used only in boys invent great hero.
    • Dragon Fire (ドラゴンファイヤー Doragon Faiyā): A stream of fire spewed from Dragonic Cannon's muzzle. The only time it was used, it was depicted as a blast of flames instead of a simple flamethrower.

Full Power Gridman

Full Power Gridman

Full Power Gridman (フルパワーグリッドマン Furu Pawā Guriddoman) is the combination of Gridman and all 5 vehicular Assist Weapons. The form is portrayed as Thunder Gridman riding on King Jet, wielding the Dragonic Cannon. This form is exclusive in the photo novel The Demon King's Counterattack.

Assist Weapons
  • Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon): A flamethrower weapon which was designed based on a Chinese relic.
  • Enhanced Flight Speed: According to magazines, the King Jet flies at a great speed.
  • Bombardment: The ability of Full Power Gridman is to launch all of its attacks on the opponent while flying towards them.

Initial Fighter

"I-I'm optimizing it. Gridman's no good as he is now."

―Samurai・Calibur commenting on Gridman's form

Initial Fighter (イニシャルファイター Inisharu Faitā) is Gridman's weakest form, which he takes after being fragmented by Alexis. When Yuta fights in this form, he comments that he is very sluggish. This form was later upgraded into the optimized form, Primal Fighter.

  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): A beam fired from the back of the Gran Acceptor on his left arm, it is powerful enough to destroy a monster in one hit.
  • Jumping Kick: Gridman performs a jumping kick.

Primal Fighter

Primal Fighter (プライマルファイター Puraimaru Faitā) is Gridman's optimized normal form, being faster and more agile than his Initial Fighter form. It is actually an armor that seals his true form along with the Tri-Justers that emit the Fixer Beam, and is discarded once he is restored to his true self.

  • Height: 50 m ~ 70 m
  • Weight: 44,000 t ~ 60,000 t
  • Restoration: Somehow, Gridman is capable of healing himself after being defeated, though he and Yuta (along with any Assist Weapons he has with him) disappear for about a day. While in this recovery mode, Yuta's phone can still be called, which is how Rikka managed to contact him.
  • Rocket Thrusters: Gridman has rocket thrusters on several places of his being, such as on his back and underneath his feet. These help him to fly, soften his landing, or boost himself.
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): A beam fired from the back of the Gran Acceptor on his left arm, it is powerful enough to destroy a monster in one hit.
  • Gridknight Saber Slash (グリッドライトセイバースラッシュ Guriddo Raito Seibā Surasshu lit. Grid Light Saber Slash): Gridman generates a golden energy blade from his Gran Acceptor to slice through his opponent.
  • Grid Kinesis (グリッドキネシス Guriddo Kineshisu): Gridman can enter the dreams of others and wake them up through his direct or indirect influence. This ability is a means of countering mental attacks.
  • Grid Calibur End (グリッドキャリバーエンド Guriddo Kyaribā Endo): While using the Gridman Calibur, Gridman moves towards his enemy via the thrusters on his back, and slashes with his sword.
  • Spark Beam (スパークビーム Supāku Bīmu): A series of energy projectiles fired from his left arm.

Gridman combines with his Assist Weapons, providing him with new forms.

Max Gridman

"Heracles Combine! Max Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Max Gridman (マックスグリッドマン Makkusu Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Battle Tracto Max. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains additional arm strength. Despite the added weight to his upper body, Gridman is still capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers.

  • Rocket Thrusters: The wheels of Battle Tracto Max recede to reveal rocket thrusters.
  • Tanker Cannon (タンカーキャノン Tankā Kyanon): Just like the Assist Weapon he combines with, Gridman can shoot explosive shells out of the twin barrels on his shoulders.
  • Max Grid Beam (マックスグリッドビーム Makkusu Guriddo Bīmu): An enhanced form of his Grid Beam, it is a beam with a diameter similar to or bigger than Gridman's height, fired from the Battle Tracto Max's clasped hands and shoulder cannons.
  • Super Lightning Kick (超電撃キック Chō Dengeki Kikku): Gridman delivers a powerful finisher kick while being boosted by Battle Tracto Max's rocket thrusters.

Buster Gridman

"Full Armor Combine! Buster Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Buster Gridman (バスターグリッドマン Basutā Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Buster Borr. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains additional firepower and enhanced durability.

  • Drill Attack Mode (ドリルアタックモード Doriru Atakku Mōdo)/Terrain Travel Mode (地上走行モード Chijō Sōkō Mōdo) (Unused)[3]: Although never used in the series proper, appearing only in the opening, Gridman can use Buster Borr's wheels to gain additional speed on land. It is used in SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS against Anti.
  • Gatling Beam Guns (ガトリングビームガン Gatoringu Bīmu Gan): Gridman can use the wheels of Buster Borr to launch rapid-fire bullets, similar to a Gatling gun.
  • Forest Extinguisher Missile (フォレスター消火弾 Foresutā Shōka-dan lit. Forrester Fire Extinguishing Missile): One of Buster Borr's abilities, Gridman can use these to put out fires over a wide area.
  • Buster Grid Missile (バスターグリッドミサイル Basutā Guriddo Misairu): Conventional missiles fired from Buster Borr's treads.
  • Twin Drills (ツインドリル Tsuin Doriru)[4]: The drills of Buster Borr, their default mode is the Driller Mode (ドリラーモード Dorirā Mōdo), and can open up to reveal plasma cannons in Buster Mode (バスターモード Basutā Mōdo).
    • Twin Buster Grid Beam (ツインバスターグリッドビーム Tsuin Basutā Guriddo Bīmu): Buster Gridman's enhanced Grid Beam, fired from the Twin Drills in Buster Mode.

Sky Gridman

"Empyrean Combine! Sky Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Sky Gridman (スカイグリッドマン Sukai Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Sky Vitter. While wearing this Assist Weapon, Gridman gains an increase in flight speed and aerial combat proficiency.

  • Flight: This combination provides Gridman with rocket propelled high speed flight.
  • Reaction Time: Through his helmet's visor, Gridman can better track and thus anticipate the movements of high speed objects.
  • Visor: Sky Gridman's visor not only allows him to track targets; its HUD can zoom in, allowing Gridman to see things in greater detail.
  • Beam Cannon: After locking on to an enemy using the visor HUD, Sky Gridman can fire energy beams from both guns attached on the back.
  • Lucky Smoke Screen (ラッキースモークスクリーン Rakkī Sumōku Sukurīn): Smoke bombs fired from the back of the legs, to evade opponents or temporarily blind them.
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): Though he never actually uses it, Gridman is still capable of firing his normal Grid Beam.

Full Powered Gridman

"Hyperlink Combine! Full Powered Gridman!"

―Combination announcement

Full Powered Gridman (フルパワーグリッドマン Furu Pawā Guriddoman lit. Full Power Gridman) is Gridman's greatest combined form. Buster Borr forms the main body, Sky Vitter forms the legs and Battle Tracto Max forms the arms while he wields the Gridman Calibur, with the Axe Blade jettisoned, joining Buster Borr as a chestplate, essentially making it a combination of all his other combined forms. However, due to the strain on Junk, Gridman and the Assist Weapons manifest at a fraction of their normal size though when combined, this form stands at a height comparable to Gridman's normal stature.

  • Super Strength: Full Powered Gridman can exert Max Gridman's super strength through his arms.
  • Enhanced Durability: Full Powered Gridman is more protected from attacks.
  • Flight: Full Powered Gridman is capable of flight despite its massive size, assisted by Sky Vitter's parts.
  • Twin Drills (ツインドリル Tsuin Doriru): Full Powered Gridman can make use of Buster Borr's Twin Drills.
    • Twin Drill Break (ツインドリルブレイク Tsuin Doriru Bureiku): Gridman fires Buster Borr's Twin Drills as missiles. Despite how they are used, they return to Gridman's shoulders.
    • Twin Buster Grid Beam (ツインバスターグリッドビーム Tsuin Basutā Guriddo Bīmu): Twin Grid Beams fired from the Twin Drills.
  • Buster Grid Missile (バスターグリッドミサイル Basutā Guriddo Misairu): Gridman fires a barrage of missiles from Buster Borr's treads.
  • Full Power Charge (フルパワーチャージ Furu Pawā Chāji): Full Powered Gridman holds the Gridman Calibur upwards, charging energy as his armor becomes covered in a golden aura.
    • Grid Full Power Finish (グリッドフルパワーフィニッシュ Guriddo Furu Pawā Finisshu): Using the Full Power Charge, Full Powered Gridman covers the Gridman Calibur with a golden aura, which becomes a large beam fired at the enemy.
  • Breast Spark (ブレストスパーク Buresuto Supāku): Gridman fires a green electrical beam from the crystal on his chestplate.
  • Full Powered Super Lightning Kick (フルパワー超電撃キック Furu Pawā Chō Dengeki Kikku): Full Powered Gridman delivers a powerful finisher kick while being boosted by Battle Tracto Max's rocket thrusters. Used in SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS.

Gridman the Hyper Agent

"This is the form of the true Gridman!"

―Sho Utsumi, seeing Gridman regain his true form

Gridman the Hyper Agent (電光超人グリッドマン Denkō Chōjin Guriddoman lit. Lightning Superman Gridman) is Gridman's true form, lying under the armor that formed his Initial/Primal Fighter form. He regained it after Yuta, the Neon Genesis Junior High Students and Anti performed the Access Flash and had Rikka type in the Access Code: "GRIDMAN", into the popup box that has the text "Special Signature to Save a Soul". It is once again his default form.

  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 60,000 t
  • Spark Beam (スパークビーム Supāku Bīmu): A series of energy projectiles fired from his left arm.
  • Neo Super Conductivity Kick (ネオ超電導キック Neo Chōdendō Kikku): Charging his feet with energy, Gridman kicks the opponent.
  • Gridknight Saber (グリッドライトセイバー Guriddo Raito Seibā lit. Grid Light Saber): An energy sword conjured from the Gran Acceptor on his left arm.
  • Grid Beam (グリッドビーム Guriddo Bīmu): Gridman's finisher beam, fired from his left arm.
  • Grid Fixer Beam (グリッドフィクサービーム Guriddo Fikusā Bīmu): A beam fired from the Tri-Justers, the three blue parts on his chest. It has the special property of undoing damage and healing the hearts of humans.

This section is for forms that are used only in supplementary media.

Sky Buster Gridman

Sky Buster Gridman (スカイバスターグリッドマン Sukai Basutā Guriddoman) is Gridman's form when he combines with Sky Vitter and Buster Borr, manifesting at 85% power compared to Full Powered Gridman's 50%. This form is used in SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS Volume 1.

  • Flight: This combination provides Gridman with rocket propelled high speed flight.
  • Reaction Time: Through his helmet's visor, Gridman can better track and thus anticipate the movements of high speed objects.
  • Visor: Sky Gridman's visor not only allows him to track targets; its HUD can zoom in, allowing Gridman to see things in greater detail.
  • Lucky Smoke Screen (ラッキースモークスクリーン Rakkī Sumōku Sukurīn): Smoke bombs fired from the back of the legs, to evade opponents or temporarily blind them.
  • Laser Circus Amp (アンプレーザーサーカス Anpu Rēzā Sākasu lit. Amp Laser Circus): Sky Buster Gridman unleashes a barrage of homing energy bullets.
  • Sydney Super Adhesive Missile (シドニー凝固弾頭弾 Shidonī Gyōko Dantō-dan lit. Sydney Coagulative Warhead Bullet): Missiles which explode into a pink goop upon impact, acting as glue to keep the enemy locked in place.
  • Buster Grid Missile (バスターグリッドミサイル Basutā Guriddo Misairu): Conventional missiles fired from Buster Borr's treads.
  • Twin Drills (ツインドリル Tsuin Doriru): The drills of Buster Borr. They can be removed and used as tonfa weapons for melee combat.
  • Sky Grid Beam (スカイグリッドビーム Sukai Guriddo Bīmu): Gridman flies at high speed and fires his Grid Beam, which is released in a diffused fan-shape.

Full Powered Gridman Initial Fighter

Full Powered Gridman Initial Fighter (フルパワーグリッドマンイニシャルファイター Furu Pawā Guriddoman Inisharu Faitā) is a form that Gridman takes in SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS Volume 2. This form presumably has all the same powers as the normal Full Powered Gridman, but weakened.

Its design is based on a limited-edition toy produced by Good Smile Company.[5]

This form initially did not exist in the story but was later added in after Yume Mizusawa, the series' author, had heard at Tsuburaya Convention 2019 that such a toy was being produced.[6]

Full Powered Gridman Over Spec Mode

Full Powered Gridman Over Spec Mode (フルパワーグリッドマンオーバースペックモード Furu Pawā Guriddoman Ōbā Supekku Mōdo) is another variation of Full Powered Gridman, appearing in SSSS.GRIDMAN NOVELIZATIONS Volume 2. Full Powered Gridman rides on the Powered Fortress, formed by another set of Assist Weapons from the looped backup world, operating at 100% power without having to scale down. Gridman wields a combined Gridman Calibur, which forms a double-sided sword with uneven length due to the difference in scale of the two Gridman Caliburs.[7]

Sengoku Gridman

Gridman's appearance in the spin-off manga Sengoku Gridman[8][9]. He wields an alternate version of Gridman Calibur.

Grid Suit


The Grid Suit (グリッドスーツ Guriddo Sūtsu) is a temporary form taken by Gridman when he fuses with a generic Diaclone powered suit, beng enhanced by the Freezon Energy inside it. This form appears in the short story Diaclone VS. Gridman.[10]

  • Emulate Thunder Axe (エミュレート・サンダーアックス Emyurēto Sandā Akkusu): An axe weapon based on the Gridman Sword's Thunder Axe mode, materialized through Gridman's energy. It has the power to create an electromagnetic storm to attack with.
  • Launcher Cannons (ランチャーキャノン Ranchā Kyanon): Two large cannons on the shoulders.
  • FZ Beam Gun (FZ ビームガン FZ Bīmu Gan): A handheld beam gun.

Battles Gridman

Battles Gridman (バトルスグリッドマン Batorusu Guriddoman) is a form taken on by Gridman when he combines with the Battle Hanger by performing Grand Omega Cross (グランドオメガクロス Gurando Omega Kurosu). This form appears in the short story Diaclone VS. Gridman.[11]

A Mode (Flight/Artillery Mobile Mode) (Aモード(飛行/砲撃機動モード) A Mōdo (Hikō/Hōgeki Kidō Mōdo)) is the standard formation of Battles Gridman. It can further change into Full Attack Mode (フルアタックモード Furu Atakku Mōdo) by raising the shoulder cannons and unleashing the Power Vise.[11]

B Mode (Hand-to-Hand Combat Mode) (Bモード(近接格闘機動モード) B Mōdo (Kinsetsu Kakutō Kidō Mōdo)) is an alternate configuration that provides Gridman with more freedom of movement for greater mobility in melee combat, whereby the cannon unit on the back is detached and instead placed on the Bullet Fighter of the Battles Hanger.[11]

  • Power Vise (パワーバイス Pawā Baisu): Two-pronged catcher-like weapons on the arms.
  • Thunder Crash Caliber (サンダークラッシュキャリバー Sandā Kurasshu Kyaribā): A massive sword resembling the Gridman Sword.
    • Lightning Battles Thunderbolt (ライトニングバトルスサンダーボルト Raitoningu Batorusu Sandā Boruto): A full-powered slash attack that can cut through dimensions.
    • Thunder Sword (サンダーソード Sandā Sōdo)
    • Thunder Shield (サンダーシールド Sandā Shīrudo)
  • Double Freezon Beam Cannon (ダブルフリーゾン・ビームキャノン Daburu Furīzon Bīmu Kyanon): Twin cannons mounted on the shoulders that fire energy bullets.
  • Battles Photon Cutter Wing (バトルス・光子カッターウイング Batorusu Kōshi Kattā Uingu): The wings of the Battle Hanger attached on his back are filled with energy, which Gridman can use to slice enemies with.
  • Barrier Beam (バリアービーム Bariā Bīmu): A beam used to block out other forms of energy or dimensional phenomena.
  • Battles Grid Fire (バトルスグリッドファイヤー Batorusu Guriddo Faiyā): A stream of crimson flames emitted from the chest.

Assist Weapons

Main article: Assist Weapons

Assist Weapons (アシストウェポン Ashisuto Uepon) are supporting weapons and/or vehicles that Gridman assist Gridman in his battles. Some of them can combine with Gridman to help him reach more powerful forms.

The Assist Weapons are created and devised by Ippei to assist Gridman in battle. When in the Computer World, Gridman uses the Materialization Beam to complete the process of bringing them into battle.

Initially, Yuka was responsible for handling the programs until Ippei created the Assist Weapon Selector (アシストウェポンセレクター Ashisuto Uepon Serekutā) to contain and deploy them easily. With the exception of Gridman Sword, later Assist Weapons (being mechas themselves) are remotely controlled by both Ippei and Yuka through game controllers. They are also modified to become powered suits for Gridman, thus raising his ability perimeters. In the final episode, Kahn Digifer invaded Junk's server and destroy all the Assist Weapons in their data forms, leaving Gridman almost defeated before Takeshi created the Grid Hyper Beam program.

  • Lightning Blitz Blade Gridman Sword (電光雷撃剣グリッドマンソード Denkō Raigeki Ken Guriddoman Sōdo): A combination of the Barrier Shield and Plasma Blade, created by Compoid and Anosillus as gratitude for saving the latter. It heats up to 10 million degrees Celsius, and unleashes 1 trillion volts of electrical current. Its alternate configuration is Thunder Axe (サンダーアックス Sandā Akkusu).
    • Barrier Shield (バリアーシールド Bariā Shīrudo): A shield made to repel any monster with ultrahigh electromagnetic waves. Created by Ippei with the inspiration from Special Dog (a type of hot dog).
    • Plasma Blade (プラズマブレード Purazuma Burēdo): A sword pulled out of the side of the Barrier Shield. It heats up to 1 million degrees to slash enemies.
  • Combined Electric God God Zenon (合体電神ゴッドゼノン Gattai Denshin Goddo Zenon): A giant robot that combined form the three military vehicle-based Assist Weapons. Designed based on a robot toy.
    • Thunder Jet (サンダージェット Sandā Jetto): A fighter jet inspired from real-life military fighter jet. Forms God Zenon and Thunder Gridman's chest parts and headpieces.
    • Twin Driller (ツインドリラー Tsuin Dorirā): A driller tank with a pair of drills, designed after military tanks. Forms Thunder Gridman's arms and shoulderguards, and God Zenon's midsection.
    • God Tank (ゴッドタンク Goddo Tanku): A caterpillar track-based armored tank that is based on military tanks, especially a missile vehicle. Forms God Zenon and Thunder Gridman's leg parts.
  • Dragon Fortress (ドラゴンフォートレス Doragon Fōtoresu): A coalesced aircraft, formed by Dyna Fighter and King Jet. Transforms into Combined Super Dragon Dyna Dragon (合体超竜ダイナドラゴン Gattai Chō Ryū Daina Doragon), a tyrannosaurus mecha based on the fossil of a tyrannosaurus.
    • Dyna Fighter (ダイナファイター Daina Faitā): An aircraft that is initially Dragonic Cannon (ドラゴニックキャノン Doragonikku Kyanon). Designed based on a dragon-themed artifact that was buried with a Chinese mummy.
    • King Jet (キングジェット Kingu Jetto): A large aircraft made to be Dyna Fighter's support. Can be worn by Gridman to become King Gridman.

Like before, Gridman has access to several Assist Weapons to help him in battle. The Assist Weapons are not programs but are instead the Neon Genesis Junior High Students, who transform into weapons and vehicles for Gridman to use or combine with.

As they were originally parts of Gridman prior to being fragmented, their Assist Weapon forms may have been lost after Gridman regains his original form.

  • Gridman Calibur (グリッドマンキャリバー Guriddoman Kyaribā): A giant sword for use in combat. Can also separate into a sword and shield, as well as having an alternate axe mode called the Powered Axe (パワードアックス Pawādo Akkusu).
  • Battle Tracto Max (バトルトラクトマックス Batoru Torakuto Makkusu): A 10WD vehicle armed with a pair of Tanker Cannons. Combines with Gridman to form Max Gridman or Full Powered Gridman's arms.
  • Buster Borr (バスターボラー Basutā Borā): A caterpillar-track drill tank with a pair of cone drills. Combines with Gridman to form Buster Gridman or Full Powered Gridman's chest and helmet.
  • Sky Vitter (スカイヴィッター Sukai Vittā): A military fighter jet. Combines with Gridman to form Sky Gridman or Full Powered Gridman's legs.


Gridman the Hyper Agent
  • Gridman is a purely energy-based being and cannot act without a host to become one with, that being Naoto.
  • Gridman is subject to a time limit of around 10 minutes. If he exceeds this limit while fighting, or if Junk is strained too much, he will disappear from the Computer World.
  • If Junk crashes from overloading, Gridman will be deleted from the Computer World. Gridman is also directly affected by Junk's performance; if the systems are attacked, Gridman will weaken.
  • Gridman can combine with Naoto if the latter is at another computer should Gridman be aware of it, but doing so uses up a lot of energy.
  • Whatever injuries Naoto sustains pre-transformation will be transferred to Gridman when they merge.
  • Gridman's primary weakness is Junk's processing power, which affects his energy and thus time limit. This was best demonstrated during the fourth episode, when all four Assist Weapons attempted to help Gridman at the same time, Junk overheated and sparked, causing Gridman and the Assist Weapons to freeze in place in a pixelated-like state. After Junk was rebooted by Rikka, Max Gridman had much less energy to use, only enough to deal the finishing blow. In the eighth episode Yuta came up with the idea to come around this weakness from what Gridman told him about his size limitations. By using Gridman at half height, the four Assist Weapons were able to be summoned at once.
  • Gridman is bound to Junk, which means that unless Yuta is near Junk, Gridman cannot fight. Yuta has to either get himself to the computer, or have it brought to him, both of which are time-consuming and impractical.
  • Gridman's time limit is also affected by his size. The larger he is, the less time he has to fight. As a result, his size limit is 70 meters in height, any more and he would not have enough time.


  • The prop used for Ultraman Taro's original rising scene was modified for Ultraman 80's, which was then modified into Gridman's.
  • The coloring of Gridman's Initial Fighter (sans purple) is a tribute to Naoto Sho's cyan bodysuit during his prior fusion with Gridman after activating the Acceptor.
  • Some of Gridman's techniques and actions are references to other moves in the mecha-genre of anime.
    • Gridman's Grid Calibur End is a frame by frame replica of Fighbird's Flame Sword charge up motion from The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird. Prior to that, he points the sword to the screen a la Masami Obari's mecha anime.
    • Buster Gridman's combination sequence has Buster Borr's chest plate flying to Gridman's chest, a reference to Great Fighbird's combination scene.
    • Max Gridman's hand-clasping motion, prior to executing Max Grid Beam is a tribute to Hell & Heaven technique executed by the titular mecha of GaoGaiGar and Optimus Prime (ja:Convoy)'s scene in the Japanese first opening of Transformers Armada (ja:Transformers Micron Legend).
    • Full Powered Gridman's combination sequence is very similar to another super robot, Great Might Gaine.
    • His and Anti's attempt to deliver flying punches as a zooming scene similar to Masami Obari's iconic mecha anime.
    • The Super Lightning Kick is very similar to the Super Inazuma Kick from Aim for the Top! Gunbuster.
    • The positioning of Sky Vitter in Gridman's combination sequence is based on the 501st Joint Fighter Wing members from Strike Witches.
    • The Grid Full Power Finish is also based on one of Great Might Gaine's finishers and is executed similarly.
  • Gridman's Gridknight Saber is inspired by Ultraman Hikari's, a fact made obvious, because in the same episode a version of Hikari from Ultraman: Super Fighter Legend manga made a cameo.
  • Imitating the live action suit in Gridman the Hyper Agent, Gridman's shoulder guards flop around when he fights in 3DCG scenes.
  • Full Powered Gridman's setup slightly differs from its template, Thunder Gridman, from Gridman the Hyper Agent. On Thunder Gridman, the drill Assist Weapon forms the arms and shoulders, the jet forms the chest plate and the tank forms the legs whereas on Full Powered Gridman, the drill forms the chest plate, the tank forms the arms and the jet forms the legs. Full Powered Gridman's name is also derived from another of Gridman's forms, also called Full Power Gridman, which was Thunder Gridman using the Dyna Dragon set of Assist Weapons; riding the King Jet while holding the Dragonic Cannon, whereas this version wields the Gridman Sword's equivalent instead.
  • Gridman's speech at the end of SSSS.GRIDMAN is very similar, if not identical to, his last speech at the end of Gridman the Hyper Agent.
  • While Gridman retains his original voice actor in the 2018 anime, Midorikawa's vocals in the new series are comparatively different from the 1993 voice samples, being much deeper, clear and legible than the more hoarse original.
  • Gridman, in his SSSS.GRIDMAN forms, is the first Tsuburaya character to be featured in a Super Robot Wars game, with his debut in Super Robot Wars 30, followed shortly after by ULTRAMAN in DLC 2.

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