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"If there was a space energy reading of zero, then there's nothing in front of Space Musketty. Literally nothing, I mean. Zero, a void. That light shown is our senses trying to perceive a total lack of information."

Gourman depicting Greeza's first form.

Greeza (グリーザ, Gurīza)[1] is a monster born from the distortions of space, being the manifestation of a "hole" in space that gives off no signs of life. It is the main antagonist of Ultraman X and the final enemy of the series as well.

Subtitle: Void Monster (虚空怪獣, Kokū Kaijū)[1]



Greeza's name comes from the words of Greed and Glee.


Pre-Ultraman X

"Greeza targets the life energy of planets, and leaves nothing in its wake. After Greeza destroyed three planets rich with life, I followed it to this solar system. When Greeza sets his sights on Earth, I was only able to defeat it by pushing it to the sun. It all happened fifteen years ago."

―Ultraman X, A Beautiful End

At some unknown point of time, Greeza briefly met with Ultraman Tregear during his fall into darkness, the latter finding their common ground for their relation to "nothingness". Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow Fifteen years ago, after it destroyed three planets filled with life, Greeza desired to destroy the solar system. As it raced into the Milky Way, it met resistance in the form of Ultraman X. All for One Both Ultra and the figure clashed each others in their travel sphere forms until they reached the sun, where X takes this opportunity to throw the villain into it. However, this had become his greatest undoing, as the villain's demise had set forth the Ultra Flare, with said wave trapped X in a form of computer data and banished him to the Earth. A Voice From the Starry Sky

Ultraman X

"Come on, haven't you heard about this? One day, black lightning bolts began to strike this planet. Any monster they hit will go berserk, like they're being driven to destroy anything."
"Do you know what the Dark Thunder Energy is?"
"I'm sorry but I'm not that well-informed. But at this rate, your planet will be doomed. I've got it on good authority."

Dada and Daichi Oozora during the former's confession.

Greeza had in fact survived its supposed destruction, revived from the waves of Ultra Flare and launched the Dark Thunder Energy on Earth to turn monsters berserk and has been doing it for at least 18 days, starting at around Mercury, and then moving past Venus to reach the Earth, according to the UNVER HQ at Geneva. Its activities were noticed by aliens hiding on the Earth, so much so that a Dada predicted that the Earth shall face extinction from the attack. To make things worse, the lightning was also being taken advantage by an evil faction during its debut, until they were defeated.

Sometime after a group Bugbuzuns' intrusion to Earth, Mamoru and Wataru spotted Greeza in its first form when they were flying past the moon and it's contact made the Space Musketty lose contact with headquarters. Greeza eventually landed on Earth and completely obliterated the UNVER base in Nevada and absorbed all of the Spark Dolls there because it sensed that place as the largest source of Spark Dolls in the world and that Earth's monsters are the most abundant in life energy. Greeza then turned into its second form and flew straight to the second largest source, which just so happened to be the Xio headquarters in Japan.

On its way to Japan, it is met by opposition by Xio USA in the North Pacific airspace and they launch Perseus missiles at Greeza, but it dodged them all and destroyed the resistance. It then zooms in on the Xio base when Daichi turns into Ultraman X and he turns into his Exceed X form immediately to stop it. After a quick tussle, X is joined by Hayato in the Sky Musketty and Cyber Gomora to stop Greeza, but the alien gains the upper hand due to its distortion, shielding, and strong attacks. Eventually he downs the Sky Musketty with its beam, and unrealizes Cyber Gomora with its vortex, which also interfered with the electricty in the surrounding area as well. X tried to use the Exceed X Slash on Greeza, but it absorbed him. Unfortunately for Greeza, this lead to a mistake as it was presumably killed as X blew it up from within. A Beautiful End

Soon afterwards, Greeza regenerated and re-enacted its attack on the Xio base and was met with resistance by Cyber Gomora again. Greeza made quick work of it and, at the same time, destroyed the Xio base with its energy attacks. The alien then absorbed all of the Spark Dolls at the base, even the recently revived EX Red King, Tsurugi Demaaga, and EX Gomora, until it transformed into its final form. Then, Greeza resumed its rampage on Earth despite the obstacle of Xio. Before he could finish them off, Wataru and Mamoru returned in the Space Musketty and destroyed the energy ball meant for Xio.

Soon enough, Daichi and X reunited and stood in Greeza's way once more. Even in his Exceed X form, the Ultraman couldn't keep up Greeza and its new powers gained from the Spark Dolls, including Gomora's Ultra Oscillation Wave and EX Red King's Flame Road. But then Daichi reached out to Gomora and struck Greeza in the chest. This resulted in all of the Spark Dolls it absorbed coming to X and he united with him to form the Hybrid Armor. Greeza was eventually defeated once and for all with the Ultimate Xanadium, powered by all of the Cyber Cards and Spark Dolls. The Rainbow Land

Jugglus Juggler Chronicle: Ja no Michi wa Hebi

Greeza's card was one of the many Kaiju Cards in possession of Alien Arcana Doman Seman. While unintended, the Greeza card is the last to be used by Doman, which summons a giant ghostly arm that drags him into the depths of the void. Jugglus Juggler Chronicle: Ja no Michi wa Hebi

Ultraman Z


During the evening after Z defeated Bullton, a strange dimensional rift appeared in the sky, heralding Greeza's arrival. Four-Dimensional Capriccio On the day after the fight against Bullton, Greeza had devoured eleven disaster disposal workers, making it as if they vanished into thin air. Riku Asakura contacted Haruki Natsukawa when he detected void vibrations on Haruki's Earth, saying that Bullton's destruction caused a hole to be formed in the universe as it was no longer around to bear "irrationalities" to sustain the universe. Just then, Greeza fully materialized and started to attack the city. Z and Geed transformed to fight against the void monster, and were then joined by Jugglus Juggler, transformed into Tri-King and then Five King. Still, their efforts were not enough to bring Greeza down. Geed decided to sacrifice himself by fusing with Greeza to trap it between reality and unreality, sealing it in its first form. He had told Z that a "needle" existed beyond the void, and gave Z his Ultra Medal for later use.

That night, Greeza had almost completely fused with Geed and became active again. Fortunately, after having acquired the Belial Medal from Celebro, Z transformed into his new form Delta Rise Claw, which had the power to withstand getting absorbed by Greeza. Z managed to free Geed from the void and pull out the Beliarok, which was the proverbial "needle" that was required to sew the hole in space and destroy Greeza. After a brief fight, Z and Haruki managed to convince the Beliarok to fight alongside them and finished off Greeza with the Deathcium Slash. A Warrior's Duty


Greeza (First Form)

First Form (第一形態, Dai Ichi Keitai) is Greeza's original appearance, which was prior to its arrival on Earth.

  • Height: Immeasurable
  • Weight: Immeasurable
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Travel Ball: Greeza can turn itself into an energy ball for transportation. Said transportation is durable enough to collide with X's during their travel to Milky Way.
  • Flight: Greeza can perform an anti-gravity flight.
  • Space-Time Distortion: Greeza's true nature is a sentient space anomaly which cannot be detected due to its low energy levels and presence. As it is physically nothing, the white ray it emits is basically how human brains perceive it as "nothingness".
  • Dark Thunder Energy (ダークサンダーエナジー, Dāku Sandā Enajī): Greeza can launch a stream of dark lightning bolt which capable of weakening light beings and empowering monsters and aliens. This lightning functions to detect emitters of bio-energy in life forms, thus turning them powerful and berserk are simple side effects.
  • Life Force Sensing: Greeza can sense the life energy of beings, even from across space, which is how it hunts. Its primary targets are Kaiju, even in Spark Doll form, and then the other life forms on a planet.
  • Greeza Absorption (グリーザアブソープション, Gurīza Abusōpushon): Greeza can gain power from the life forms it absorbs. This allows it to mature.
    • Evolution: Greeza can evolve itself to its second form, allowing it to adapt in Earth environments.

Greeza (Second Form)

Second Form (第二形態, Dai Ni Keitai) is Greeza's humanoid form, which it obtained from absorbing Spark Dolls in UNVER Nevada Base. Aside from being sleeker, Greeza can also adapt to Earth environment.

  • Height: Immeasurable
  • Weight: Immeasurable
  • Origin: UNVER Nevada Base (X), Distortions of space (Z)
  • Weakness: In Ultraman Z, the only thing capable of harming Greeza was the space needle used to sewn the living anomaly itself, stored in the very depths of said monster and is obtainable if a stronger force is able to reach it. Said needle has become the Beliarok itself.
Powers and Weapons
  • Flight: Greeza can perform anti-gravity flight.
  • Space-Time Distortion: Greeza seems to be a walking spacial anomaly, warping space around itself at all times, resulting in its erratic movements. This can result in it suddenly teleporting, hyper-speed traveling, stopping its enemy mid punch, and an energy field that deflects light bullets. This ability was forsaken thanks to the Xlugger, which manages to turn Greeza into a physical body moments before Exceed X self destructed from within, as it can be seen when Cyber Gomora could deliver a hit and it can't be evaded.
    • Shielding: Greeza is capable of creating a barely visible, circular energy shield to neutralize stronger attacks.
  • Dark Thunder Energy (ダークサンダーエナジー, Dāku Sandā Enajī): Greeza can launch a stream of dark lightning bolt which capable of weakening light beings and empowering monsters and aliens.
  • Greeza Dark Lightning (グリーザダークライトニング, Gurīza Dāku Raitoningu): A powerful beam fired from Greeza's chest.
  • Greeza Beam (グリーザビーム, Gurīza Bīmu): An energy attack that is launched from its head or from its back.
  • Greeza Double Helix (グリーザダブルへリックス, Gurīza Daburu Herikkusu): Greeza's strongest attack, launched from its chest.
  • Life Force Sensing: Greeza can sense the life energy of beings, even from across space, which is how it hunts. Its primary targets are Kaiju, even in Spark Doll form, and then the other life forms on a planet.
  • Greeza Vortex (グリーザボルテックス, Gurīza Borutekkusu) Greeza shoots a purple or dark red oscillating energy beam from its head.
  • Greeza Akuon (グリーザアクオン, Gurīza Akuon): Greeza can unleash shock waves that can cause electrical devices to malfunction, it can also put strain on its enemies. In Ultraman Z, it is considered as one of the many attacks for Greeza's Strain Effect.
  • Regeneration: Greeza can regenerate itself after its destruction.
  • Energy Whips: Greeza can summon five energy orbs which unleash energy whips to ensnare the opponent.
  • Greeza Absorption (グリーザアブソープション, Gurīza Abusōpushon): Greeza can also absorb incoming attacks, even those of sacrificial bullets by creating a black hole first.
    • Dark Thunder Absorption (ダークサンダーアブソープション, Dāku Sandā Abusōpushon): Greeza can gain the powers from the life forms it absorbs, this allows it to mature. It appears as a portal of light from the core on its chest, from which ghostly hands stretch and pull in any life form they can capture.
      • Evolution: Greeza can evolve itself to its final form once absorbing enough life forms.
Ultraman Z
  • Strain Effect (ストレインエフェクト, Sutoren Efekuto): As a living anomaly, Greeza is able to use energy attacks to its liking.
    • Energy Tentacles: Greeza can use tentacles that emerge from its back to attack with.
    • Energy Spheres: Greeza attack the enemy using energy missiles, which vary in size.
    • Barrier: A barrier that takes the form of multiple spheres.
  • Transformation: Greeza can freely shift between his first form and second form.
  • Wrecking Burst (レッキングバースト, Rekkingu Bāsuto): After absorbing Ultraman Geed, Greeza obtained the ability to perform the Ultra's finishing move. This ability was removed after Z managed to free Geed from Greeza's body.

Greeza (Final Form)

Final Form (最終形態, Saishū Keitai) is the result of Greeza absorbing all Spark Dolls in Operation Base X. It appears as the second form donning a set of armor with protrusions.

  • Height: Immeasurable
  • Weight: Immeasurable
  • Origin: Operation Base X (Japan)
  • Weakness: The final form of Greeza is no longer a space anomaly, thanks to the Xlugger forcing it into a physical body during the destroyer's second form, therefore allowing X Hybrid Armor to simply destroy it.
Powers and Weapons
  • Greeza Beam (グリーザビーム, Gurīza Bīmu): An energy attack that is launched from its head or from its back.
  • Greeza Absorption (グリーザアブソープション, Gurīza Abusōpushon): Greeza can absorb incoming attacks, first by encasing them in spherical forms before absorbing them to return fire with its own version.
  • Armor: Aside from the dermal armor, as a result of its evolution, Greeza is equipped with a bigger armor, ranging from its jacket, gauntlets and hip armors. It serves as a dark counterpart to X's MonsArmors, particularly for "borrowing" a Kaiju's powers as well.
  • Barrier: Greeza is capable of creating a circular energy to neutralize stronger attacks.
  • Energy Missiles: Greeza is capable of launching numerous Energy Missles from all of its body, depending on it's power.
  • Spark Doll Powers: Having absorbed the Spark Dolls, Greeza can utilize their powers in its own version. Whenever he utilize their powers, the corresponding Kaiju roars can be heard on the background.
    • Greeza Shock (グリーザショック, Gurīza Shokku): Eleking's Electric Tail, Greeza can unleash electric whips to ensnare opponents.
    • Greeza Flame Road (グリーザフレイムロード, Gurīza Fureimu Rōdo): EX Red King's power, Greeza can launch a series of massive eruptions capable of dealing damage to even the strongest of opponents.
    • Greeza Magma Attack (グリーザマグマアタック, Gurīza Maguma Atakku): Based on Demaaga's fireball eruption, Greeza can launch fireballs at multiple directions from its chest.
    • Greeza Oscillation Wave (グリーザ振動波, Gurīza Shindō-ha): Based on Gomora's Ultra Oscillation Wave, Greeza first rushed towards the opponent and deliver a large shockwave which forcefully repels them. Its tactic is more likely based on the Zero Shoot variation, due to being made in a manner of point blank.
    • Greeza Red Heat Ray (グリーザ赤色熱線, Gurīza Sekishoku Nessen): Based on Zetton's One Trillion Degrees Fireball, Greeza can launch a single destructive fireball from its face.

Cyber Greeza
Ultraman X Cyber Greeza Card

Cyber Greeza (サイバーグリーザ, Saibā Gurīza)

  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Xio Headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 25/25
Powers and Weapons
  • None

Dark Thunder Energy Victims

During the second half of Ultraman X, Greeza constantly fired the Dark Thunder Energy towards Earth, causing the targets to be affected. Exposed victims tend to be empowered and went berserk, but fewer of them retain their free will.



  • The prop of Greeza's first form was modified from the Purana in Neo Ultra Q.[2] Said prop would later be reverted back to Purana in Ultraman Taiga, and a new first form prop appears to have been constructed for its appearance in Ultraman Z.
  • Greeza's second form's unstable movement was due to its nature being "nonexistent" and a walking space anomaly, therefore its existence is instability to itself and its surroundings. Said movement was inspired by butoh, a form of Japanese dance theatre that encompasses a diverse range of activities, techniques, and motivations for dance, performance, or movement.[3]
  • Kiyotaka Taguchi revealed that before Ultraman Exceed X sacrificed himself to blow up Greeza from within, his Xlugger provided Greeza a physical body. Once Greeza reconstituted from its apparent destruction, it was no longer a space anomaly and therefore it physically existed. However, this was also a primary factor in its fall, as Greeza's current state allowed the Xlugger to finish it.[4]
  • One of the series' writers, Hirotoshi Kobayashi, said that a motif in Greeza's design was his own traumatic image of Zetton when he was a child.[5]
  • Another writer, Takao Nakano, has stated that Greeza's final form with its spike armor was inspired by the Sagrada Família church.
    • The final form's suit was simply the second form equipped with a jacket-like prop and a pair of gauntlets to make up its talons. Said prop however was too bulky and heavy for the suit actor to handle, thus not many physical movements were made by Greeza during recording.
  • Out of all Cyber Cards, Greeza is the first to have its Cyber Power rated full.
  • In Xio's database display, its categorization was defined as "TYPE UNKNOWN". Despite its given subtitle "Void Monster", its Cyber Card set is categorized as "Type A (Alien)".
    • It was revealed by Kiyotaka Taguchi that he purposely used the "Kaiju" term, and stated that Greeza is "A non-existent monster, to the point that it can't even describe its subject, life form, and appearance".[6]
  • Greeza's roar seems to be a mixture of modified monkey calls and generic humpback whale songs.
  • Greeza's appearance in Ultraman Z is to introduce another strong monster into the hierarchy of the titular Ultra's growth. It was originally meant to be a new monster, but since the budget has all been used for Sevenger and King Joe STORAGE Custom, Greeza was chosen, coincidentally for its last usage before the then-battered suit would be modified into a new monster costume in the future. Since Greeza is "nothingness", the original plan was to defeat Greeza with an item sharing its own power, but it was changed into Beliarok so as to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ultraman Belial himself.
  • The design of the ships operated by V99 in Ultraman Blazar seem to be based on Greeza's Final Form and Mokian.[7]


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