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Green Shocks (グリンショックス Gurin Shokkusu) was a Kaiju that appeared in Ultraman: The Adventure Begins. An alien plant monster from the destroyed Planet Sorkin, Green Shocks faced Ultrawoman Beth in the outskirts of New Orleans. Though Green Shocks was able to keep the upper hand for most of his fight against Beth, he was eventually killed after a long and difficult battle.

Subtitle: Plant Monster (植物怪獣 Shokubutsu Kaijū)


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

One of four survivors of Planet Sorkin, Green Shocks crash landed to Earth in a meteor in the southern Louisiana swamp. After attacking two locals Green Shocks made his way out of the swamp and was heading for New Orleans. The Ultra Force, a team consisting of three pilots from the former Flying Angels air force team, went to Louisiana to attack Green Shocks. During the attack, the Ultra Force could not get past his regeneration and soon Green Shocks managed to catch Beth O'Brian in her fighter. At that moment she turned into Ultrawoman Beth to fight Green Shocks. Beth and Green Shocks could not beat each other outright until Andy suggested to use salt water on the creature. Within seconds, Beth flew into the Gulf of Mexico off of an island and managed to kill most of Green Shocks by submerging him underwater. However, Green Shocks managed to regenerate his entire body and tried to run after failing to counterattack only for Beth to use the Ultra Spout to completely dissolve him.


  • Height: 100 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Sorkin → Louisiana
Powers and Weapons
  • Growth: Green Shocks can grow to larger sizes in a matter of hours.
  • Vines: All of Green Shocks’ vines can stretch out to long lengths, allowing them be used as tentacles to ensnare and constrict foes. If severed, these vines can almost instantly regenerate and also have the chance of growing into a new Green Shocks.
  • Regeneration: Green Shocks can recover from battle damage quickly.
  • Acid: Green Shocks has a burning, lava-like fluid in the center of its flower-like head.


Ultraman: The Adventure Begins

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