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Graygas (グレイガス Gureigasu) was a monster that was meant to appear in the Redman series.



Graygas was meant to be one of the three new Redman Kaiju to appear in the final episode of the series, along with Sufinga and Big Liger. But due to time and budget contsrains, he was not made.

Graygas was a species of land beasts who evolved from underground creatures and lived during the Mesozoic Jurassic to Cretaceous period. Normal diet consists of at least 5 elephants and 30 lions. Feeds on magma when underground.

A Graygas survived until the present day ten thousand metres under the Arizona Desert. He dug his was to Japan, emerging from the Central Region Great Fault Zone (中部大断層地帯).


  • Height: 52 m
  • Length: 75 m
  • Weight: 34,000 t
  • Origin: Underground Arizona
Powers and Weapons
  • Flames: It is stated that Graygas can spit flames over 200 mthat can melt tanks in five seconds.
  • Graygas Jump: Graygas uses his tail like a kangaroo to spring 300 metres into the air, when diving down, he uses his claws to shred the enemy.
  • Arms: Graygas has strong arms that can tear a blue whale into two.
  • Poison: Graygas can immobilise prey with poisonous liquid.
  • Strong Teeth: His teeth can bite through and eat a 20 ton truck.
  • Armour: Cuhion-like torso absorbs energy from attacks like missiles and napalm and converts it to his own energy.
  • Horns: The horns on his head reddens when he is angry and heats up to thousands of degrees.
  • Magma: Graygas can spray magma from his tail which can melt rocks and metal.



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