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The Gravity Machine (重力マシン Jūryoku Mashin) is a machine used by the Invaders to attempt to defeat Mirrorman.


  • Alternate Dimension Superweapon (異次元超兵器 I Jigen Chō-Heiki)
  • Robot Monster (ロボット怪獣 Robotto Kaijū)



One night in Namioka City the Gravity Machine was activated from inside a building and emitted a green barrier to control the gravity around it. The SGM noticed a jet called Green Bird 918 was stuck in midair over the city. After this Dr. Mitarai got a call from a scientist named Dr. ino that confessed he created the Gravity Control machine with the help of the Invaders. Shortly after this the Gravity Machine's barrier began to expand beyond the city limits. Kyotaro spotted Dr. Hino at the city outskirts, wondering why he sold his soul to the Invaders. The treacherous scientist did this because Dr. Mitarai failed to acknowledge his talent despite working together. Dr. Hino ends the conversation telling Kyotaro to save Namioka City if he could as he walked away laughing in a sinister manner. The next day the SGM detected a large space ship heading toward Earth due to the Invaders now having a stronghold. Dr. Mitarai believes that the barrier could be broken if two light speed objects collided on both sides of the barrier.

Shortly after Dr. Hino was killed by the Invaders via lethal injection Kyotaro traveled to the city as Mirrorman using the second dimension. Mirrorman assaulted the Gravity Machine, but its thick armor proved too much for the hero. During this the large space ship entered the atmosphere and fought with three jet fighters. In desperation Mirrorman phased into the machine where he encountered three giant Invaders with the intent on fighting back. It was here that he fought them at their home world of Planet X in the dark universe in the fourth dimension which only he could see them for who they were. The Invaders managed to shock Mirrorman to gain an upper hand on him and even managed to deflect the Mirror Knife via spinning. However, the hero never gave up and eventually managed to fight back against the Invaders and finished the fight with different beam attacks. With one use of the Mirror Knife the portal to the dark universe was destroyed as was the Gravity Machine itself, restoring time back to normal.

Mirror Fight

The Gravity Machine appeared in episode 14 of Mirror Fight. Stock footage of its "fight" in Mirrorman were reused in this series.


  • Height: 20 m
  • Weight: 47,000 t
  • Origin: A Namioka City building
Powers and Weapons
  • Gravity Control: As it's name implies, it can control the gravity around it.
  • Time Stopping Barrier: Gravity Machine can emit a green barrier around it that can stop time and slowly grow over time.
  • Armor: Gravity Machine has thick armor that allows it a high resistance to beam attacks as strong as the Mirror Knife and Slicer V.


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