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Grantector (グランテクター Gurantekutā) was a prototype, but more powerful, version of the Cosmo Tector model used by Andro Melos. It was created by the ancient Ultra Prometheus from Ultra Super Legends.


Andro Melos

The Grantector was created ancient scientists of the Andro group which was later hidden beneath the North Pole on Earth.

Years passed and to combat the Gua Army gigantic robots, Gyeronia, Bemzn and King Joegue, Andro Melos flew to the Earth to retrieve the Cosmo Tector and used it to defeat the monster robots. With all members of Gua Army defeated, the remaining leaders, Juda, Mold and Gina had no choice but to reform into Gua. Melos quickly used the Grantector for the last time and defeated the decrepit villain, at the cost of the armor getting destroyed as well.


  • Strength Enhancement: The Grantector's main ability is to enhance the user's strength, speed and performance.



Andro Melos


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