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Grand King (グランドキング Gurando Kingu) is a cyborg Kaiju that first appeared in Ultraman Story as the secondary antagonist. Though the first Grand King is a chimeric robot, empowered by the spirits of several opponents previously fought by the Ultras, numerous unique forms of Grand King exist that appear to be entirely new, rather than combinations like the original.


  • Grand King: Super Combined Monster (超合体怪獣 Chō Gattai Kaijū)
  • Super Grand King: Super Monster (超怪獣 Chō Kaijū)
  • Maga-Grand King: Earth Lord Monster (土ノ魔王獣 Tsuchi no Maō-jū)
  • Grand King Megalos: Super Dreadnought Monster (超弩級怪獣 Chō Dokyū Kaijū)


Ultraman Story

While Taro was fighting Enmargo on Earth, Juda combined the spirits of Alien Baltan, Red King, Gomora, Alien Mefilas, Eleking, and Alien Hipporit into a monstrous robot known as Grand King. The robot took repeated assaults from Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace, and Zoffy without even slowing down. Firing back, Grand King brought down each of the Ultra Brothers. Soon the fight was taken to the surface of an alien world where there is no life to minimize damage. The Ultras tried their best, but Grand King was too powerful and continued to shrug off their strongest attacks as if they were nothing. Just as it all looked grim for the five Ultras, Taro returned from his battle on Earth to assist his comrades in stopping the machine. However even after joining the fight, Taro and the brothers were still no match for Grand King's strength and armor. It was then that the revived Father of Ultra sent out an order so the five brothers fused with Taro so that he would have enough power to bring down the juggernaut. Once they did this, Taro managed to topple the goliath. Grand King refused to go down without a fight, resulting in Taro using his new Cosmo Miracle Ray. An attack so powerful it was capable of blowing through Grand King's armor and destroying the mechanical monster for good. With Grand King destroyed, Juda was dragged back to where he came and was never seen again. Ultraman Story


  • Grand King was also supposed to be put together with the souls of Kingsaurus III, Astromons and Silverbloome, but the monsters were dropped for unknown reasons.
  • Grand King's appearance and fight with the Ultra Brothers in Ultraman Story was referenced by Hikaru Raido in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 26.
  • Grand King's roar is an mechanically altered Gabora roar.
  • When Juda summons the souls of the monsters, the roars of Red King and Neronga are heard (despite the latter not being a known component).
  • In behind the scenes, the Grand King suit's original color is silver, but the filming studio that depicted the monster's fight with the Ultra Brothers made it appear as if it was copper. Incidentally, this later color scheme is used to represent Grand King in later media, with Super Grand King even colored after this.

Ultraman Ginga

Super Grand King

An updated Grand King, known as Super Grand King (スーパーグランドキング Supa Gurand Kinggu), appeared in episode 10.

Here, he was Darklived by Alien Nackle Gray and a corrupted Misuzu. As Hikaru/Ultraman Ginga and Tomoya/Jean-Nine realized this, Ginga advise Hikaru to enter Misuzu's mind to reason with her. At the same time, Hikaru's friends and Misuzu's father transformed themselves into Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman Tiga. With Jean-Nine, they tried their best to hold off Super Grand King but failed due to the Ultras' time limit and being overpowered at by the monster. When Hikaru finally convinced Misuzu to free herself, she exited Super Grand King, leaving Nackle Gray alone in charge of it while entering Ultraman Ginga and recharged the Ultra's energy. Together, they defeated the robot with Ginga Sunshine, gaining Alien Nackle's and Grand King's Spark Dolls. Darkness and Light


  • The Super Grand King was originally meant to be an original ULTRA-ACT figure, but it was decided to be created into a new monster suit. The original design meant for the monster to be slender, but was given a pair of bigger arms and smaller head for a massive presence.
  • Super Grand King's roar is the same as Grand King, only with occasional Windom roars mixed in.
  • Super Grand King and Tyrant are the only monsters in the series that were Darklived by an alien instead of a human, although for a time Alien Nackle had an unwilling human partner.
  • It is possible that this Grand King's lack of the word "combination" in his subtitle was due to him not being a combination.
  • In stage shows, an inflatable prop is sometimes used instead of a suit, such as in Ultraman Festival 2016.

Ultra Fight Victory

"Destroy everything, Super Grand King Spectre!"

―Juda Spectre commanding Super Grand King Spectre
Grand King Spector v Ultra Brothers.png

Super Grand King reappeared in this special as Super Grand King Spectre (スーパーグランドキング・スペクター Sūpā Gurando Kinggu Supekutā), where he receives a similar upgrade to his master, Juda Spectre, being gold and silver in color and wielding a giant sword. In this appearance, Super Grand King looks similar to his original form.

Super Grand King Spectre was created by Juda Spectre to defeat the Ultra Brothers and to destroy everything else after that. After firing his energy blasts at the Ultras, Ace launched a Vertical Ultra Guillotine at Grand King but Grand King destroyed it by swinging his Bat Calibur. Then, Leo and Astra used the Leo Kick and Astra Kick respectfully at him, but the kicks weren't enough to counter the energy blasts. Ginga Victory then launched Mebium Shoot at the robot but Grand King overpowered it with his Chest Laser and even separated the two Ultras. While Victory went up to the distortion to challenge Juda Spectre, Ginga, along with the other Ultras stayed behind to deal with Super Grand King Spectre.

After Super Grand King Spectre launched more energy blasts, Ginga launched Ginga Thunderbolt to weaken him a bit so that the other Ultras can deal more damage to him in close combat.

When Victory used his powers in Knight Timbre mode to distort Juda's distortion to his own, the particles from that said dimension weakened Super Grand King Spectre enough to be left immobilized and was defeated by a combination of Ace's Metalium Beam, Leo and Astra's Ultra Double Flasher, and Ginga's Ginga Cross Shoot while Victory defeats Juda once and for all with his Knight Victorium Break.


  • The word Spectre was originally written as "Spector", as evidenced by its Spark Doll product [1]. However, the release of its Cyber Card, Cyber Super Grand King Spectre eventually contradicted this name.

Ultraman Orb

"The red, horned giant sealed away the giant, malevolent beast that shakes the Earth, with the power of the dragon veins."

―Maga-Grand King's description in the Pacific Records

"I'll introduce you to a much nicer sound than that melody you play... The roar of Lord Monster!!"

―Jugglus Juggler after awaking Maga-Grand King

Maga-Grand King

Maga-Grand King (マガグランドキング Maga Gurando Kingu) was one of the Lord Monsters created by Maga-Orochi, representing the element of Earth. It was sealed away by Ultraman Taro in the ancient past using ancient Feng Shui.

On a day like any other day at around 3 PM, a large sinkhole emerged in the Minamigawa business district. Using his Ultra senses, Gai Kurenai immediately discovered that Maga-Grand King, "The Earth Lord Monster" was responsible for all of this, despite him being sealed in his sleep at the moment. Soon after that, another hole opened up, taking some more buildings with it, It was then revealed that his arch nemesis, Jugglus Juggler, planned on neutralizing the Ultra Fusion Card that sealed up the monster's and awakening it by using the Kaiju Cards (shown: Telesdon, Antlar, Gomora, and Golza) to awaken the monster by which they simultaneously disrupted the qi of the Feng Shui seal and had it absorb their strength in hopes of using its powers to swallow everything on the surface. This would allow the monster awaken despite its seal still remaining.

Despite some intervention from Gai, the vile fiend managed get rid of the last two dragon veins, and succeed in his mission. Maga-Grand King rose again, and Gai transformed into Ultraman Orb to stop him. Although the Ultra managed to dodge his empowered drills with his accelerated speed, his physical attacks failed to daze the monster. Orb launched a Sparion Beam at the robot, which seemed to just stun the beast. Maga-Grand King retaliated by firing large lasers from his chest. After avoiding a few blasts, Orb began to run out of time. Avoiding another blast, he noticed that the beam was reflected off of the glass of the building behind him. Knowing this, Orb beckoned Maga-Grand King to fire yet another laser and, Orb used the Sparion Shield (Mirror Type). After a small struggle, Orb managed to reflect the beam back at the Grand King creating a hole that exposed it's insides, Orb fired another Sparion Beam, this time into the hole, causing Maga-Grand King to explode. Jugglus Juggler obtained Maga-Grand King's Kaiju Card through the use of his Dark Ring while Gai obtained Ultraman Taro's Ultra Fusion Card from the monster's Maga-Crystal.


  • Maga-Grand King's early design had its entire body armor dark green, along with a sharper Maga-Crystal that was not completely embedded in his head.
  • Maga-Grand King's head is modeled to better resemble the original Grand King's, while keeping the Super Grand King style body and its tail being shortened.
  • When Maga-Grand King performs his Maga-Perforation, it mimics a scene from the 2003 Toho movie Dragon Head. The team were even given direct permission from the film's director to recreate the scene for the episode.
  • A probable reason for a variation of Grand King being chosen to represent the element of Earth may be because the words 'Grand' and 'Ground' are written using the same katakana (グランド "Gurando"), making a pun - 'Ground King'.

Ultraman R/B


Saki Mitsurugi transformed into Grand King Megalos (グランドキングメガロス Gurando Kingu Megarosu) in her attempt to defeat Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu. When it arrived, it first fired its machinegun upon the brothers and Gomora (who they were initially fighting), its explosive bullets halted their fight and knocked them back. Then, Gomora rushed towards Grand King Megalos, firing its Super Oscillatory Wave at it, only to have it deflected away and soon after, Grand King Megalos destroyed Gomora with its Megalos Blaster. Grand King Megalos then turned its attention to the brothers and charged at them, while deflecting all of their physical and beam attacks and pushed them away without much effort. It then deployed its energy blade against them and countered the R/B Slugger Blu with it and its tough armor. Near the end of their battle, Katsumi and Isami tried to turn into Ultraman Ruebe but they fail as its power rejected them. Grand King Megalos launched its back spike projections and used to fire lasers against the Ultraman siblings. In a final effort to destroy it, Blu then changed into his Ground Form and used his Earth Bringer against it, to only have blocked by Grand King Megalos' barrier. Finally it proceeded to use its mouth beam upon them, but Rosso used a barrier to deflect the beam back to it and with a simultaneous second Earth Bringer from Blu, Grand King Megalos was defeated. Memory of StardustCandies and Manju


  • Suit Actor: Kenji Kajikawa
  • Megalos means "Great" in the Greek language.
  • The suit was designed by Masayuki Gotoh to be a retool of Maga-Grand King, the head being altered to make it more distinctive from any Grand King variations and included golden coloration on certain parts of the body to express its flashiness in strength.
  • In the original planning, Saki was meant to only transform into Grigio monsters while Grand King Megalos was a summoned monster, but was changed to emphasize her development and for her to get hurt from the fight. Since Megalos is naturally a powerful monster on its own right, the production crew decided to make Saki drunk with power as a result of Megalos' influence.
  • Director Ryuichi Ichino was given the option of either Grand King or Nova, choosing the former as the latter would be an impossible option. But since Grand King has made a lot of appearances in the New Generation Heroes series, it was decided to give the monster a set of unconventional powers as a distinction while still posing a force to be reckoned with in against Rosso and Blu.
  • The sounds Grand King Megalos makes when it walks are taken from Galactron.
  • The way Grand King Megalos was defeated via reflecting its own beam is most likely a reference to how Orb defeated Maga-Grand King.


Grand King

Grand King

  • Height: 70 m (78 m in some sources)
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Right Arm Length: 46 m
  • Left Arm Length: 32 m
  • Foot Size: 15 m
Powers and Weapons
  • Gran Laser (グランレーザー Guran Rēzā): Grand King can fire powerful red energy lasers from his nose, mouth, and tail. They are strong enough to knock down any of the Ultra Brothers and cause massive explosions.
  • Super Strength: Grand King is strong enough to overpower several Ultras at once.
  • Mega Armor: The armor on Grand King's body is extremely strong, it is capable of taking massive amounts of damage, shrugging off multiple Ultra Beams.
  • Gran Crash (グランクラッシュ Guran Kurasshu): Grand King can fire explosive rounds from his left claw.
  • Energy Shield: Grand King can create a shield of energy to protect himself. Used to free itself when the five Ultra Brothers grabbed him.
  • Pellet: Grand King has a pellet on his arm that can catch Ultraseven's Eye Slugger.

Super Grand King

Super Grand King

  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Breath: Super Grand King can fire a purple energy stream from its mouth.
  • Chest Lasers: Super Grand King can absorb energies from its back and launch it from its chest.
  • Strength: Super Grand King is strong enough to overpower several Ultras at once and even Jean-Nine.
  • Armor: The armor on Super Grand King's body is extremely strong, capable of taking massive amounts of damage before breaking.
  • Giant Left Claw: Super Grand King is armed with an oversized claw on its left arm.
  • Right Hand Pincher: Super Grand King is armed with an oversized pincer on its right arm.
  • Tail Mace: At the end of the monster's tail is a spiked load which can act as a mace for melee combat.

Super Grand King Spectre

Super Grand King Spectre

  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Origin: Juda Spectre
Powers and Weapons
  • Giant Left Claw: Super Grand King Spectre is armed with an oversized claw on its left arm.
  • Bat Calibur (バットキャリバー Batto Kyaribā): Super Grand King Spectre is armed with an oversized blade on its right arm. This sword is similar to the one used by Juda Spectre, despite different in their positions (Juda's Bat Calibre is a handheld sword while Grand King's is an arm blade). It can glow when swung (first used to counter Ace's Ultra Guillotine).
  • Strength: Super Grand King Spectre is strong enough to overpower several Ultras at once.
  • Chest Lasers: Super Grand King Spectre can fire laser blasts from its chest. The blasts can be focused together and create a huge laser that can overpower Ultraman Ginga Victory's Mebium Shoot and break apart the fusion.

Cyber Super Grand King Spectre

Cyber Super Grand King Spectre

Cyber Super Grand King Spectre (サイバースーパーグランドキング・スペクター Saibā Sūpā Gurando Kinggu Supekutā)

  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Origin: Xio headquarters
  • Cyber Power: 23/25
Powers and Weapons
  • Giant Left Claw: Super Grand King Spectre is armed with an oversized claw on its left arm.
  • Bat Calibur (バットキャリバー Batto Kyaribā): Super Grand King Spectre is armed with an oversized blade on its right arm. This sword is the similar one used by Juda Spectre, despite different in their positions (Juda's Bat Calibur is a handheld sword while Grand King's is an arm blade). It can glow when swung.

Fire Grand King

Fire Grand King

Fire Grand King (ファイヤーグランドキング Faiyā Gurando Kingu) is a special model of Grand King that is completely red. It is based on Super Grand King's body and was only released as an Ultra Monster DX figure.

  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown
Powers and Weapons
  • Unknown

Maga-Grand King

Maga-Grand King

  • Height: 70 m
  • Weight: 215,000 t
  • Origin: Underneath the dragon veins of Tokyo
Powers and Weapons
  • Giant Left Claw: Maga-Grand King is armed with an oversized claw on its left arm.
    • Drill Empower: This hand can spin at a rapid speed to become an energy drill.
  • Right Hand Pincher: Maga-Grand King is armed with an oversized pincher on its right arm.
    • Drill Empower: This hand can also spin at a rapid speed to become an energy drill.
  • Maga-Perforation (マガ穿孔 Maga Senkō): Seemingly a variant of Grand King's standard Chest Laser, Maga-Grand King can fire a powerful red laser capable of cutting a circular hole through any non-reflective material, including its own armor. This laser appears to be unable to damage reflective objects or cut through an Ultra's armor, although it can still deal heavy damage to the latter.
  • Maga-Flash (マガ一閃 Maga Issen): Maga-Grand King can unleash an energy burst which causes the ground to shake.
  • Sinkhole Creation: Maga-Grand King can create an enormous sinkhole, big enough to consume a small city. If a square of perforations are produced, he will appear on the surface in the center of the square.
  • Burrowing: Maga-Grand King can burrow underground at a moderate speed.
  • Armor: As its hide composed of a special unknown metal, Maga-Grand King can withstand most attacks, even Orb's Sparion Beam. However, its own beam can pierce its hide.

Grand King Megalos

Grand King Megalos

  • Height: 78 m
  • Weight: 217,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Megalos Destroid (メガロスデストロイド Megarosu Desutoroido): A destructive beam fired from its mouth. It is its strongest attack.
  • Megalos Arm (メガロスアーム Megarosu Āmu): Grand King Megalos is armed with an oversized claw on its left arm and an oversized pincher on its right arm.
    • Megalos Hell Blade (メガロスヘルブレード Megarosu Heru Burēdo): From its right arm pincher, Grand King Megalos conjures an energy blade.
  • Megalos Blaster (メガロスブラスター Megarosu Burasutā): Like previous Grand Kings, Megalos can fire lasers from its chest. Together, they are powerful enough to destroy a monster in one hit.
  • Megalos Thunder Break (メガロスサンダーブレイク Megarosu Sandā Bureiku): Grand King Megalos fires electrical beams from the three horns on its head.
  • Megalos Spine (メガロススパイン Megarosu Supain): The spikes on Grand King Megalos' back, they can create projections for multiple uses.
    • Spine Storm (スパインストーム Supain Sutōmu): Each of these projections is capable of firing energy bolts.
    • Spine Eraser (スパインイレーザー Supain Irēzā): Coming together, the projections form a barrier to protect Grand King Megalos.
  • Megalos Gran Laser (メガロスグランレーザー Megarosu Guran Rēzā): A machine gun in its forehead that can fire explosive energy bullets.
  • Armor: Being a Grand King variant, Megalos also has tough armor that can easily withstand finishers.

Spark Doll

"DarkLive, Super Grand King!"

―Super Grand King DarkLived via Dark Dummy Spark.
Super Grandking sparkdoll.png

Super Grand King became a Spark Doll in the conclusion of the Dark Spark War due to the Dark Spark's powers. His Spark Doll was kept in Dark Lugiel's collection, and given to Alien Nackle to give to evil-hearted humans to seed chaos.

After Dark Lugiel's defeat, Super Grand King's Spark Doll is likely to have reverted back to its original form and depart Earth to return home.

  • Height: 14 cm
  • Weight: 150 g


Bandai released Grand King twice, once as a normal 6 inch figure and again as a DX Spark Doll. The normal figures have 4 points of articulation, both arms, and both legs. They are highly detailed, but one variation has yellow markings, something the original never had.

The Spark Doll version was a DX (deluxe) release of Super Grand King. It has a brown-rust colored scheme, and is highly detailed. It is compatible with either the DX Ginga Spark or the Dark Spark. It stands 6" tall, and features 5 points of articulation (right arm, left shoulder and hand, and legs). A "Fire Red version," painted a metallic dark red, was released as a promo at the Ultraman Festival 2014.

A DX Super Grand King Spectre was released in 2015 to coincide with Ultra Fight Victory. The figure features a new gold-on-black color scheme, with new head crests as well as a Bat Calibur attachment, which constitutes a sixth point of articulation.

The Ultra Monster Orb DX release of Maga-Grand King features a clay-blue/slate-grey base color, with silver highlights on his dorsal spines and claws, with red for the Maga-Crystal, eyes, and chest lights. The mold for the figure has been updated from his previous Super Grand King releases, much like the suit. The differences are most notable in the shape of the tail club, the positioning of the legs, and of course a new head which can rotate.

A Banpresto plush Grand King was released in yellow-gold as well.


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