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Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケ Hibiki Gōsuke) was the team captain of Super GUTS. His daughter, Sonoka was a member of the Roller Kids, a team of troublesome rollerskating teenagers. In Ultraman Saga, he is promoted to Inspector General and head of the TPC.


He is loud and boisterous, often joking with his subordinates and shouting orders. At the same time, however, he is a caring leader with a good heart and good intentions for Super GUTS.


Pre-Ultraman Dyna

Hibiki was present in the battle against Fire Golza where he participated as a TPC ground patrol troop. After the failed attack against Golza by GUTS, Hibiki attempted to take down the Kaiju on his own. In doing so, he inadvertently wound up getting his colleague, Washizu, critically injured.

After Fire Golza was defeated, Hibiki watched as Washizu was taken to the hospital. He began to break down as he blamed himself for the accident. At that moment, a little girl approached Hibiki and gave him some flowers to cheer him up. She introduced herself as Haruna. Hibiki quickly learned that the young child had been orphaned due to the attack of Golza. Empathizing with the girl, Hibiki broke out into tears as he comforted her.

This act of kindness would prompt Hibiki to anonymously send encouraging cards and picture books to Haruna during her birthdays and Christmas time in order to emotionally support her in return. Captain Long-Legs

Hibiki was once a subordinate of Tetsuji Yoshioka.

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Hibiki was the leader of the fleet sent by Tetsuji Yoshioka to assist GUTS in the battle against the Shibito Zoiger army. Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Dyna

Star of Peace

During a press conference where Super GUTS introduced their new Eagle - Alpha Superior - Hibiki butted heads with a reporter named Kaoru Hasumi where the two discuss their stance on the continued armament of TPC. Hibiki's daughter, Sonoka, sees this confrontation on TV and thus decides to work with Hasumi on a suspected alien case in an attempt to get on her father's nerves. It is revealed that the two would often argue, and had a rocky relationship.

Eventually, Hibiki tracks down Sonoka at a warehouse the young girl was investigating. The two seemingly reconcile but it is soon found out that Sonoka's minus energy had been drained from her by the Alien Naltis. After Super GUTS faced off against Naltis, Menorfa was summoned. Ultraman Dyna was no match for the kaiju, and Hibiki was left with the decision to kill Menorfa and release his daughter's negative emotions; or cease fire and have his daughter be forever freed from negativity. He ultimately shoots at the kaiju as he would rather have his daughter be her true self. Some time after Menorfa's defeat, Sonoka confirms to Hasumi that she has begun to truly reconcile with her father. Star of Peace

Captain Long-Legs

Hibiki and Asuka have a kendo match, in which the captain easily wins. Afterwards he lectures the young man about learning to control his rage. It is then that Hibiki is notified of an abnormal event occurring at Kirimon Peak. He joins the dispatch towards the volcano along with his crew. Hibiki recalls his previous encounter at Kirimon Peak over 10 years prior. It is here that Hibiki reunites with Haruna, who is now a young woman; though the two have no time to catch up.

Asuka, Hibiki and Haruna scale a nearby mountain in order to save three children who were accidentally left behind in the evacuation. Unfortunately, on their way down, they find that the road had been destroyed, With no other option, the six of them travelled the rest of the way by foot. After the attack on Golza II failed, the kaiju was heading towards Hibiki and the kids' way. Hibiki anonymously confesses how Haruna had helped him through his dark time, before rushing ahead to distract Golza. He manages to buy enough time for Asuka to lead to children to safety and transform into Ultraman Dyna.

After Golza is defeated, Haruna is able to express her gratitude towards Hibiki for the emotional support he has provided her all these years; and the two are finally able to catch up. Captain Long-Legs

Ultraman Saga


Gousuke Hibiki had been promoted to Inspector General and head of the TPC, he was seen as a hologram on the Mars Base where he honored the 15th anniversary of Asuka's sacrifice. Ultraman Saga



  • Hibiki is known as TPC's "Wild Eagle".
  • Hibiki is the only married member of Super GUTS.
  • Ironically enough, though Hibiki lectures Asuka on controlling his anger, he often is the one to lose his temper.