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"Don't underestimate...us humans!"

―Gouki's words as he resists being possessed by Yapool

Gouki Matsumoto (松本 ゴウキ Matsumoto Gōki) is a male member of UPG. He is also in charge of combat like Arisa Sugita.


Ultraman Ginga S

As in charge of the combat, Gouki was always seen supporting the Ultras, Ultraman Ginga and Ultraman Victory. For once Gouki had been possessed by Yapool whom tried to destroy the Ultras but he managed to regain little control over his body as seen trying to escort a pregnant mother to a hospital while getting possessed.

Powers and Weapons

  • Training: Like the other members in UPG, Gouki is a well trained in combat. He also known for having a Black Belt in Karate.
  • Charge Gun (チャージガン Chāji Gan): A pistol that fires laser ammunition. If connected to UPG-EV1 Schnauzer's bonnet, it will give out a stronger blast called the Hyper Laser (ハイパーレーザー Haipā Rēzā), that is able to destroy giant-sized enemies such as the Inpelaizers.
  • Smart Ceaver (スマートシーバー Sumātoshībā): A communication device that carried by UPG crews.



  • Gouki calls Hikaru Raido as Kōhai (後輩lit. Junior) as the latter was new to the team.
  • Gouki likes to laugh heartily and is surprisingly delicate.
  • Gouki apparently has loose lips when drunk.
  • Gouki would be the first person that Yapool possessed that was able to control himself, saving a mother and stopping Yapool in the middle of combat.
  • His greatest fear are Tomatoes.