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Goruba (ゴルバ) is a friendly rival to Papagon introduced in the series, Chibira-kun.



While Papagon and his family became successful, Goruba and his son Gakinko tried to foil every one of their plans, despite Gakinko being good friends with Chibira and Getdata. Goruba also has a very intense crush on Mamagon and mere compliments from her will turn him into a blustering fool.


  • Voice: Kazuo Kumakura
  • Out of the entire cast of Chibira-kun, Goruba is proud of his 'monster'-like appearance and even does the 'arm-and-cape' over his face.
  • He has fought Mirrorman, Miclas, Eleking and other monsters who appeared in the series.
  • It's confirmed in the series he has a wife, who is actually just Booska in drag.
  • He is known for breaking the fourth wall very often.


  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Origin: Unknown


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