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Goro and Goroh (五郎とゴロー Gorō to Gorō) is the second episode of Ultra Q.


Amagi Mountain (also known as Saru-yama or Monkey Mountain due to its indigenous monkey population) is discovered to be the home of a 50 meter tall giant monkey, after the animal had ingested green leaf walnuts laced with Helipron G from a nearby research facility (Helipron G, a hormone nutrient developed during World War II for the purpose of strengthening soldiers in battle is found to trigger rapid growth in monkeys following excessive consumption). The research facility's custodian, a young deaf mute man named Goroh, who had previously befriended the monkey and also named him Goro, now helps to find food to satisfy that animal's monstrous appetite. When Goroh is caught stealing provisions, however, he is arrested by the police and jailed. Soon, the giant monkey begins looking for his little friend and winds up enrage in the city streets. Having first publicized the giant monkey story for the Daily News, Editor Seki devises a plan to have Goroh feed his enormous pet narcotic-laced milk, so that the drugged animal can be safely transported to Iliyan Island, where similar giant monkeys were recently discovered



Home Media

Ultra Q Volume 1 features episodes 1-4, while the Total Natural Color Blu-Ray features episodes 1-3.


  • A proposed sequel was planned where Goro would fight a space monster, the title being Goro vs Space Monster, with the space monster's identity being that of Garamon.
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