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Goro (ゴロー Gorō) is a monkey Kaiju that appeared in Ultra Q episode 2.

Subtitle: Giant Monkey (巨大猿 Kyodai Saru)


Ultra Q

Once a normal monkey, Goro was exposed to the drug Helypron Crystal G. The drug modified Goro's body, transforming the monkey into a towering primate behemoth. The creature escaped into the wilderness where it quickly became friends with the man named Goroh. The two stayed together as the monkey's hunger and playful nature made it start to take more risks.

It began to swing from rope ways and attack passing milk trucks, quickly forming an insatiable appetite for milk. However, as humanity grew tired of the ape's recklessness, Goro was arrested and taken to Tokyo. The ape began to head into town to rescue his friend, but local authorities were quick to attack. As bullets tore into its body, Goro was sent into a rampage! The ape began ripping apart the city until his friend was freed. Goro was tricked into delivered it a canister of tranquilizer-laced milk to stop it's rampage. After happily drinking the milk down, Goro fell asleep. Unable to hurt anyone, the ape was relocated to a new island home, an island populated with other giant apes much like itself.


  • The suit used to portray Goro is actually a loosely-disguised King Kong suit from King Kong vs. Godzilla.
    • Later on, the altered suit would be returned to Toho Studios in 1967 to film the pool scenes for King Kong Escapes.
  • Originally, one of the Ultra Q episodes was meant to have Goro return to fight Garamon.
  • Goro appears in the opening to the series Ultraman, as one of the several silhouettes of Ultra Q monsters.
  • Goro's roar is actually a slowed down cheetah call.


  • Height: 50 m 
  • Weight: 10,000 t 
  • Origin: Izu Peninsula, Amagisan
Powers and Weapons
  • None



Ultra Q


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